Mid-Autumn Inspired Delicacies to Gift Family and Friends

Veronica Yoo
12 September, 2020

It’s finally that time of the year; lanterns, gatherings, folktales, not to mention lots and lots of food. Mid-Autumn festival is unique to Asian culture and is meant to celebrate family while giving gratitude to good harvest and the spirits that lives on. Albeit variations in traditions and stories across the Asia region; Chuseok in Korea, Tsukimi in Japan, Tết Trung Thu in Vietnam, (just to name a few), the core value of family and togetherness remains unchanged. We picked some of our recommendations for Mid-Autumn inspired edible gifts you can bring home and munch on with your loved ones while gazing at the full moon.

Fortnum & Mason Tea-riffic Mooncakes

Fortnum & Mason 2020 Mooncakes

What better pairing than a hearty mooncake with a cup of smooth tea on Mid-Autumn festival? Fortnum & Mason shares the traditional delights with their most coveted tea, Royal Blend. The notes of flowery pekoe from Ceylon and the maltier Assam makes it the perfect accompaniment to Fortnum’s delicious mooncakes. In F&M’s box you can expect four decadent Royal Blend mooncakes plus a caddy of Royal Tea Blend loose leaves tea. This season, the ornate box is of greater sentimental value as it pays tribute to the festive history and culture through depictions of mythical legends. Sit around with family and friends and carefully observe each engravement and find the hidden eggs to traditional Mid-Autumn folk tales while snacking on mooncakes, sipping tea and sharing stories.

Fortnum & Mason; Available in-store at K11 Musea, Shop 022, G/F, K11 Atelier, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong; +852 3916 8100; HKD688 per box (4 pcs + Royal Blend lose leaf tea)

Venchi Chocolate Mooncakes

Venchi Chocolate Mooncakes 2020

Looking for a change of palate? Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Italian artisan chocolatiers from Venchi. Venchi pays tribute to the important values of creativity and craftmanship that both Italian and Chinese culture holds dear. With a new delicate petal shape, Venchi introduces three flavors of their chocolate mooncake. Didama – A contrast of soft gianduia chocolate spread with crumbly gluten-free hazelnut biscuit covered in 56% dark chocolate, Matcha & Cocoa Nibs – A partnership of pistachio and green matcha ganache with crunchy cocoa nibs covered in 75% dark chocolate and Black Cherry – vegan friendly mooncake with a delicious black cherry creamy heart and dark chocolate with almond paste, hidden by a layer of 75% dark chocolate.

Venchi; Available in-store at multiple locations; +852 2337 1380; Chocolate Mooncake Gift Box starting from HKD350

The Cakery Vegan and Gluten-free Mooncakes

The Cakery Mooncakes 2020

If you’re looking to for a more conscious choice that is nutritious and packed with superfoods yet no less indulgent, look no further than The Cakery’s vegan and gluten-free mooncakes. Each box comes with four different exotic flavours: Black Sesame, Red Date & Mixed Nuts, Oolong & Peach, and Lemon & Yuzu. Make sure to share with your family and friends so you can have a bite of all the natural flavours! The Cakery’s mooncakes showcases naturally vibrant colors, free from food coloring and made potent with natural ingredients such as pink pitaya powder and turmeric powder.  

The Cakery; Available in-store at multiple locations; info@thecakeryhk.com; HKD428 per box (4 pcs)

Cookie Smiles Mooncookie

Cookie Smiles Mooncookie

Mid-Autumn Festival is the perfect time to smile with Cookie Smiles Mooncookies. Cookie Smiles has created a range of mouth-watering sweet and savory Mid-Autumn inspired Mooncookie flavours. Flavours include Coconut Jam with Egg custard filling, Sesame & Egg custard filling and Chicken floss, Egg custard wrapped in a black pepper mooncookie pastry. To put an even bigger smile on your face, Cookie Smiles is on a mission to support two charities every year via fundraising, offering training opportunities for the disadvantaged and providing jobs for the physically impaired. This year, Cookie Smiles is working with HK Down Syndrome Association and Splash Foundation of which 20% of annual profits will go to these two foundations.

Cookie Smiles; Order online at Cookie Smiles; +852 9315 0077; info@cookiesmiles.com.hk; HKD88 per pack (6 pcs)

Duddell’s Lava Cream Custard Mooncakes

Duddell's Mooncake 2020

While mooncakes are often meant to be shared you definitely won’t be sharing Duddell’s Lava Cream Custard Mooncakes. Presented by the Michelin starred restaurant in a gorgeous red lantern packaging, Duddell’s collaborated with artists at MO-DESIGN to create this innovative gift box. Attached to the Signature Gift Box (6 pcs) features a lantern design with a traditional hanging red tassel while the Limited Edition LED Lantern (8 pcs) is designed like a handcrafted lantern and features eye-catching LED lights that lets everyone know you’re ready to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in all of its glory.  

Duddell’s; Order online at Jia Catering; +852 2525 9191; reservations@duddells.com HKD348 for a Signature gift box (6 pcs)

Royal Caviar Club Caviar & Australian Black Truffle Mooncake

Royal Caviar Club Mooncake 2020

If you feel like indulging your loved ones (or yourself!) to the world of finer things and rare pleasures, Royal Caviar Club has just the right gift idea for you. In collaboration with Chef Nicholas Chew of Guerrilla Lab, RCC brought the vision of the world’s first caviar mooncakes which took two years in the making. Royal Caviar Club’s caviar mooncake features a premium ingredient list of RCC Cristal Caviar (10g), Australian winter black truffle, truffled potato, and a soft and chewy non-baked snow skin outer coating. Also, free of any preservatives and sugar – we can vouch that RCC’s mooncake is truly a luxurious experience that’ll be hard to come by.  

Royal Caviar Club; Order Online at Royal Caviar Club’s online shop; +852 6670 6097; info@royalcaviarclub.com; HKD1,800 per gift box (4 pcs)

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