Have it Your Way with these Bespoke Beauty Products

Veronica Yoo
7 September, 2020

While we like to believe that beauty products are a one size fits all, that’s hardly ever the case. While a product may work wonders for others, it may cause serious breakout for some. After all, we all have different skin types, tones and not to mention concerns. The beauty industry has come a long way in understanding that there are no one solution fits all and has been making changes to the way they can deliver best results to its customers. As such, different beauty brands have been coming up with new and innovative ideas to create couture skincare and beauty products customised for personal needs and wants.  Here are some bespoke beauty products that have recently grabbed our attention!

Lip by Skin Retreat

We’re not exaggerating when we say there are over a million maybe even a billion combinations of shade, formula and texture that can be incorporated in something so simple as a single lipstick. Despite not being short on choices, there are many of us that has yet to find our own signature shade that is of comfort to wear on our lips. At Lip Lab at Lip by Skin Retreat you can have fun exploring new colors and creating your own shade of lipstick.

At Lip Lab you have the option to choose your desired texture between hydra matte (perfect for the coming fall!), butter cream or sheer. You can then choose colors from more than 100 colors which you can be your own artist and mix and match to create your personal shade. Color specialists will be there to provide professional color matching advice depending on your skin’s undertone and your desired color. You can also select the fragrance of your lipstick and even personalize the lipstick case with laser monogram – truly a one of a kind lipstick for you!

Clinique iD

Clinique iD is a revolutionary custom-blend hydrator that gives you the power to hydrate and treat your way. A two-in-one in your skincare routine, this hydrator will definitely save you all the time and trouble taken for you to complete your 10-step skin routine. You can customize the moisturizer based on your skin type which you can choose between Clinique’s iconic cuboid bottles. Including: Dramatically Different Hydrating Gel for normal to combination skin, Different Moisturizing Lotion for dry skin, Oil Control Gel for oily skin or even a tone-up gel which can brighten your complexion.

The next part is to add your choice of cartridge. Each cartridge is filled with concentrated serums that would work best for your skin concern. Cartridge options from irritation (lactobacillus probiotic ferment), pore & uneven texture (AHA’s), uneven skin tone (Japanese Angelic Root), fatigue (Taurine) and lines & wrinkles (whey protein). With a total of 28 possible combination, every time you pump the two products together, ingredients will create a synergy making it all the more suitable to your skin tone. 

Function of Beauty

Looking to personalize your shower and bath experience? Function of Beauty has got your back with customizable products from hair to toe! While you may have heard of Function of Beauty being heavily endorsed from your favorite influencers and Youtubers, we can definitely see why! FoB caters to all sorts of customizable products such as their famous shampoo and conditioner duo, body wash and lotion and even purple shampoo for all you ladies with blonde hair!

The process is fairly simple.  First you take an online quiz to build your hair profile such as your hair type, structure and scalp moisture. Note, you have to take the hair quiz in order to purchase body products too. You then proceed to select up to 5 goals such as to volumize, color protect, etc. You can then customize your shower experience by choosing your choice of fragrance, its strength and shampoo color! The best part? You can customize your bottle with your name on it!

SkinCeuticals Custom D.O.S.E

SkinCeutical’s Custom D.O.S.E is a definite reminder that the future is now. Where science and technology merge to formulate personalized skin correction, how can you not be sure that this won’t be an effective treatment for you? The Custom D.O.S.E is a professional service that combines a series of high potency boosters and active ingredients to create a personalized serum for you. 

While this all sounds fancy and a lot of effort, the whole process only takes about ten minutes. In store, a skincare evaluation is conducted by a professional. Using SkinCeuticals diagnostic tool, you will take a questionnaire about your skin type and concern. Based on the results, the professional will evaluate which ingredients in what amounts would be optimal for your skin concern and later dispenses the formula in a machine that works at 1,200 rotations per minute to create your personal serum.

Love from yours.

If you’re looking to revamp your entire skincare routine, why not get them all custom made. At Love from yours. you can get personalized skincare formula’s for products ranging from day cream to exfoliating pads. While personalized beauty products are synonymous to being more costly than mainstream products, that isn’t the case with Love from yours with each product costing around HKD 200. Their products are both environmentally friendly and cruelty free, making you look and feel your best!

Like FoB, you first take a skin assessment on Love from yours. website where you choose your skin type, skin shade and skin concerns. What we liked about this assessment is that it also takes into account your lifestyle choices such as the amount of sleep you get, water you consumer, how often you wear makeup and whether or not if you smoke. If you want a precise analysis you can even send a selfie to love from yours. team. And voila! You have yourself a personalized skincare kit which you can deliver to your doorstep!

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