Best Fall Fashion Staples to have in your Wardrobe

Veronica Yoo
6 October, 2020

As the seasons change its time for us to go through our piles of summer clothes and stuff them at the back of the closet to make space for our autumn clothes. As we rummage through our fall pieces, you’re probably going to be reminded of all the pieces that you have – or that you should have. If you’re like us, you’re probably regretting not getting that woolly coat that was on a crazy sale at the end of the Fall season last year since summer is coming soon. So, that can wait… right?

Well here we are in 2020 and we just can’t stop thinking about that warm woolly coat and possibly all the other items we missed out on. Fall fashion can be all the more complicated in styling as we can layer as much pieces as we want to in the name of fashion and worth. Here is a compilation of some of our fall fashion staples to have inside your wardrobe so you’re ready to hit the streets for any occasion on a cold chilly day. 


Male or female, young or old, anyone can rock these convenient slip-on shoes. Not too formal yet not too casual, it’s the perfect footwear for a stroll. You’ll notice how many different designs are out there in the market, but before you decide to go ahead and purchase a pair, it’s important to identify which forms you want depending on its utility and functionality. 

Loafers can be easily identified as one of three categories; Penny loafers, backless loafers and loafer pumps/heels. Penny loafers are what you typically vision when you think of loafers with a backing, while a backless loafer, you guessed it, doesn’t have a backing fabric so can be worn more of as a slipper giving it a casual vibe while a loafer pump has small heels to give you that extra height. You can then play around with accents on the loafer such as tassels, leather kilts or horse bits.


Nothing shouts cute fall outfits like a good sturdy pair of booties. When it comes to choosing the right boots for you, you may be overwhelmed by all the choices. Here is a quick rundown of different styles to choose from. There are two things to keep in mind; the boot length and the heel height. You’ll notice how boots range in length from ankle boots to knee high boots. Knee high boots often provides more warmth but can be bulky to store in your wardrobe, while ankle length gives you more versatility when paired with clothes. 

The heel length is up to you. If you’re looking to spice up your outfits for add an extra oomph to it, go for the higher heels or even platform heels for comfort! If you’re looking to give it just the right amount of height support without sacrificing the sore feet aftermaths, go for the midi heel. But our go-to has got to be a standard no heel military boot style like Dr. Martens to give your fall outfit just the right amount of edge. 

Tweed Everything

Nothing says fall like tweed fabric. Because of its sturdy rough stitching between the material, yet soft touch, it compliments fall fashion nicely as it provides warmth and thickness to your clothes. We’re no stranger to tweed appearing in fashion items, there is no denying that Chanel is an iconic brand for tweed fashion. The weaving of the material mixed with different colors and texture makes even a simple skirt look timeless and classy. 

This is not to say, you must break the banks for tweed fashion since a lot of affordable brands has been implementing the stitching with their unique twist to make it more widely available. From tweed bags to coats to skirt, it’s the perfect fall look for a date or an evening drinks with friends. Having said that, we can’t help obsessing over the tweed on tweed look – such as matching tweed set. (As if we haven’t said the word tweed for the seventh time already!)

Leather Jacket

How badass is a leather jacket? While prices may range from low to sky high, there’s a leather jacket out there for everyone. With this fall piece, you can let out your alter ego allowing you to look confident and sexy. Most of time because of its overstated look, you’ll probably come across less of a shade variety with colors sticking with darker or understated tones such as a classic black or mauve, but that’s not to say you can’t rock a bright red or a white leather jacket too.

Even though the leather jacket has a tough exterior, it all goes with how you pair it. Pair it with a maxi dress to give your outfit some edge or wear it over your shoulders on to of a cashmere long sleeves to give your outfit a more put together look. Because of the metal accents of a leather jacket, we love to pair the look with metallic accessories such as necklaces or rings!


If you’ve never heard of a poncho it can be easily understood as a type of outer garment and has a similar appearance to a cape.  While a cape may have an open slit on the side for arms or in front, the poncho does not. The fabric of a poncho only has a hole in the middle as an opening for the head and the rest of the fabric tapers down. It’s been highly popularized in the 90s (Let’s be real, all the greatest trends rooted from the 90’s) but has since slowly making a way to the 2020 runways. 

While they are not a normal staple in everybody’s wardrobe, no one will be able to out-argue you that these are very warm. Afterall, without many slits on the fabric, it keeps the air insulated and warm. You can play around with poncho designs with the type of fabric they use and the asymmetry of the ending hem. Pair the piece with tight fitting bottoms and some boots, with your hair clasped on top – it goes to make an effortless fall autumn look!

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