Asian women owned beauty brands you need to know

Veronica Yoo
24 October, 2020

While we’re no stranger to Asian skincare rituals with the likes of the 12 step Korean skincare routine and facial Gua Sha practice originating from China, it’s not difficult to understand why they are so highly sought after worldwide. Behind closed doors are plenty of Asian women (and men!) who are redefining Asian beauty by extracting traditional practices and ingredients for commercial use for everyone to enjoy. We introduce the amazing ladies behind some of the industries successful skin and beauty brands!

Glow Recipe, Sarah Lee and Christine Chang

Owners of the K-Beauty inspired beauty brand Glow Recipe, Christine Chang and Sarah Lee were once working together as newbies at L’Oreal Korea. But it was the summer of 2014 over sheet masks and wine when the idea of creating a skincare line struck Sarah and Christine’s mind. Together, the duo pioneered in creating skincare that is both fun and free of unwanted chemicals like parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

With Glow Recipe’s cute packaging, textural exploration and inspiration of fruity recipes, it’s hard to not take a second glance at their products. A cult classic of the brand is the Watermelon Glow line, jam packed with hydration and vitamins A and C  making your skin looking plump and youthful in no time. A product that we know we’ll have too much fun with is the Watermelon Glow Sleeping mask that looks good enough to eat!

Tatcha, Victoria Tsai

Not so long ago, the Japanese inspired luxe beauty brand Tatcha took the world by storm. With ride or die users including A-list celebrities such as Meghan Markle and Kim Kardashian, words couldn’t spread faster about the brand. The face of Tatcha’s success, Victoria Tsai – who also goes by her nickname Vicky, created the products at a time she was suffering from acute dermatitis and was drawn to the simple ingredients of Japanese skincare that had helped her during that time.

Vicky took her inspiration for Japanese skincare further and went to seek out beauty secrets passed down by generation through an encounter with a modern day Geisha. She spills the secrets and know-hows into her products which went on to make $70 million in sales in 2018. It goes without saying the formula is great but we also can’t help obsessing over the packaging design that adds to its zen – just how skincare should be.

Beyorg, Brenda Lee

A fusion of the word Beyond and Organic, Beyorg has always stayed truthful to its promise of being transparent and certified organic with its ingredients. Founder Brenda Lee started the brand back in 2005 and has now over eight stores in Hong Kong. Whilst its skincare line remains most well-known, Beyorg has also ventured out to makeup, aromatherapy and even supplements through its sister companies.

Given the pandemic and masks becoming a necessity on our daily outing, we love the multi functionality of Beyorg Primavera Hydrating Rose Water spray, in helping make our day more therapeutic. We’ve been following tips to spray aromatic facial mist onto a separate face covering and layer on our masks for a portable aromatherapy session.

Em Cosmetics, Michelle Phan

Youtuber turned entrepreneur, Michelle Phan is no stranger to makeup. She dominated Youtube back in 2009 with her makeup tutorials which taught young ladies all over the world  how to recreate Lady Gaga’s poker face music video look to finding your eyebrow shape. Despite her hiatus on YouTube after the fall of her first rendition of Em cosmetics in 2013, she came back stronger than ever and since re-branded her brand. Only this time, under her condition.

Since Em’s rebirth Phan focused on perfecting formulas for a collection of lip creams and liquid eyeliners. After seeing success in numbers, her products expanded to serum blushes, mascaras, brow pencils and much more! Bringing back the 90’s vibe with lip glosses, we’re obsessed with Em Cosmetics Morning Dew Crystal Lip Gloss. Enriched with Vitamin E and minimal stick formula, this high shine gloss will definitely make your lips POP!

3 Concept Eyes, Kim So Hee

Seeing huge success from Style Nanda – a Korean fashion web mall in 2004, founder Kim So Hee launched a cosmetic brand under the parent company called 3 Concept Eyes, or 3CE, four years later. Bold, trend-forward and refined are some of the ways we would describe the brand. With its huge success on marketing the brand has accumulated millions of global followers and has made a name for itself.  

Popular amongst beauty bloggers and influencers, our favourite product has got to be the Multi Eye Color Palette. From warm brown to highly pigmented shimmering champagne, the compact sized eye shadow palette fits in nine shades making it the perfect everyday palette you can carry around in your makeup bag. We also love the signature matte lipstick formula for a sultry evening look!

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