Why Travelling is Beneficial to Women?

Nana Team
27 March, 2020

Travelling is an activity undertaken at a point in a woman’s life when she needs a change We have so much going on in our lives: an overwhelming job, friends, family duties… Viewing a different scenery  helps in dealing with mental stress associated with the tasks handled in day to day activities. Many of us list travelling as a hobby, because the activity is quite relaxing and stress – relieving.  

What are the benefits? 

Taking time to travel will improve your mental and physical health. You see, when you travel, you’re going out of your daily routine to another where you can engage in absolutely anything. The activity of preparing for travel is also tasking which burns calories, increases heart rate, and lowers one’s blood pressure which in turn, reduces the risk of heart problems and at least a small reduction in weight. 

Being on vacation, breathing the fresh air and relishing your free days, you’ll get into activities that you haven’t gotten to do in years. It could be trekking around the city , mountain hiking, relaxing over a yoga retreat and several other undertakings. 

Did you know? 

Taking a break from work and enjoying yourself will have positive effects on your mental health. With traveling also comes the advantage of meeting new people, learning and experiencing different cultures. 

We all deserve to feel happy so we can think clearly, prepare for the future and be our best selves. Let’s start with a trip! 

We have listed a few destinations in Asia you can travel to if you want the best wellness experience and have the trip you’ve always dreamed of ! 

Song Saa Private Island, Sun Island, Cambodia

Photo by http://songsaa.com

The island provides visitors with a beautiful view of the ocean. It has a beautiful beach on which you can relax, free your mind of the strenuous thoughts that cross your head every day and simply have a good time. Song Saa prides itself in being equipped with simple luxuries, heavenly spa sanctuaries, and large wooden villas.

Amatara Wellness Resort, Phuket, Thailand

Photo by https://agoda.com

Amatara offers an overlooking view of the sea, with suites available to visitors, several restaurants with great food you can down, diet and spa treatments and several pool villa options. 

Escape Haven, Bali, Indonesia 

Photo by https://yogiapproved.com

Escape Haven is a location preferred by women because of its options for surf, fitness and yoga retreat. They actually brag that they pamper a woman from the outside in. Well, I guess one trip would confirm that. 

The Farm at San Benito, Philippines 

The Philippines based resort offers programs for women who need the spa, those who need to watch what they eat, and women who want to learn or advance in yoga. They actually offer programs for health to boost both the physical and mental aspects of a woman’s health. 

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