Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Veronica Yoo
2 February, 2021

Love is in the air! It’s the season of passion, romance and grand gestures. Although gift-giving may not always be part of the occasion, we could all give a little TLC to our partner as a token of our love. So, for all the ladies out there wondering what gift to give your man this Valentine’s Day, we list gift ideas for all budgets and interests from cheesy punny gifts to practical ones!

For the Game Enthusiast

There’s Nothing Sus about Us plushie

Be gone teddy bears, here’s a gift that would put a smile on any Among Us fan. A personal touch on the classic cheesy teddy bear, if Among Us is a game you and your boyfriend enjoy playing together, this cute plushie (HK$130) would rest assure your partner, you’re not the killer. If you are, you’d be his partner in crime.

Equip your S.O with the best gaming accessories

Every gamer girlfriend should know how important upgrading your gaming space can impact one’s e-sport performance. If your man is into PC games, a gaming keyboard or mouse would be the perfect gift to accompany what he already has at home! If you’re not sure what to get, Razer products are a safe bet as they’re made for gamers by gamers – now that’s one convincing motto.

For the Foodie

If you can’t take them to Burma, bring Burma to you!

Since you can’t take your significant other out of the country, take them out for a new culinary journey here in the 852! French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, you might be thinking we’ve been there, done that. But we bet you haven’t tried the best Burmese cuisine Hong Kong has to offer. At Club Rangoon, Head Chef Karisa Cheque and Bar Manager Jack Byrne have created the ‘Burmese Affair’ set menu for two (HK$789 for lunch) with three stunning cocktail pairings that will make you feel at Burma this boozy Valentine’s Day.

Pots, pans, cookbooks – and everything in between

There’s something uniquely charming about seeing a man cooking in the kitchen. For any upcoming culinary chef, preparing him with the right equipment and utensils is the perfect love language to show him you appreciate his efforts. From using the right knives to the right pan – we like to think that cooking appliances makes 50% of a difference to the cooking. From all things cooking and tableware, Le Creuset has got your back with the perfect minimalistic design and functionality.

For the Fashion Forward

Designer Scarf 

A scarf is an underrated piece that can bring out your whole outfit – for both men and women! It’s usually difficult to see men sport a fashion scarf out in the streets days but when they do, boy would they have heads turning! For the fashion forward boyfriend, design is everything. If he likes flashy things, go for a large logo imprinted one, or if he prefers more muted designs focus on the patterns!

Statement Bags

The glory that is all things bag is quickly being popularized and less marginalized amongst men. Previously thought to be too feminine for men, many are now embracing the openness of fashion! From work bags to a fanny pack, bags can really make a statement out of an outfit!

For the Sports Junkie

Sneakers, sneakers, sneakers

If your significant other is a major sneakerhead then you know that the perfect gift would be the perfect kicks. From exclusive collectors’ items to even the classics, sneakers are a gift that anyone can appreciate. If you’re not sure what type of sneakers to gift your S.O we recommend the basics such as Nike Air Jordan, Nike Air Force, Adidas Ultraboost to even designers ones like Alexander wang and Yeezys.  

Workout with your S.O with Hit45

With all that’s going around in the world, it’s become difficult to hit back to the gym especially when social distancing measures are in place. To get back on track, gift your special someone a private outdoors workout session or even a Zoom workout session that can make-do as the perfect Valentine’s Day activity as well. We promise you’ll sweat and leave you feeling good for the evening 😉

If you’re still not sure, you can never go wrong with a wallet

We can all agree that our wallets are an essential staple in our everyday lives. That’s why it makes it all that important to carry a wallet that has sentimental value (hopefully, the one you gift him!) to make sure you don’t lose it. Ranging on your budget, you may consider gifting a cardholder – if they rarely use cash or a large wallet or even a business card holder – for the social networker.

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