Cure NYE Hangover with these Tips and Tricks

Veronica Yoo
31 December, 2020

Regardless whether you’re staying at home having a Bridget Jones moment while belching out Céline Dion’s All By Myself or holding a small intimate gathering at your place with family or even hosting a virtual party via Zoom it’s not true New Years Eve fashion without a dash (or a splash) of alcohol to celebrate. And boy, do we need it more badly than other. 2020 has been a tough year on all of us. That’s why, a bottle of Prosecco just isn’t going to cut it.

So kick back, relax and allow yourself to have fun this New Years Eve. Go all out on decorations, food and maybe indulge yourself in a few drinks (in moderation, of course! We want to avoid the walk of alcoholic shame at all cost). We got your back in some of the old tried and true hangover cures as well as new hacks that will get your body ready to embrace the fresh start of 2021!

Just when you think you’ve had enough water, drink some more

We can’t stress this enough! Even if you’re not drinking we all know the huge benefits of the good old plain H2O. While the benefits sound too good to be true aka have gorgeous skin, healthy immune system, better sleep, detox benefits, etc. it really is that beneficial for you. Still not convinced? Many celebrities incorporate drinking gallons of water a day in their routine – if Beyonce got her flawless skin by just drinking water, we’ll be sure to give it a go! It’s recommended you drink around two litres or half a gallon of water a day but when you’ve been drinking you probably want to take additional cups to combat the diuretic effect of alcohol. 

Choose your food wisely

What is the scientific relationship between feeling hungry and feeling hungover? Well truth be told based on our experience hungover = hungry. We’re not talking about salad and meaty dishes but bread, pasta, pizza– lot’s and lots of carbs!  And rightfully so. Foods high in carbohydrates can help ease hangover symptoms because they contain glucose to restore blood sugar levels. But a common mistake we make is reaching out for greasy foods. This can actually slow down the recovery process and make you feel more sluggish. Instead consume foods that are easy on the stomach such as bananas which are rich in potassium and will help replenish your body stores, eggs are high in cysteine, a amino acid used to break down toxic by-products of alcohol and watermelon – which are rich in water and ultimately aids restoring your hydration levels. 

Help yourself to an at-home detox drink

While chugging a glass of green juice may be the last thing you want to think about, consider making yourself a DIY soothing drink that won’t make you throw your appetite off. A detox drink doesn’t always mean having superfood ingredients but can be easily blended with ingredients already in the fridge. Blend some tomatoes with a dash of lemon juice for a detoxifying hangover tomato juice. Tomatoes contain numerous antioxidants that aids detoxification, and with an added kick of Vitamin C from the lemon – you’ll be feeling refreshed in no time!

Wind down with DIY Spa session at home

We don’t blame you for spilling more of your drink than you’ve actually drank, but heck, things happen. Nothing like a warm shower that won’t do the trick. Forget the expensive 5-star hotel spas. With just a few bathing essentials you can transform your shower into a luxurious soak. Incorporate essential oils that will make you feel fresh like mint extract or if you’re looking to relax opt for lavender. Using different aromas in your shower can really alleviate your bathing experience and also serve as aromatherapy! If you don’t have essential oils on hand, scented candles works too! Pair it with a bath bomb or bath salts, and voila you have yourself a personal spa room.

Give yourself time and space to reset your body

They say after a breakup, time will heal a broken heart. But it does more than that. Time will also heal a hangover. While the world may be spinning and you’re feeling nauseas and you’re trying hard to think if your message sent to your friend on Zoom last night was sent privately or not, take care of yourself first! Get cozy and if you’ve been lacking sleep, take a big fat nap. If not, wind down into a comfortable pyjama and watch a feel good movie. And when you start feeling better (trust us, the time will come), slowly start getting back to your daily routine.    

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