The Perfect Sex Toy for any Budget

Nana Team
3 April, 2020

Ready to add some oomph to your love life? If you’ve been inspired by the sex scenes in your favorite movies or erotic books (ahem, Fifty Shades of Grey and the new Red, White and Royal Blue), now is the time to spice up your sex life. Come along for the ride with recommendations by these international erotica purveyors Chan Yung of Wanta and Oleg Vasilyer from Take Toys

Strapped for cash? You still deserve to get yours 

Affordable (side) pieces: US$20 and under

Toynary Couple Underwear from Wanta 

This wearable treat is a great entry-level product if you want to dip your toe into panty vibes without a major financial investment. Explore new positions such as the frontal fondle, the standing slide, all hands-on pecs, and even the doppelbanger works well with this couples’ underwear (just throw in a rabbit-style vibe). Find out what really turns each other on.  

Shunga Massage Candle from Take Toys 

Discover the art of sensual warm oil massage with massage candles from Shunga Erotic Art. The ritual begins as you light the candle, its scent filling the room and creating an enticing atmosphere for erotic play. After 20 minutes, blow out the candle; the oil will be liquid, warm and safe!

Pour some in the palm of your hand and then on your partner. Now begin a soft sensual massage and feel the heat build leading you to the threshold of carnal pleasures. Breathing the aphrodisiac fragrances of vanilla fetish, intoxicating chocolate, sparkling strawberry wine, exotic green tea, you’ll love its convenient travel sizes for your next romantic getaway.  

When that bachelorette-party freebie just isn’t cutting it anymore 

Practical buzzy buys: Under US$40

Monogamy A Hot Affair from Wanta  

The name says it all: Monogamy is a hot affair with your partner. This board game takes you back to the very first moment when you set your eyes upon your partner and it’s going to re-kindle that spark. With over 400 seductive ideas and three levels of play (intimate, passionate and steamy), the emphasis is on the communication between you and partner – you’ll find out more about one another with questions that never crossed your mind before.

We bet Monogamy will have you loving, laughing and lusting after one another within just a few throws of the dice. What’s really awesome about this board game is that it’s an evening affair – so you need to have drinks and food – it’s all part of the game. The fun continues even after you close the box – need we say more?  

Strict Head Harness + Ball Gag from Take Toys  

This is a real bad boy in the world of BDSM. Now, if words like “submission,” “sadism,” or “masochism” are new to you, we totally get it. For many, especially those whose knowledge of BDSM stems purely from films like Fifty Shades, the practice may sound intimidating at first. But it is possible to combine sex, power and even pain in a healthy manner. 

Take away two of your partner’s most essential senses when you wrap their head in this devious device! The head harness effectively blindfolds your lover so they will not know what’s coming as you tickle, lick, spank and tease. Wedge the ball gag in their mouth to also take away their ability to speak! 

It’s not your first rodeo, and you want the best of the effing East  

Sexed-up investments: Within US$80

Position Master with cuffs by Fetish Fantasy Series from Wanta  

Turn your bedroom into a bondage playground and let your imagination take you beyond your physical limits with the Position Master with Cuffs. The sturdy straps hold your legs firmly in place so they don’t tire just when things are getting good while the wrists cuffs ensure your partner won’t escape anytime soon. 

One night, one of you can be the boss; the next night you switch it up. Kink isn’t just sex—it shows you’re really interested in turning each other on and asking each other about your fantasies. 

Hollow Strap-On for Him or Her by Fetish Fantasy Series from Take Toys  

Designed for incognito play, this hollow strap-on works as anal sex reversed for those adventurous ladies who are into pegging. On the other hand, if you’re a man and want to increase your penis size instantly without the use of penis pumps, this hollow dong is just what you need to give you and your lover all-night pleasure.  

No justifications required! 

Luxe and orgasmic: Over US$100

We-vibe Moxie from Wanta  

Fancy taking your couples play out of the house? Swivel this clitoral vibrator and experiment with the different angles and sides (spoiler alert: they all feel amazing up against you). Whether you’re lying down, sitting, standing or walking, Moxie is held in place by a slip-proof magnet that rests against you to tease and please your sensitive spots. 

There are 10 vibration modes that are strong enough to drive you over the edge, but discreet enough that it won’t sound like you’re sitting on your phone. It’s also app-compatible (thru We Connect), so you or your partner never have to fear losing a remote.  

Nirvana, is that you? The Womanizer Premium, an upgraded version of the original suction toy, has a larger “head” to fit comfortably over many different shapes and sizes of the female anatomy. Using this vibrator feels like receiving oral sex for hours and hours…without worrying about whether your partner’s neck is cramping up. It works by gently and indirectly stimulating the clitoris with 12 different intensity levels ranging from super soft to powerful.

Even more exciting is a new autopilot function, which basically randomly creates a series of patterns and intensities to take you on a different orgasm roller coaster every time. Being 100% waterproof, it delivers a totally different sensation underwater – no wonder The Womanizer Premium worth has ruined all other vibrators for many.  

Wanta; No.56 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central; +852 6011 8220 

Take Toys; 1/F, 29 Hollywood Road, Central; +852 2456 2336 


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