Interior Décor to Jazz up your Home: HK Stores to Check Out

Nana Team
24 August, 2020

With everyone stuck at home, it’s time to look inwards to our homes. Whether you want deep invigoration, soothing relaxation or a quick reset, your space should allow you to effortlessly connect to your soul. Home should allow you to stay present. In troubling times, it is never more essential to create a soothing place from which to live and work. 

Setting an intention helps to shape the use of your space and being mindful of it creates the right energy to revitalise you. We caught up with the tastemakers behind Hong Kong’s home interior stores BoConcept, Indigo Living, Homeless and Francfranc to share their latest collections available in store and online.  

Illuminate your Home with Indigo Living’s Pendant Lighting & Coffee Tables

Revel in the warmth of a glow that helps illuminate your time spent together with loved ones. Pendant lights can add a real statement to your design and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! Indigo Living’s range of pendant lights is huge – from large industrial-type shades to woven basket style and delicate chandeliers; there is something to compliment every taste, colour and budget.

If you’re looking for this season’s ‘wow’ factor, we suggest their Darius Pendant – the glass is clear with a texture that makes the light look elegant and reflective. Another modern yet versatile piece that caught our eyes is their Tatum Ceiling Pendant with varying round shapes and crisp angles elegantly suspended from a simple black disk. Whichever you go for, choose pendant lights that hang at least 76cm to 87cm above your table to ensure you never bump into it.

When it comes to your home’s unsung heroes, the coffee table is certainly one. A coffee table can itself be the centrepiece of a living room or a supporting player, serving as a space to display conversation pieces or reading materials. It partners with your seating and other elements to make your living room an inviting space to gather, share and live life. We are crushing over Indigo Living’s latest Diaz Marble coffee table with a sculptural brass base that contrasts with its sleek marble top creating perfect duality. The variance in this is everything! 

Up your Home Office Game with Homeless Ergonomic Chairs & Adjustable Desks

If you’re working from home right now, you can make the experience far more pleasant – and more productive – with the help of the right organising tools, furniture and a few handy tricks. Unlike traditional seating, Hag Capisco ergonomic chair encourages the user to sit with an open hip angle, helping the spine to straighten and supporting your upper body. Ergonomic seating not only provides more comfort, it also reduces pressure on your hips, and quashes back pain and neck problems. Hag Capisco’s true qualities lie in the way that it encourages endless ways to sit. 

Multifunctional, space-saving living is trending as homes in Asian cities get smaller and smaller! Alwin’s Space Box can be transformed from a box sized drawer to a functional desk. As if by magic, the work surface can be extended by an additional 110cm to quickly disappear inside again. Mobile with wheels and built-in drawers, it provides an unlimited space experience!

Decorate with Francfranc’s Dinnerware & Faux Flower Arrangements 

With social distancing measures in place outdoors, there’s never been a better time to celebrate what we appreciate about our lives: each other! So, if you have the space, why not invite vetted friends and family over for a casual brunch or a formal dinner? Next, think about the feeling you’re trying to elicit in your guests, your partner or your family. Is this an elegant date night? Or a fun, relaxed brunch with friends?

You may even want to have some fun with colour – and this is where items like Francfranc’s Iroiro collection dinnerware sets and Arc placemats in subtle pastels come in handy. A set of attractive, patterned dinnerware will offer an instant lift to any dining table. Keep the foundations simple with placemats in white or cream allowing your tableware to shine. 

Faux flowers have never been more popular! If you’re forgetful or you don’t have a roommate to help with watering, faux flowers are probably the best option for you. Take a tour of Francfranc’s selection of artificial flowers from magnolias to hydrangea and roses to autumn thistles. When styling faux flowers, you need to style each stem individually before adding it to an arrangement to make it look more realistic. Their flowers have a wired centre, enabling you to bend and cut them in order to achieve your perfect display. While we’re at this, we’ve got to say using the right shape vase for the flowers will also make a real difference to the look. 

Get inspired by BoConcept’s Designer Rugs & Stunning Mirrors

Rugs: the luxe detail underfoot that you may have missed when decorating your home. It’s never too late to throw in BoConcept’s striking graphic print rugs, which makes for an eye-catching statement wherever you place them in your home. A round starburst print like their Dimas rug crafted from suede adds an element of luxury to your space. Or choose a premium suede rug made from concentric, tonal circles. We have been obsessing over their Neat rug as its textured fur and shag effect are the perfect addition to your bedroom or living room, adding depth and comfort. Choose a durable tufted or woven rug for areas of your home with high footfall, such as a hallway.

At the end of the day, aren’t we Hong Kongers into creating the illusion of extra space? And what better way to achieve this than with mirrors? Hang BoConcept’s decadent mirror over your hallway console table or sideboard to instantly make the room appear larger. Placing mirrors where we least expect them creates a magical effect. They’re invaluable in enhancing views and also in deflecting views from things we prefer to keep out of sight. The free-standing Medina mirror also hides storage and covers architectural nuances such as beams. 

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