Cream Skin: The New K-Beauty Trend

Chloe Tong
9 April, 2020

Gals, there’s a new K-Beauty trend taking over in 2020. If you don’t know what it is, don’t worry, we’re here to give you all the deets. It will become an integral part of your skin routine in no time! 

Not Just a Look 

If you want a tl;dr on what Cream Skin is, it’s basically the evolved little sister of Glass Skin. Remember how you needed 10 meticulous steps to achieve that dewy, luminous complexion for Glass Skin? Don’t fret, because Cream Skin only takes one step! It’s caught on with so many skincare lovers for how simple it is to achieve a softer but still poreless and silky look. This trend is not just a look, though. It all stems from a product new to the K-Beauty world.  

The Product That Started it All 

It was one of our all time favourite K-Beauty brands – Laneige – who released the product that started all the craze. The Cream Skin Refiner, a toner and moisturiser all in one! To be honest, the white and blue colour scheme along with the frosted bottle is enough to make us want to try it out. This refiner aims to make you look refreshed and dewy – like all the actresses you see in K-Dramas (for example, the line’s ambassador: Kim Yoo-jung!). This is why the Cream Skin Refiner also contains White Leaf Tea Water, rich in amino acids that are great for your skin.  

It’s definitely the best hassle free skincare product we have ever come across! This refiner can do everything: strengthen, moisturise, prime. Feeling like your skin is parched from the weather? Soak a few cotton pads with the refiner and leave them on your skin for a quick mask. The refiner is also the perfect toner for priming, your makeup will go on smoothly and will be able to last you the whole day!  

Your New Travel Companion 

Plane rides are awful as the plane cabin slowly sucks moisture out of your skin. We’ve all gone through the dilemma of whether to ignore the embarrassment and put on a sheet mask during a long haul flight or sit with itchy, dehydrated skin until the plane lands. Laneige’s Cream Skin line has the perfect solution to that! Pour the Cream Skin Refiner into a little spray bottle, and spritz some on your face while you’re on the plane. Instant moisture to keep your skin happy wherever you go! 

Or better yet, you can pre-pack some of their Cream Skin Quick Skin Pack into your carry on. This Quick Skin Pack is a stack of pre-soaked cotton pads, meaning you don’t have to worry about bringing extra cotton pads or toner spilling everywhere! Just take one or two thin pieces out and leave them on your face for a few minutes. A quick, effective and discreet boost of moisture! 

The Other Trendsetters 

We have to talk about these other one step wonders just like the Cream Skin Refiner! If you’re looking for some new products that moisturises your skin in one simple step, here’s our curated picks: 

Glow Recipe: Watermelon Glow 

Glow Recipe is a brand that is increasingly loved around the world for its fruit-based formulas and pastel aesthetic. We would especially like to highlight their Watermelon Glow line, they are the key to that signature K-Beauty glow!

Their Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturiser has a gel-like consistency unlike your normal day creams, but it works even better! This 100% oil free product allows your skin to immediately absorb all its moisture and antioxidants to repair damaged skin cells. It preps your skin for the day ahead or you can pat on as a night cream before bed.

For a quick fix during the day, try their Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist! This two layered mist is packed with nutrients to smooth and illuminate your skin (also works for enhancing your makeup!).

If you want some extra self-care, put on a layer of their breathable and pillow-proof Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask before you sleep, so your skin can recharge overnight! 

Lixirskin: Universal Emulsion 

We feel like Lixirskin is a brand with an amazing concept that isn’t talked about enough. The brand aims to simplify your skincare routine into just a few essential products for a dewy complexion. 

Lixirskin’s Universal Emulsion does just that! It is a day cream, night moisturiser and serum base all in one. And get this: the Universal Emulsion is good for any and every part of your skin – your cheeks, your eyes, your neck et cetera, so say goodbye to all the different tubs and bottles taking up your sink space!

Just warm some product in your hands and massage it into your skin until it feels absorbed and sealed. Voilà! You’re good for the day (or for bed)! Daily skincare should just be as simple as that! 

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