We tried the Intense Glow Treatment at Estheclinic

Veronica Yoo
17 September, 2020

I consider myself a pretty diligent person when it comes to skincare. First thing in the morning, I wash my face with an automated silicon brush, apply toner, serum, day cream to top it off and I never leave the house without applying layers and layers of sun cream. Come home and the first thing I do is remove my makeup with cleansing oil then double cleanse with micellar water, but why is it that there seems to be a limit as to how effective skincare can go? 

I’ve used countless number of products and tried a number of different facials and treatments in the hopes of permanently getting rid of stubborn whiteheads and reducing scars that leave pigmentation, but it never seems to fully make the pesky acne and uneven skin tone go away. It only goes far as to remove the dirt on the skin surface or sustain a temporary after cleansing glow. So, when I heard about EstheClinic Intense Glow Treatment I was very keen to try it out!

The Intense Glow Treatment is composed of two main steps. First one being Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photo-rejuvenation. It uses the clinic’s patented MacPeel IPL technology to brighten, smoothen and refine the skin while also promoting collagen production. The LED photomodulation is then used to delay the signs of aging. Scientifically speaking, the light waves are able to reach mitochondria of the skin to be converted into energy for which production of collagen and elastin is stimulated. 

EstheclinicHK Interior

When I got to EstheClinic I noticed how simple and clean the interior was. With a minimalistic furniture layout and white interior complimented by sharp accents of black, it gave off a modern and calming ambience. As I signed in at the counter, I was given a quick client history form to fill in and was later taken into a consultation room to discuss my skin concerns. My skin lies between the spectrum dry and normal with sebaceous white heads on my forehead and acne scarring on my cheeks and temples. 

Once everything was ready and good to go, I was escorted to a private spacious room big enough to fit a bed and two big machines. The aesthetician began the treatment by skillfully removing facial makeup and applying thick layers of cool gel to begin the IPL. She started from the cheek to the chin down then to the forehead, moving the handheld device left to right then up and down. Although my eyes were covered, the light was bright enough for me to see the spectrum of light but not enough to feel like I was being paralyzed. It felt something between cool or really hot to the point it felt cool. I wasn’t sure which one it was but the whole process was painless and lasted around 20 minutes.  

EstheclinicHK IPL

After the IPL rounds, the cool gel was removed, and aloe gel was applied to cool the skin. We then moved to the LED portion of the treatment. The LED light therapy uses a combination of red and yellow to activate new collagen formation while simultaneously inhibiting the breakdown of existing collagen and keep the good stuff in place. I could feel the light changing but there were minimal machine sounds, so I fell asleep enjoying the soft jazz song that was playing in the background. 

EstheclinicHK LED

After another 20 minutes, I lucidly woke up and the treatment was completed with another round of facial cleansing and moisturizer. And just like that, after 40 minutes, the treatment was complete. The best part of this treatment was that there is no downtime involved, like how you would after a chemical peel. I could even apply makeup straight afterwards, a huge plus if you’re constantly on the go!  

The results were what EstheClinic promised to be delivered. My skin felt more even and looked brighter. Although it’s difficult to say that my hyperpigmentation was reduced, I could definitely vouch that it looked faded. Almost as if someone put a real-life filter on your face.  While I can’t be certain how long this dewy look will last, one thing to keep in mind – like any skin treatments and facials, results will be longer lasting and optimal when done in series over a period of time. Overall, the experience was very pleasant and relaxing with the aesthetician asking time to time if I was comfortable, but most importantly my skin did have a radiant glow!

EstheClinic; 16/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong; +852 3615 0919; HKD2300 for Face or HKD 2900 for Face and Neck.

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