7 Swimwear Styles to Try this Summer

Veronica Yoo
24 June, 2020

They say the best way to get a beach body is to get your body onto the beach – but while we’re at it why not look fabulous too? When it comes to swimwear we can all become godzilla, whether a cut isn’t flattering, the material is uncomfortable or you’re pondering why webbed swimsuit is even a thing – hello crazy tan lines!  

Like lingerie, swimwear is personal so it makes choosing one that makes you feel comfortable and confident in that much more important.  But let’s not forget that at the end of the day, we’re all looking to have a bit more fun, drink a bit more and make unforgettable memories so throw away your insecurities and accentuate your best qualities! To make your summer a bit easier and less stressful we listed seven swimwear styles that will make anyone’s socks drop! 

Ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles

Ruffled shoulders, ruffled hems, asymmetrical ruffles, ruffled one piece, ruffled two piece – we definitely won’t be seeing any shortage of ruffles this summer. They’re flattering for all body types and its versatility can even be worn individually as statement pieces. Match the swim wear with denim shorts or a long flowy skirt for an effortless beach day look. Ruffles can also help create a visual balance by placing emphasis on areas you want to highlight. If you want to make your booty to appear more round, opt for bottoms with ruffles or if you want to make your bust look fuller opt for a ruffled bikini top.

Underwired Top

Okay, hear us out. While we all know the discomfort of underwired bras we often oversee the benefits of underwire when we are actually wearing the correct size – like how they lift, support and shape our breasts. Inspired by the classic bra, the skinny straps draw attention to flatter the décolletage area while defining the chest, exuding feminine energy. Our favourite thing about this style is the range of materials you can opt for: from cotton to nylon to even luxe. You can pick and choose materials that are the most comfortable for you while looking fabulous.

High Waisted Bottoms

Bring back the 50s vibe with high waisted bikini bottoms! This effortless and timeless piece will make you feel what we call the three C’s – Confident, Comfortable and Classy. While anyone can rock this retro suit, there’s an extra wow factor for women who have longer torso as the bottom helps elongate your legs all the while balancing the length of your  upper body. Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe this summer with bottoms that hug your curves giving you that stunning hourglass figure.

Dramatic Cut Outs

In the modern age of social media, nothing shouts insta-worthy more than a dramatic cut out swimsuit. If you’re looking to be a bit more daring, this flirty and playful cutting may be just the number for you. While design choices are endless, we love a side cutout for ladies who are looking to show-off their body curves or a mid-riff cutout to show off your athletic figure. Dramatic cut outs aren’t limited to one pieces, but are also adapted to two pieces. Picture a crisscross off the shoulder bikini top to show off your sexy shoulders.

Animal Prints

Trends come and go but a few (like animal prints) are irreplaceable and will always be chic and stylish. A simple animal print can go a long way. Just whip it on and you’ll look like you’re ready to walk the beach runway. Try experimenting with different prints like cheetah, snake or even zebra prints. If  you’re looking to really grab the crowd’s attention choose a neon colored base for a people-stopping look. With the hot summer breeze flaring at you, don’t be afraid to show your wild side!

Belted Swimwear

If you’re looking for a minimalistic swimsuit but still looking to jazz things up, the belted swimsuit couldn’t be more perfect. Not only does the built-in belt help accentuate the waist, it’s a great way to accessorise swimsuits without the hassle of worrying whether or not your belt or body chain will fall off. When not by the beach, you can also wear it as a body suit with your day wear making it both fashionable and functional! You can’t go wrong with a body suit, simple pair of denim jeans and a kimono jacket for the perfect summer getaway look!

Tied knot Top

There’s something undeniably cute and innocent about a tied front knot bikini top. Cleavage or no cleavage, it’s flattering to all chest size and the patterns on it can help emphasize the cute or the seductive. Nothing screams youthful like polka dot or floral patterns, or if you want to look more sophisticated opt for color blocks or a single color tone. On top of that if you want to add a touch of sexy, why not create a high leg look with a high bikini bottom. Our advice is to choose a waistband that hits on or above the pelvis to create the illusion of longer elongated legs.

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