10 Questions with Natasha Moor, Cosmetics Innovator & Makeup Artist

Nana Team
10 September, 2020

Whether you’re searching for products to achieve that flawless base, pop of lip colour or looking to sit back while getting an Instagram-worthy makeover for your special day, Natasha Moor, award-winning makeup artist and innovator of Natasha Moor Cosmetics, comes to mind. When she’s not working her magic with a brush in hand, she’s developing the next “hot product” that answers to the ever-changing demands of the beauty business.

Her latest drops, the Kohl It Magic, a triple black long-stay eyeliner that shapes eyes to perfection, and Moor Power, an extreme volumising mascara that envelops every lash for volume and length, is something ladies will be swooning over at Sephora. We sat down with her to find out about her brand’s iconic beauty must-haves, makeup faux pas we’ve all made and much more!

Nana Asia: When and how did you discover your love for giving women an incredible makeover? 

Natasha Moor: I was inspired by experiences with my brides and direct clientele. Their reactions post-makeovers were of genuine happiness and took me by surprise. But my “ah-ha” moment definitely came from visiting numerous women’s shelters and rehabilitation centres. I came across women from all walks of life and had the incredible opportunity to use makeup as a tool to transform the way they felt. I questioned, “Does makeup really change or impact someone’s confidence?” 

With each person I worked with, I saw the same reaction: an instant surge of self-confidence and excitement in her eyes. In that moment, I discovered what truly ignited a fire in my soul: using makeup as a transformational tool that allows individuals to feel empowered and confident in her own skin. This was not only a discovery of giving women an incredible makeover, but it serves as the basis for our #DoMoor philanthropic initiatives, which is an integral part of Natasha Moor Cosmetics, and our entire collection.

Nana Asia: Why did you decide to formulate lipsticks as your first product?

Natasha Moor: Each of the products in the collection have been inspired by my experiences as a makeup artist. I noticed a gap in the market with lipstick in particular – I couldn’t find something that had lasting power and was hydrating, highly pigmented and looked luxurious! I took two years to formulate our Molten Matte Liquid Lipsticks, which come in 18 different pigmented shades, are moisturising and have a 14-hour staying power — to the extent that you don’t need to reapply.

 I simultaneously developed our Silk Suede Lipsticks as I felt that there wasn’t a rich, long-lasting lipstick available that looked glamorous in your purse and was functional for easy application. Each of our 15 shades of lipsticks are cased in an ergonomically designed press and release packaging with a mirror. Every one of our lip colours is named after heartening and empowering mantras, with the intention to manifest and live by each message. Some of our shade names include Game Changer, Boss and Serendipity.

Nana Asia: You’re best known for giving your clients flawlessly smooth and dewy skin. What is your secret?

Natasha Moor: For myself and my clients, I do not use foundation, but rather follow a three-step correct and conceal process from Natasha Moor Cosmetics to achieve a natural glow. I first start with our No Bag Vibes colour corrector to neutralise the under-eye tones and blend this out with a damp sponge. This is followed by our Secret Perfector stick concealer which I apply and blend under the eyes and on high points of the face to create an even skin tone.

Afterwards, I add a few swipes of our Liquid Magic liquid concealer on the same areas, to create a long-lasting plumping and smoothing effect on the skin. If I want to create definition, I use our Take Control contour stick which is easy to apply and blend to create a sun-kissed finish. Our three-step process offers the ultimate no-makeup makeup look, that is hydrating and light! I wholeheartedly believe in using products that are hydrating and feel like second-skin. 

Nana Asia: What is a versatile daytime look that we can always fall back on and how do we achieve it? 

Natasha Moor: I would say dewy, natural skin is something that will always remain a classic. Our three-step correct and conceal is the easiest way to accomplish this, and offers the most versatile canvas to build upon. Adding a touch of colour on the cheeks creates a refreshed look; my favourite powder blush is the Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Plush in No.76 Frivole because it gives a youthful glow.

Eyes and eyebrows are also extremely key to framing the face and looking refreshed. My go-to for this is our Moor Power water-resistant mascara that lengthens and volumises lashes, in addition to the Benefit Brow Zings Pro Palette, which I often use on my clients. Lastly, picking the perfect lip shade that will take you through your day, be it a nude lip or a darker tone, whichever makes you feel the most confident. 

Nana Asia: What’s your beauty advice on this year’s hottest evening makeup look and what are the must-have products for it?

Natasha Moor: Less is more when it comes to makeup; I believe a few light touches can go a long way. With that being said, a subtle smokey eye can transform a look from day to night. To create a smokey effect, I always use our Kohl it Magic eyeliner as a base, which I smudge around the edges of the eye, as well as line the upper and lower waterline to create a sharp and defined look. I pair this with our Moor Power mascara to amplify and darken. 

Other elements that are important to build an evening look would be incorporating some bronzer powder — I usually use Benefit —in order to create a long-lasting glow effect, as well as Laura Mercier translucent powder to set the skin and ensure that it doesn’t smudge or move throughout the night.

Nana Asia: Among all the different makeup trends that we get lost in, which ones are your favourites and have stuck around? 

Natasha Moor: The trends that have really stayed with me are the ones that enhance existing features. I think it is so important to pay homage to our natural features and give them an opportunity to shine even brighter. For starters, the no-makeup makeup trend is something that has been an integral part of how I work with my brides and clients. 

Contouring is a technique that has enabled individuals to define their face and feel more confident in their angles, especially in photographs. Additionally, the trend of plumping and defining lips and their shape with a slight over-lining is something I subscribe to. I believe, when done within reason, that it can create a fresh-faced and supple appearance.

Nana Asia: What is the biggest makeup mistake you see all the time?

Natasha Moor: I see individuals not filling in their lips entirely with lipstick or defining their cupid’s bow, therefore hiding their naturally beautiful lip shape. I also see individuals under-concealing, especially under the eyes. I believe it is a result of scarcely using product, skipping translucent powder to set the concealer and not using a damp sponge to blend and create a smooth finish.

Nana Asia: What are some of the makeup hacks that you stand by that will probably change our lives?

Natasha Moor: Product versatility is the ultimate makeup hack. If I’m ever in a rush, I often use our Moor Power mascara as a way to create a slightly smudged, yet defined, look on my lid. Our tapered applicator brush allows me to create this effect with even the smallest lashes. Most recently, I’ve been using our Molten Matte liquid lipsticks as a blush, as the formula is moisturising and long-lasting. I swipe a little bit of the liquid lipstick on my hand and use a sponge to dab it on my cheeks. When I do this, I tend to use the same lip shade on my lips in order to create a tonal look.

Nana Asia: According to your expertise, which brands/products would you say have made their mark as Beauty Game-Changers?

Natasha Moor: Jessica Alba of Honest Beauty has truly made her mark in the beauty industry, and continues to do so. I can relate to her drive and passion about the industry and the products she creates. She found a niche in creating clean products for her children, and has taken the time to formulate her products with the utmost care. It is clear in her perseverance and direction for the brand that it is not just a celebrity endorsement but a labour of love that has reached cult status.

Nana Asia: Bridal make up is your true calling as we’ve heard rave reviews from brides. How do you empower women on their special day? 

Natasha Moor: Working with brides brings out the romantic in me. I love being a part of someone’s special day; a day that they have grown up dreaming about. I feel so fulfilled and gratified when I experience their reaction post-makeup application and the confidence they exude when they step out the door. I love taking that extra effort to be there for my brides and being someone they can rely on throughout the festivities. It’s genuinely #MoorThanMakeup. 

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