Hong Kong Dinner Deliveries & Takeaways Best Enjoyed on Your Sofa

Nana Team
27 August, 2020

While dining looks set to be a casual home affair this month, who says you can’t glam it up for a special occasion or just because? With dining in restaurants off the radar, restaurants in Hong Kong are diving into the takeaway and delivery scene, with à la carte delights and bespoke experiences right at your doorstep. If you’ve enjoyed their exquisite nosh and warm hospitality in the past, it’s time to support your favourite restaurants. Whether it’s date night with your partner, a birthday dinner with the fam or a casual night in, these restaurants will help you put the style back in stay-at-home life. 

Mott 32: Showcasing Decadent Chinese Flavours 

Who wouldn’t want to savour a bespoke Mott 32 meal in their comfiest sweatpants? A pioneer in the art of modern Chinese fine dining, Chef Lee Man-Sing is bringing his poetry on a plate to our homes. Kick back with your loved ones for an unforgettable gourmet Chinese experience in sets of two (HKD780-980), four (HKD1,580-2,280) or even eight people (HKD3,980-4,980) with pickups until 9pm. Everything here is thoughtfully prepared to perfection. Even their appetiser staples such as the cold free-range chicken, Szechuan peppercorns, chilli sauce and their smoked-kissed roasted pork belly are sure to liven up your home isolation.  

Tuck your chopsticks into their signature lobster “Ma Po Tofu”, which gives this humble tofu classic dish an unbelievabletwist, substituting minced meat with diced mushroom and succulent lobster chunks. The poached garoupa fillet in Szechuan pepper broth channels rich, collagen-laden fish soup in its tantalisingly numbing and peppery agenda, while the garoupa fillet slices are large enough to completely obscure the contents of your bowl of rice. Whatever sets or à la carte dishes you decide to go for, this is a feast worth swinging by to pick up!

For dinner takeaway enquiries, visit Mott32 to place your order.

22 Ships: Bask in Spanish Epicurean Comforts

Newly revamped Spanish tapas restaurant 22 Ships by Madrid-native Executive Chef Antonio Oviedo unveiled a special delivery service available daily from 5pm-10pm, with 22 Ships en Tu Casa (HKD1,998) for 4 persons. With this set, your meal begins with pan con tomate – delicious toasted bread with a tomato spread – alongside premium chacinas (cold cuts) and quesos (cheeses). Sneak some veg into the meal with the tortilla topped with sobresada and fava beans.

For seafood lovers, there’s the tender grilled octopus with mojo picon and potato foamand succulent whole grilled turbot Bilbaina with black potatoes and coriander mojo. Meanwhile, traditionalists will enjoy the signature roasted suckling pig, where the hog is slow cooked for 24 hours before roasting, ensuring tender meat falls off the bone. Throw in a creamy slice of burnt Basque cheesecake and you’ll officially be in seventh heaven. A sumptuous à la carte menu is available for delivery, too!

For dinner delivery inquiries, call or WhatsApp +852 5723 5668 or visit www.jiacatering.com to place your order.

Roganic: Guilty Pleasure with Michelin-Starred Fare

Wondering how to pamper your partner in these troubled times? A bespoke meal for two by Michelin-starred chef Simon Rogan just might be the answer. Simon Rogan at-home’s debut menu (HKD 300 x 2 pax)features three delectable courses delivered right to your doorstep before 7pm. Although part of the magic of Roganic is its setting, they are ready to do the same in our homes by warming our bellies starting with its soda bread alongside whipped brown butter. Up next is the pea soup with pike perch and pea salad– which sounds like all the soul food we need in times like these. 

Whipping up dishes that draw out the best from the farm-fresh ingredients and produce, you’ll absolutely relish the local three yellow chicken, sweetcorn and maitake mushroom.And we wouldn’t say no to his irresistible caramelised white chocolate pudding, laced with strawberry and toasted hay custard, either. However, these courses are subject to change – so get your heart set on knowing delectable delights are available, whatever they may be. And as we all know, it’s the tiny touches that matter most – this meal arrives with re-heating instruction cards and a video for the best possible Simon Rogan restaurant experience at home. 

For dinner delivery enquiries, visit  www.simonroganathome.com to place your order.

Kaum at Potato Head: Indonesian Delicacies at your Dining Table

Bring the spirit of Bali – and wholehearted Indonesian hospitality – into your home with Kaum’s aromatic Indonesian delicacies and trendy bottled cocktails. Reminiscent of the vibe at Potato Head in Bali, check out their Spotify song list; we bet you’ll be transported to Bali at your very own family party at home! Delighting the vegetarians are the flavourful gado gado with peanut saucefried braised tempeh (tofu) and sayur lodeh served with steamed rice amongst many other signatures with Kaum’s Veg Set (HKD 800) for 4 persons.

There’s also plenty to please the heartiest carnivore in their Family Set Menu (HKD1,200). Dig into sizzling grilled chicken satays or dunk your spoonful of rice with an Aceh style prawn curryand much more. Go big with the drool-worthy ayam bakar taliwang, which is a chargrilled smoked chicken seasoned in Lombok style spices or ikan bakar pesisir, a grilled fish fillet Barramundi marinated with tamarind water and turmeric paste – totally worth splashing out for in their Family Set Menu (HK1,500) for 4 persons.However, you may also order from Kaum’s à la carte menu. All deliveries available up to 9pm.

For dinner delivery enquiries, call or WhatsApp +852 6358 6218 or +852 5723 5668 or visit www.jiacatering.com to place your order.

Honbo: The Low Down on Burgers 

One of the best things about working from home? You can easily give in to that post-meal food coma with deliveries till 9.30pm.So, go forth and load up on your favourite carbs – healthy-style! Honbo, owned and operated by a former doctor, Michael Chan, offers a healthier side to burgers! With a soft potato milk bun complementing the fillings and the beef patty, the Honbo burger has achieved a nice balance of meat and smoky flavours.

There’s an Impossible burger (HKD118) – a vegan burger and yes, even the bun is 100 percent vegan! Wagyu lovers have it no less princely, with indulgences like the double cheeseburger (HKD156) that has since evolved into Honbo 2.0 (HKD158), which now features not just two, but four two-ounce patties.Add a side order of mouth-watering cheese fries (HKD58) with a beer (HKD 68) as you chow down on possibly one of the greatest burger creations ever concocted. Deliveries available through 9.30pm.

For dinner delivery enquiries, visit Food Panda to place your order.

Ruam: Gather Together…with Yummy Thai Food

These balmy days have got us dreaming of a stay-home picnic, and what could be better than Thaispread from Ruam? Ruam takes its name from the Thai word meaning “to gather”. Gathering in large groups might not be at the top of your list right now, but luckily this neighbourhood eatery’s delivery menu hits all the right notes. For those with many mouths to feed, the tasting sets come in sizes ranging from two people (HKD596) to 10 people (HKD2,500) with deliveries until 10pm, so big families can be sure to have a Thai night in!

Think pork belly skewers, served with jim jaew sauce, which are incredibly moreish with the right balance of fat and meat. Savour the refreshing papaya salad topped with snake beans, dried shrimp, chilli and peanuts alongsidedeep-fried Thai spring rolls – which satisfy the prerequisite of being crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Of course, no Thai feast is complete without the wonderfully fragrant green curry chicken, piquant prawn pad thai and lusciously creamy mango sticky rice. For those wanting à la carte, Ruam’s got you covered, with offerings like the gaeng phed ped yang, a red curry served with a duck leg cooked confit and much more! Order, eat and be merry! 

For dinner delivery enquiries, visit Deliveroo to place your order.

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