Say Yes to the Ring (Oops) to Him

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23 May, 2020

Aside from the gushy speech and bended knee, the most important part of a proposal is the engagement ring. It’s the one thing that everyone asks to inspect as soon as you announce your big news.

Plus, it’s probably the only piece of jewellery you’ll ever buy with the intention of wearing it every day for the rest of your life, and likely the most expensive, so it’s a decision worth taking your time to consider. But with so many ring types to choose from, picking a design that looks and feels like you is easier said than done.

We scoured scores of Instagram accounts to round up some of the most exciting trends. Engagement rings sported by celebs and high-end jewellery brands are huge inspirations for ring hunters, so we bet our list is going to leave you starstruck!

Two-Stone Ring

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski may have first shown off her own ring over a year ago, but her two-stone engagement piece has slowly made its way to the top of every fashion girl’s wishlist. Known as the toi et moi style, meaning ‘you and me’ in French, it may look like a vibey, modern take on the more traditional 3-stone, but it is in fact a very traditional engagement ring look, harking back as far as the early 1700s.

Representing the love between two people, it’s a particularly brilliant way of incorporating a diamond that you’re a little tired of, or a family heirloom stone, in a totally fresh and alternative setting. This mismatched aesthetic is perfect for those of us too indecisive to commit to a single stone or shape.

Halo Rings

A central gemstone surround by a halo of smaller diamonds gives this ring style a particularly glamourous feel that’s both timeless and vintage. For 2020, expect it to be diamonds paired with more diamonds.

Despite announcing that she and husband Offset were separating in late 2018, by early 2019 Cardi B had her massive engagement ring firmly back on her ring finger. The oversized, pear-shaped eight-carat diamond in a halo setting is surrounded by smaller tapered diamonds.

When it comes to halo rings, some even opt for gemstones to take centrestage and not diamonds. And very often, sustainability has become a big consideration for many engagement ring shoppers, who seek out responsibly mined diamonds and gemstones, lab-grown diamonds and recycled materials.

Oval-Shaped Rings 

Oval shapes are the most popular right now because of the way they lengthen the finger, creating a slender finger and larger-looking diamond. For an amplified attitude, this oval-shaped ring it a true eye-catcher when stacked with a diamond claw ring or diamond-filled hexagons.  

Where does a Bachelor in Paradise bartender pop the question? On a beach in Fiji, duh. Wells Adams proposed to Sarah Hyland, the actress from Modern Family, with a 5-carat oval-shaped solitary ring by Lorraine Schwartz in June 2019. 

Another oval-shaped stunner is Hailey Bieber’s engagement ring. In this Vogue photoshoot, her ring is the main focal point and she looks super gorgeous in a cream satin dress, just showing off her oval stone and 18K gold band.

Emerald-Cut Rings

For pure elegance, the emerald-cut has it all; its clean, linear, rectangular shape with stepped facets creates a ‘hall-of-mirrors’ effect that produces mesmerising flashes of light. An emerald-cut engagement ring appeals to lovers of both contemporary and vintage tastes. This stunning emerald cut is usually flanked by two tapered baguette diamonds. Go for a bezel set in rose gold to give it a modern edge.

Jennifer Lopez’s rock from fiancé Alex Rodriguez is in a league of its own. The baseball player gave the singer/actress a 15-carat emerald-cut, colourless diamond during a Bahamas beach vacation in March 2019.

While Jennifer Lawrence’s art dealer husband, Cooke Maroney, chose a classic and sophisticated ring for the actress: a solitary, emerald-cut diamond on a thin band.

Coloured Gemstone Ring 

To hazard a sports reference, if diamonds are the engagement ring MVP, then gemstones are usually the unsung hero. Often used as side stones, halos or eternity band fodder, gemstones (that is: rubies, emeralds, sapphires, coloured diamonds, etc.) usually play the supporting role – and play it well.

So when people – ahem, celebrities – call up coloured stones to play the main role in their engagement rings, we pay attention. We’re digging Katy Perry’s vintage-esque ruby surrounded by a halo and Gwyneth Paltrow’s massive round-cut sapphire.

Classic Round Solitaire Ring

Another trend we’re expecting to get bigger and better in the new year is people maximising the ring band, with dazzling details twisting a full 360 degrees around the ring. Twisted bands come in all shapes and sizes and can even be enhanced by a row of smaller diamonds entwined within the band.

On the other hand, four-prong solitaires have been around for decades, but now we’re seeing a rise in the six-prong trend, noting that the latter draw from the iconic Tiffany setting. These small pieces of metal that set the stone might be a simple construction element, but they can really transform the look of your ring—and shoppers know it.

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