6 Exciting Ways to Entertain Yourself at Home

Nana Team
9 April, 2020

For a lot of us, home isn’t just “home” anymore. When you’re indoors 24/7, all that you need in life has to be managed in a single space. From entertainment and work to F&B, socializing to self-care, “home” is the place you’ll be for the foreseeable future. If you feel the walls closing in, take a deep breath and know this: you are okay. Is this an overwhelming situation? Yes. Can you still have fun while you’re stuck inside? Most definitely! The great thing about this age of technology is the amazing opportunities we have available to us even if we’re on lockdown. Read on for Nana Asia’s exciting tips on having fun at home!

Create a TikTok Video

It’s been a while since a new social app got so big, so fast to make nonusers feel like they’re missing out. If you’re experiencing FOMO just like us, scroll through the goofy memes and dances found on TikTok. Or better yet, participate for 15 seconds of fame! Maybe you’ve heard of the #InMyFeelingsChallenge, the dance craze based on the Drake song? On TikTok, that was just the beginning!

At any given time, you can peruse at least five different challenges that are trending on the app. In these “challenges”, fans record videos recreating their favourite TikTok, usually involving a song. Since its inception, we enjoyed the #idolchallenge which had fans dancing to the new BTS song “Idol” and the #matildachallenge that has fans making videos pretending they can do telekinesis (like in the ’90s movie). Of late, we’ve also been crushing on the #OhNanana and #Dalgano Coffee challenges. Spend some quality time with family members and create your very own TikTok!

Surprise your Family with a New Recipe

You are doing a great thing right now to keep yourself and your community safe. In some countries, you are unable to rely on restaurants and takeaway, and we all have a lot more free time on our hands, so it’s time to step into the kitchen! Start by finding effective ways to prep your ingredients. Learn how to peel an onion without crying (our prickly eyes are still working on this one).

When you’re ready to try a recipe, start small – a simple meal like risotto or fried rice can go a long way. We believe cooking a staple dish will build up your basic cooking knowledge. And if you’re already a pro, challenge yourself and go beyond your comfort zone. Learn how to bake if you’re a stir-fry kind of person. Everyone’s also wondering how to cook healthy to keep our immune systems strong. Fret not! There’s a slew of online recipes by nutritionists and chefs at home lately to follow.

Learn a New Makeup Look

Now that you’ve got more time for your makeup than the 20-minute morning rush, why not go wild and master the latest makeup look for that next post-isolation party?

If you’re still feeling beaten down by those stay-at-home blues, make the shade work for you instead. Revamp the same-old smoky eye with a trendy blue hue. Rarely given more attention than a brush of mascara and a hint of eyeliner, it’s time to let those eyes shine.

Alternatively, mix and match colours – including those shades your brush has yet to touch – to discover what works for you. Blend three into a soothing rainbow ombre and cut through the separate shades with a sharp floating liner.

Keep Positive with JP Spears, Comedian & Emotional Healing Coach

We’ve all been aware of it, but JP Spears put a name to the bizarre new phenomenon – “toilet paper apocalypse”. Satirizing this example of survival instincts gone wrong, Spears offers hilarious alternatives to the coveted toilet paper. From wiping with superfood kale to crouching down with a garden hose, Spears’ humorous take brings light-heartedness to a strange situation.

When he’s not tickling our funny bones, Spears approaches thought-provoking questions with wisdom and sensitivity. His clear speech sheds light, allowing viewers to examine themselves without fear of judgement, including discussing topics such as managing negative thinking and dealing with criticism. JP’s “Ultra Spiritual” comedy series pokes fun at holistic health stereotypes whilst also empowering his viewers to live meaningfully. Tune in to his Friday live-stream comedy shows.

Netflix and Chill

No, it doesn’t mean that anymore. While you’re at home with the internet, a sure-fire way to enjoy yourself and your family is through streaming quality content. Here are a few of our favourites: 

In Netflix’s true crime documentary, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, we watch fantastically weird character, Joe Exotic, as he abused animals and attempted to murder a prominent wildcat conservationist. We’re society obsessed with famous psychopaths and murderers, but Joe Exotic takes the cake.

Having just finished its final season, The Good Place is the perfect show to binge. The show features four recently deceased, and wholly flawed, people in the afterlife trying to define what it means to be good. Kristen Bell is a gem!

And while we can swipe and chat all we want on Bumble, meeting up IRL is definitely frowned upon. Instead, date vicariously while watching Love is Blind, Netflix’s most recent dating show. It’s terrible, yet oh so good.

House Party, the App all Millennial Parents Appreciate

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good House Party! The social networking service that’s taking the app store by storm, House Party is a godsend for millennial parents with energetic children.

With a tap of the dice icon, users can play games like Heads Up! and trivia with friends and family in real time. Uniting entertainment and connectivity, kids can have fun with their grandparents, keep in touch with their friends and spend time with their family without meeting up – supporting #social distancing.

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