I tried a Hair & Skin IV Drip and this is what happened

Veronica Yoo
18 June, 2020

Get gorgeous hair, boost your metabolism, and cure your hangover in a matter of thirty minutes? That sounds too good to be true… but still sign me up!

Vitamin and beauty IV drips has been around for some time now and has been the go-to wellness treatment for Hollywood celebrities and K-pop idols. But I’m not about to walk on a red carpet any time soon unless you count the walk to the fridge as a monumental moment, so the idea of a drip infusion seems a bit excessive to me. But if Rihanna does it, it must be worth it… right?


I had the opportunity to experience IV drips at LifeHub, a wellness center in Hong Kong offering up to ten different IV drips. The preparation prior to the injection was fairly simple and quick. I was attended to a sitting area where a staff came in with a consent form and Patient Assessment questionnaire while I got my blood pressure checked. The form took down personal details such as name, birthday, identification number as well as any allergies or medication I’m currently taking.  

After signing the papers, I was taken to a small consultation room and was met by Dr. Alen who went through my assessment questionnaire talked me through my form as well as the IV drip I would be receiving. For someone like me who walked in not knowing what to expect, he recommended either the Detox Boost or the Hair & Skin glow. Feeling like I would be able to see a more visible result with Hair & Skin glow we decided to proceed with that.

The Hair & Skin glow IV drip contains vitamin A, C, D, E and antioxidants, promising collagen synthesis, pigment reduction as well as stronger hair and nail growth. My skepticism couldn’t help seep in while he was going through the list of vitamins so I carefully asked if I would see result more prominent than my usual once every two week laser treatment. He looked straight into my eyes as if I had said the most absurd thing. “It’s intravenous, it’s beauty from within. No comparison!” and I was convinced.


After consultation, it was finally time for the long awaited needle administration. A nurse took me to the IV drip area. As I laid in the Freudian leather chair, the nurse came in with an IV bag filled with a clear yellow solution. That was before I took a glimpse at a massive syringe filled with clear liquid.

Sensing my intimidation, the nurse kindly told me it would be inserted into the drip tube. Having my last sigh of relief, the nurse cleaned my arm and injected a needle which simultaneously inserted the cannula – a micro tube that would stay in place instead of the needle to deliver the IV drip. After that the experience was very tranquil. The nurse placed a blanket over my legs, helped me adjust the oh so comfortable chair and left me to relax.  

In the midst of dozing off, while the bag was two-thirds empty the nurse came back to administer the giant syringe containing glutathione – the good stuff. It’s powered with antioxidants to slow the effects of aging. Unlike the drip, the needle was inserted to a separate administration port which the nurse manually pushed. As horrific as this sounds, it really wasn’t that bad. The nurse made sure to check if I was in any pain and assured I would be glowing in no time.


The whole process took no longer than 30 minutes and I left LifeHub feeling no different than when I came in. I was told the effect would kick in when I wake up the next day and that I should refrain from lifting anything heavy.

The next morning, I could feel my skin looking more transparent and plump as if I had drank gallons of water but nothing major. That evening, while having drinks with friends, my friend looked at me and said “You look a lot clearer.” Could it be because we were on our third glass of Aperol or were the effects of the IV drips paying off? I wasn’t sure but a compliment did feel nice.

The morning after was when I really saw a difference. My skin tone looked more even, felt smoother and call me crazy but even my acne scars seemed to be less prominent. As for my hair, it did feel more soft and look shinier but it was less noticeable than my skin.


All in all, I was very pleased with the results. I’m usually not the type to go to work without at least a tinted moisturizer on but during those following days, I felt confident enough to go to work without any makeup. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re in desperate need of a pick-me-up, feeling stressed or burnt out and want a quick way to get all the nutrients you need. But if you’re anything like me, I’d give into it as a guilty pleasure.

LifeHub 1/F, The Loop, 33 Wellington St, Hong Kong
LifeHub is an integrated wellness and detox center in Hong Kong providing evidence based wellness treatments aimed to simplify heath care and promote prevention. Their impressive range of IV drips showcase 10 vitamin cocktails from boosting metabolism with Vitamin B and Carnitine and even reducing hangover with electrolyte solution and multi nutrients.


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