Unique Dining Experiences in Kuala Lumpur

Nana Team
25 May, 2020

Opening a restaurant is something nearly anyone could do. Opening a successful restaurant, on the other hand, is no easy feat, and perhaps that rationale alone establishes enough ground for today’s expanding boom for gastro-tourism. These Instagram-worthy, novelty dining experiences – be it the environment or menu – feed curiosities and appease the appetites of modern consumers. It’s different, (*gasp*) cool and at the end of the day, it sells! Read below for dining out adventures in Kuala Lumpur! 

Le Petit Chef: Live Action Fun on the Plate 

Follow the footsteps of Marco Polo across the Silk Road with the world’s smallest chef, Le Petit Chef. The engaging visual and culinary odyssey entertains diners with a revolutionary 3D show involving a 58mm animated chef projected onto guests’ plates. Watch this nimble chef pirouette, prance and fly across the plate as each segment of the animation segues effortlessly into real-life meals, often bearing startling resemblances to the animations.

The little one gets stranded in the desert while exploring the Middle East dishing up beetroot hummus, marinated lamb and smoked duck. The culinary journey continues to India, where Le Petit Chef lands in a bag of colorful spices in the middle of an exotic spice market. These spices are an inspiration for his next courses: Rasam, a South-Indian soup made of green lentils, salmon in green pea masala and rice idlis.

Next, Le Petit Chef decides to head to the frosty Himalayan Mountains.  He gets into all sorts of hilarious scrapes in his attempts to present his culinary concoction: liquid nitrogen-infused raspberry sorbet. The pocket-sized hero leaves the mountains and finds himself in the heart of China…but instead of spilling the beans now, let’s leave the rest to your imagination, or better still, check it out for yourself!  

Dinner in the Sky: An Unforgettable Spin on Sky Dining

It is often said that superb chefs take a dining experience to new heights. In the case of Dinner in the Sky KL though, the meaning is literal! In this elevated dining experience, guests are strapped into seats welded to a table attached to a crane and drawn up to 50 metres in the air! Marvel at the beauty of the sunset and the bright lights of nearby skyscrapers as the table slowly rotates to give the best 360-degree view of Kuala Lumpur.

Challenge your fear of heights by opting for the first-class Italian menu where the chefs dish up a refreshing salad topped with grilled organic chicken crisp, Hokkaido scallops, yuzu and caviar right in front of your eyes. Salad consumed and guests’ comfort level increasing, diners discover new fun: the seats spin to the left and right and even fully recline!

It would be easy to sell an experience such as this on the setting alone, but the entire meal, especially the pre-ordered main course where diners can opt between a pan-fried salmon, seared chicken roulade and pistachio-crusted saltbrush lamb loin was such a crowd-pleaser gaining approval from fellow diners on our sky-high table. And indulging in a showstopper dessert was definitely something out of the ordinary – need we say more?  

Plane in the City: All aboard? 

Ever wanted to feel what it’s like to be dining in your own private jet? Then, the  Plane in the City is made for you. This restaurant inside a Boeing 737 aircraft is located at the aptly named Skyland. The food is served exclusively by Elements KL (and yes, it’s halal-certified!). Make sure your cameras are fully charged as there were two activities onboard – the Wing Walk and Cockpit Tour.  

Plane in the City promises a 90-minute, five-star dining experience where passengers are tempted with their first appetizer: cured Spanish mackerel garnished with baby tomatoes and ginger flower espuma in perilla vinaigrette. For the mains, choose between the marinated spring chicken, soy glazed Atlantic seabass and 24-hour braised beef cheek. The dessert, a tonka cream brulee which sits on chocolate cremeux and coated with berries marmalade, is a culinary triumph. Sweet, yet not too cloying, the thin layer of caramelised sugar that crowns the pudding adds a tasty crunch. 

Whimsy: A Multi-Sensory Dining Experience like No Other 

Tickle your senses at  Whimsy with state-of-the-art 360-degree projection technology to create a wonderland-like atmosphere. With everyone seated, the room spins, and diners find themselves surrounded by twinkling stars, rotating planets, wispy clouds and whizzing comets. The first course, Biodome, consists of smoked duck & lentil salad, squid ink risotto, pesto and roselle bubbles. The risotto, made into arancini, gives the appearance of moon rock to fit in with the celestial theme, while the fluffy pink Roselle foam resembles a nebula from the Milky Way.  

As the scene transforms, diners will find themselves in the middle of a rainforest with a dainty looking dish set in a nest and comprised of a 63-degree egg, asparagus, Parmesan cheese, mushroom duxelles and chicken jus. Diners are then asked to slap their hands on the table to crack the glass. After a good amount of beating and banging, the imaginary glass finally gives way revealing a mystical underwater world. Titled ‘The Sea’, this is a favourite course among diners as it featured a gigantic roast scallop set in a real seashell. Before you can breathe, the lights are dimmed once again…well, we’ll leave you guessing so you’ll want to check out this psychedelic-themed restaurant.  

Dine in the Dark: Through the Lens of the Visually Impaired 

Welcome to the dark abyss of fine dining in Kuala Lumpur! With the intention of bringing food appreciation to a higher level, this unique approach is ideal and mind-blowing: dining without one’s sight. In fact, it is an experience where one “looks” at the world through the senses of taste, sound, smell and touch as they become more acute in darkness. Once you step into the dining area, professional service personnel – who are visually impaired – guide you to your tables and through the process of dining in the dark. 

Keeping the mysterious ambiance alive, choose from three different Surprise Menu choices – we aren’t going to spoil the fun! Instead, whet your appetite as you anticipate one bite at a time and let your heightened sense of taste enjoy a 4-course feast served by a renowned chef. 

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