3 Fine Dining Venues to Impress an Important Guest in Hong Kong

Nana Team
27 March, 2020

If you need to create an impact on an important business client or potential partner, these three restaurant’s should be on the top of your list. These restaurants will transport you into a world where the focus is food and ambiance. These are the venues to dazzle your family, friends, or work colleagues.

Mott 32

Immerse yourself in the world of old Chinatown at Mott 32, the vintage and classy restaurant serving modern Chinese cuisine. If the award winning interior design doesn’t impress, their signature dishes will surely leave a lasting great taste and impression. Their iconic Peking Duck will need to be reserved and ordered in advance. The BBQ Iberico pork Char Siu and the Soft Quail Egg Siu Mai are also worthy of praise for the exceptional flavours.


Receiving numerous recognitions as one of the top fine dining venues of Hong Kong, Amber will make a favourable impression on the guests with its ambiance of elegance. Headed by Richard Ekkebus, the attention to detail is impeccable on every dish that is served at the table. With an ever-changing seasonal menu, there is always something new to look forward to on the next visit that keeps one on edge on the chef’s next culinary innovations.


For a more western choice, Carbone is the place to be. This lively New York-Italian restaurant will pull diners back in history to the mid-20th century. The atmosphere in enhanced with classic musical favorites and the timber walls and furniture. Their beautifully presented dishes, like the carpaccio piemontese and the mixing show of the Caesar alla ZZ, will stir the appetite. Their famous Spicy Rigatoni Vodka goes hand in hand with a serving of Mario’s meatballs for a typical Italian pairing of flavors. Leave some room for a cake or two from the dessert cart for a palette finish.

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