Things HK Moms Will Love for their Toddlers – and Themselves

Nana Team
8 August, 2020

If you are expecting a new bundle of joy, you areabout to join the ranks of moms who will receive endless calls, cards, flowers and gift deliveries. It’s an exciting and overwhelming time. You’re focused on preparing the perfect environment for your baby’s arrival. We want to help!

While you choose baby names and plan doctor’s appointments, we’ll handle updating this list of Hong Kong shops and online brands with tried and true products all mothers should have on-hand for their new-borns, toddlers and themselves. So whether you’re expecting a baby, or you know someone who is, this list is for you! 

Malabar Baby: Luxury for the Little Ones

Malabar Baby is redefining luxury for littles with their hand-made & block printed cotton baby bedding, organic muslin swaddles, ultra-soft crib sheets, loungewear, mats, towels and unique new-born gifts.We are obsessed with Malabar Baby’s game-changing products because everything is organic and made from natural fibres without synthetics or plastics. Over 70 percent of the label’s products are made in India, using quality fabrics like Global Organic Textile Standard approved natural cotton, organic muslin and even bamboo which has anti-fungal properties, ensuring that babies don’t get rashes. It’s also a very breathable fabric and is hypoallergenic. 

Classic yet playful, their latest Southside collection recreates geometric shapes and traditional Ikat patterns. The stark contrasts between blue and white and pink and white combined with gentle chevron prints (inspired by the serene beaches of Hong Kong) make for a delightful addition to any nursery! Their products also incorporate watercolour artwork from artists around the world. All products come gift-ready in a handmade muslin pouch – just another awesome touch! 

The Wee Bean: Everything you Need for the Little Bean in your Life 

The Wee Bean stocks up on all the must-have baby items (broken down by category!) to get before your bundle of joy arrives. Such a relief for soon-to-be mothers who are going through a nesting phase, that uncontrollable urge to clean and prepare your place, with Wee Bean’s downloadable “New-born Essential Checklist” in hand. Believe it or not – it’s aptly categorized into bedtime, bathtime, playtime, feedtime, baby amenities, out & about and of course, clothes including the baby’s homecoming outfit. A much awaited moment for parents! 

When babies start teething, they will surely start chewing on anything they can get their little mouths on, so Wee Bean offers all-natural wood teethers. But their product that won us over are their kids’ face masks, with easily adjustable straps and adorable boba-tea and dim sum prints. You’ll find these cute patterns on many of their items, including bibs with egg tarts and milk tea, and gift sets with uniquely Hong Kong cuisine. 

Mustela: Sharing the Joy of Motherhood

Keeping skincare gentle and fragrance-free is key to maintaining your new-born’s skin health. Find a line of non-irritating products and stick with it. We like how Mustela has an affordable collection dedicated to babies and kids, which includes a gentle body wash and lotion, sunscreen, shampoo, detangler, face cream, bum cream, wipes and more. Your baby’s skincare arsenal isn’t complete without Mustela’s body oil that effectively banishes dryness with an added calming effect.

Moms can’t deny that giving their baby a bath is a precious time. Mustela Multi-Sensory Bubble Bath creates lots of foam (with the necessary tear-free formula), turns the bath water blue and smells amazing. Whilst we’re not sure how much your baby will notice these things, you’ll definitely get a kick out of it. 

Velveteen: Mix up your Patterns with a Pro 

Of course, you will always find something cute and affordable at the big shops (H&M, Zara, Seed, etc.), but where to go when you are looking for something fancier? To solve your kids’ sartorial needs, children’s wear label Velveteen has come up with a range of lovely dresses and handbags for baby girls, and short suits in vibrant prints for the boys. Going for something less formal, the boho trend of dungarees add fashion cred to any outfit whether paired with a fun slogan tee, or ‘80s inspired printed blouse so you can take this look to a BFF’s birthday party or Saturday errands.

The key to shopping here is to mix and match – and that applies to all prints and styles! If you have a kid who lives in trainers, why not spruce up the look with their fun variety of mid-height socks and give that preppy look a cool edge? If your little tots are crushing over statement pieces, let Velveteen’s fine array of crossbody bags, glitter pouches, funky accessories and comfy shoes steal the show. 

Petit Bazaar: Chic Everything 

Petit Bazaar is a lesson in raising chic children that stocks indie European brands of clothes, toys and furnishings for children, all dripping with good taste and intelligent design. There are thousands of crib styles out there. However, if your crib buying mantra is safety, quality,versatility and style, we bet the cribs models here will meet these criteria. Also available at Petit Bazaar is Babyzen, a French brand that has been innovating in the area of strollers and accessories for years, keeping parents and babies happy as it rolls style, ease and practicality all in one! 

The best way to learn is through play where you can encourage your little one’s curiosity and help them develop their skills and open their mind. Support them through this journey with an assortment of interesting and unique toys and games that make the learning process fun – a visually and mentally stimulating exercise for both parents and child. With all the home-based learning going on this year, we love Petit Bazaar’s Back-to-School corner with cushions shaped as erasers, protractors, plus signs and not forgetting the pencil-shaped basket to complete the look!

Retykle: Baby Steps to Less Waste! 

It’s no secret that kids grow at the speed of light, often outgrowing clothes before they even get a chance to wear them twice. Now, instead of trashing their clothes, you can resell them and get back your money’s worth at Retykle. A mash-up of “recycle” and “tyke,” Retykle is an online platform for hassle-free re-selling and buying of preloved luxury children’s wear, maternity wear and all things baby. From baby carriers to strollers to car seats, they also have what you’ll need to make transport easier for you and your little tyke. And once your little one grows out of it or no longer needs it, come back to re-sell those items in order to make some money and reduce your environmental footprint!

But that’s not all – their stylish and comfortable collection of maternity wear allows you to move through your pregnancy looking and feeling your best. Don’t let pregnancy cramp your style, shop their collection of tops, dresses, pants, jumpsuits, rompers and more! At the end of the day, this is the planet that we’re leaving for our children, so we’ve got to keep finding gems like Retykle to safeguard their future! 

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