Be Ahead of the Times with these Watch Styles

Veronica Yoo
25 August, 2020

What time is it? It’s time for you to get a watch. it’s been some time now since being fashionably late was once considered ‘fashionable’. While the saying has been popularized in the early 90’s to avoid embarrassment of being punctually early to an event, today, where everyone’s time is of the essence, being fashionably late can often than not be considered rude.

Excusable or not, there are times when we are running late which can lead to dire consequences especially if you’re going to a meeting or an appointment. That’s why we believe it’s better to be an hour early than a minute late. With all the choices in the market, we’ve compiled different watch styles according to your need, functionality and style.

If fitness is your last name

We believe the best way to progress in your fitness journey is through minor lifestyle changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevators or switching your daily 10 minute taxi commute to walking. So if you’re looking to track your progress on the daily, a fitness watch may be just the watch you’re looking for.

While functions differ from brand to brand, you can expect most to tell time (stating the obvious here), monitor heart rate, track calories and steps. What’s more, if you find yourself always breaking your watch, it’s almost guaranteed that these watches are durable enough for even the toughest workout!

If you have an event to attend

If you’re heading to a formal event or meeting and you’re dressed to impress your clients, we highly suggest you stick to a dress watch. Traditionally they are designed to be worn with formal attire and are elegant and timeless. 

If you’re heading to a formal event or meeting and you’re dressed to impress your clients, we highly suggest you stick to a dress watch. Traditionally they are designed to be worn with formal attire and are elegant and timeless. 

If wearing a watch has become a necessity

If you find yourself unable to leave the house without wearing watch and feel empty without it, you’re on the lookout for an everyday watch that can cater to any occasion. For an everyday watch, the skies the limit and you can choose whatever design your heart desires. However, just to be on the safe side, we recommend you choose a casual design.

For example, we’re loving the mix and match colored metal trend – Especially rose gold and silver! The rose gold creates a feminine ambience while the silver makes a loud contrast. Brands such as Fossil and Tissot has been quick to follow this trend that you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

If you’re always on the go

Meetings, picking up the kids, making it just in time for gym class, – sometimes all we need is a personal assistant that keeps us on track on all our endeavors and errands. It’s only 2020 but it seems like we’re already living in the future with virtual assistants we can have on hand (or on the wrist).

We’re talking, no other than, smart watches. We’ve really come far in terms of technological advancements – with a single device on our wrist we can make phone calls, read messages, track our activity and even tell you your daily run through, making it the perfect watch for our hustling ladies!

If you’re looking to accessorise

We believe that women’s watches are often times underestimated. A good watch styled with a great outfit can immediately make you stand out from other styles. It doesn’t have to be a luxurious high-end piece that you flex to your friends but just knowing how to accessorize well can change your outfit mood.

While any watch can qualify as fashion watch, choose one that has an added elegance such as detailed embellishment or go big and go for the whole glam! Take a step even further and emphasize your wrist and watch with complimenting bracelets and rings. We love using dainty stacked rings or chain bracelets and bangles to give our watch its own standing ovation.  

If you’re feeling bold

Like most of things in life, we believe it isn’t always necessary for items to have genders – especially when it comes to fashion. If such distinction must exist, it goes without saying male watch designs are often bold, sharp and chunky while female watches are daintier and more reserved. But we all know how good we ladies look in male hoodies with its oversized features giving us a cozier vibe.

For this style, its easier to choose a mens watch. We love a classic heavy wear wristwatch. Often characterized with bigger and thicker frames which help make your wrist appear more delicate. Or opt for a men’s dress watch if you don’t want to carry the metal weight but achieve the chunky look at the same time. The easiest option? Steal your boyfriend or your dad’s watch!

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