Our Favorite Sneakers to stay classy and comfy

Nana Team
31 March, 2020

Everybody knows that you can’t have a complete wardrobe without some kicks [ sneakers.] They are simply integral to your complete look. They provide that much-needed comfort and style that the average oxford doesn’t quite give. Today they are one of the biggest fashion statements you can make.

The gender divide isn’t as prominent and Sneakers have become not only an integral part of male fashion but female as well. In fact, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that it’s the footwear that ties your wardrobe together regardless of your gender. Since they originally defied their intended purpose of being sport footwears, they have become a gender-neutral footwear choice that can tie almost any outfit combo together. They are not black and white accessories anymore.  Some have been designed to suit the simple elegance and comfort that some women need, while others have become a fierce statement of beauty and femininity.

Over the years, they have become the perfect blend of style and comfort and regardless of what color or shape they come in, they beat wearing heels any day of the week. Here are a few sneakers that have managed to stand out amongst the ocean of many. They are unique and irresistible in their own way and we will tell you why.  

Converse Chuck Taylor All-star Sneakers 

The name is quite a mouth full isn’t it? These bad boys can be said to be one of the first sneakers ever. They have been around since 1917 and haven’t been altered since 1949. They are by definition one of the classics that never go out of style. If you are about to start your journey into all-things sneakers, then you should start with a pair of these. They were all the rage in the nineties and they are still worn today.  

Comfortable, flexible, cheap, they were probably one of the first unisex sneakers ever. They are simple enough to go with almost everything except formal wear.

Balenciaga Triple S 

They are one of the more aggressive and aesthetic sneakers out there. They have an outstanding combination of colors and a sole that can simply be described as futuristic. These sneakers, according to most buyers, are by far one of Balenciaga’s masterpieces. Because of their aggressive shape and colorway, they don’t generally appeal to the everyday joe. A pair usually goes for little under a thousand dollars and they don’t go well with most outfits except that perfect set. They might not be for every day of the week, but they are sure to turn heads when you finally decide to slip into your pair. 

Gucci Ace Trainers 

These sneakers are the embodiment of minimalism and quality. Like most trainers out there, they are made of leather and they spot a simple design. They are one of the biggest hits of the decade and this is largely because they have such a premium feel and are almost fully customizable. Be ready to spend a little above $500 as they are a blend of elegance, comfort, and luxury. They go amazingly well with casual outfits.  

Nike Air Force 1 Low 

These sneakers are the low top version of the most sought-after shoes in the 90s. They were originally one of the most iconic basketball shoes of the 80s. Although they have evolved quite a bit since then, they still maintained that quality and retro style that made ball players buy them all those years ago. We love them because nothing ties a wardrobe together like a pair of memorable Nikes!

Chloe Sonnie Sneakers


These sneakers are the hottest things to hit the female sneaker market in a long time. With an effortlessly stylish look and an amazing strap system, these sneakers stand out from the fold considerably. They come in both low and high-top variants and some in four colorways. They are made of leather, feature an aggressive design and can be said to be a little bit bulky. These gorgeous shoes are perfect as a well-deserved gift to yourself or your girlfriend. And despite what marketing says, I think these shoes are more gender neutral than feminine. They have this aggressive feel to them that everybody can relate to. 

Common Projects Achilles Retro Low


These sneakers take a visit to the more minimalist approach of foot wear design. They are reasonably prized foot wear that feature simple designs with outstanding materials. The biggest sell of these sneaker are their fantastic leather exterior and leather lining. They are the perfect sneakers that go with everything and they are also reasonably priced. We can definitely see ourselves going out with these on a day we are not looking to draw attention. 

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