Why Women Should Support Each Other?

Nana Team
13 April, 2020

Beyond the shopping trips and the juicy gossip, women are all too often picking each other apart and putting each other down out of fear, jealousy, and insecurity. It’s rare to find a group of friends that are loving and encouraging and push each other to achieve their goals without making it a competition

There’s a common misconception that a successful woman is a threat to the women around her. The constant comparisons and endless battles about which “type” of woman is the best or realest or funniest only serves to divide us more. Social media has made it easier to gloss over the finer details and hide what’s really going on. Our relationships have become shallow and fragile, focused on catering to our feelings rather than supporting through a tough time or cheering as we cross another finish line. 

Here are a few reasons why women should support each other.

My Sister’s Keeper

Now, we’re not saying we have to be responsible for each other, but we are saying that we can hold each other accountable. This takes it a step further from just sharing our goals and aspirations; once we give an idea life, the focus becomes growing and nurturing that goal to reach success. Sure, you could tough it out on your own, but imagine how successful you would be with a group of strong, supportive women behind you that were rooting you on the whole time? Yeah, sounds good to us, too.

Freedom in Truth

Don’t believe the hype; the truth hurts, but only because we’ve come to believe so many lies. Again and again, society feeds us a false narrative and fools us into thinking that because everyone else believes it, it must be true.

People who love you don’t want to waste your time filling your head with lies. Instead, we should speak lovingly and objectively, inspiring each other to keep going and constructively correcting each other when we’ve strayed from the path.

Nature vs. Nurture

It is in our very nature to nurture the things we care about. Having nurturing relationships is essential to our existence as women. We activate the reward centre of our brains when we give and receive, and supporting other women is a rewarding and honest way to nurture the relationships that nurture you back.

Helping someone else shine feels just as good as being in the spotlight yourself when you’re there to nurture their success.

Too long we’ve endured the tearing down of women in society when we should be lifting each other up. We have the power to change the way women are treated; stand up for the woman whose image is being torn apart and show the world what a healthy female friendship looks like.

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