Bring back the 90's: Fashion Items that are making a Comeback

Veronica Yoo
24 October, 2020

Hands down, the 90’s had the most iconic moments in fashion history and we’re willing to fight whoever says otherwise. Bold, colorful and loud yet elegant, chic and experimental – it’s the perfect juxtaposition no one asked for. Sure, you can argue that there are a number of trends that we’d like to keep in the 90’s (so long, low waisted jeans) fashion always has a way of come around for a revival. Here are some of the fashion items that are making a comeback 30 years later that we love to revisit time and time again.

Jaw Hair Clip

There’s really nothing fancy about jaw clips but contrary to its façade, the way they carelessly clasp your hair gives it a unexpected elegant look. Forget the mini clips you used to decorate your hair with when you were ten, we’re talking about a classic large jaw clip that can hold all of your hair in one go. You can leave some extra hair pieces on the side to naturally shape your face and you have a natural hair-do in 10 seconds. Put your hair up in a suit for a meeting or with a sweater for a cozy day-in, it’s a hair look you can implement for any look.

Hobo Bag

Unless you haven’t been going out much, and we don’t blame you – with the virus and all, you’ve probably noticed many accessorizing their looks with a hobo bag. If you’re unfamiliar with what a hobo bag is, they were essentially a bag with a crescent shape, usually where the zipper is placed. Designs made today have variation in zipper shapes such as straight instead of curved. Back in the 90’s the hobo bag was often worn as a statement pieces with dressed up outfits. Today, you can find many pairing the look with more casual flairs such as the athleisure look.

Knitted Cardigans

Back then, knitted cardigans were synonymous as being boring, often worn by librarians and grandma’s. 2020 has revived the trend with its own twist, changing it to give it a more flirty look yet maintaining the comfort of the apparel. Cropped, front tied knitted cardigans is now a thing and looks great paired with a short skirt to give off a playful look. Tutorials on how to DIY your old cardigans to cropped ones has also been circulating around social media if you’re feeling thrifty!

Biker Shorts

Without a doubt, the late Princess Diana was a fashion icon that had styles ahead of her time. One of our favorite look is the iconic biker short with oversized sweatshirt. While her legacy continues to live on, a modern version of it would be Kim Kardashian take on this athleisure look. Matched with a sports bra and sock boots is as 2020 as it can get. We love this trend for its boldness and comfort.

Everything Plaid

If you’ve ever watched the 1995 cult classic ‘Clueless’, you probably already know what we’re talking about. Cher Horowitz wardrobe was what any it girl in the 90’s would’ve died for and we don’t blame them. The most memorable of all has to be the matching yellow plaid blazer and skirt. This retro look with matching patterns can give you a formal look yet playful and reminiscent of your high school days.

Slip Dresses and Skirts

Slip dresses are so timeless and we’re here wondering why they ever went away. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and mood you’re going for. We personally love styling it with an oversized sweater now that autumn is slowly coming. If you’re looking for other ways to style slip dresses check out our article on unexpected ways to style a slip dress for more inspiration!

Bucket Hats

Hate it or love it, but there is no doubting we’ve been seeing a surge of popularity of bucket hats. Popular amongst both male and female, there is a nostalgic value that holds tight to this kitsch hat. Celebrities that have been recently scene rocking this number includes Billie Eilish, Bella Hadid and even Meryl Streep!

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