Bespoke Beauty Experiences in Hong Kong

Nana Team
1 August, 2021

No skin type is the same. While we wonder why certain treatments work wonders to one skin but causes no change to another, it’s no doubt that a one size-fits-all treatment doesn’t work for all skin types. Through the course of science, we might one day be able to fit a formula that fits all skin types, but the technology has yet to come. So, if you’re looking for more personalized treatments, products, and experiences ASAP, check out our list down below for bespoke beauty experiences and products you can treat yourself to in Hong Kong!

Mira Spa

Located in the heart of Kowloon, the Mira Spa at the Mira Hotel offers an escape of the hustle and bustle of the city. Find a calming refuge at Mira Spa which is personalized to your liking environment, each treatment is personalized to suit your needs. Begin your bespoke experience as you walk into a customized treatment room with special color therapy to enhance your spa experience.

The bespoke package allows you to combine a selection of therapies that best suit your needs. Alongside, you can indulge in unlimited use of all spa facilities, including sauna, whirlpool, and their iconic waterbed lounge. With each bespoke package, a light lunch and a signature smoothie is included.

SkinCeutical Custom D.O.S.E

SkinCeutical’s Custom D.O.S.E is a definite reminder that the future is now. Where science and technology merge to formulate personalized skin correction, how can you not be sure that this won’t be an effective treatment for you? The Custom D.O.S.E is a professional service that combines a series of high potency boosters and active ingredients to create a personalized serum for you.

While this all sounds fancy and a lot of effort, the whole process only takes about ten minutes. In store, a skincare evaluation is conducted by a professional. Using SkinCeuticals diagnostic tool, you will take a questionnaire about your skin type and concern. Based on the results, the professional will evaluate which ingredients in what amounts would be optimal for your skin concern and later dispenses the formula in a machine that works at 1,200 rotations per minute to create your personal serum.

Lip by Skin Retreat

We’re not exaggerating when we say there are over a million maybe a billion combinations of shade, formula and texture that can be incorporated in something so simple as a single lipstick. Despite not being short on choices, there are many of us that has yet to find our own signature shade that is of comfortable wear on our lips. At Lip Lab at Lip by Skin Retreat you can have fun exploring new colors and creating your own shade of lipstick.

At the Lip Lab you have the option to choose your desired texture between hydra matte (perfect for the coming fall!), butter cream or sheer. You can then choose colors from more than 100 colors which you can be your own artist and mix and match to create your personal shade. Color specialists will be there to provide professional color matching advice depending on your skin’s undertone and your desired color. You can also select the fragrance of your lipstick and even personalize the lipstick case with laser monogram – truly a one of a kind lipstick for you!


It’s time we give our hair some TLC! While it’s no surprise that hair is truly unique to the individual and getting your hair done itself is already a bespoke experience, a salon that takes hair love to another level is Indulgence. Inspired by the beauty that is within each individual, indulgence work to refine individual using their artistry and skill of their highly skilled hairdressers and technicians.

Indulgence’s beauty specialists are trained to provide you with a bespoke experience based on results, utilizing some of the best beauty products and advanced technology to achieve the maximum afterglow. Whether it’s getting hair extensions, balayage or treating damaged hair, come speak to the team and they will surely wow you with their techniques!  

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