Makeup of the Future: Ergonomic Makeup Products to Try

Veronica Yoo
24 October, 2020

When you first hear the term ergonomics, you’re probably thinking of some weird funky shaped installment with questionable functionality you saw at the furniture store. While intimidating at first, you’ll soon notice when you try it for yourself, how slight changes in design can help make your routine easier.

And we’re not talking just furniture, ergonomic functionality can be applied to makeup too! Whether you’re applying lipstick or making sure the edges of your sky-high eyeliner wing is sharp enough, ergonomics packaging can save you some time and effort when getting ready. Here is a list of our favourite innovative makeup packaging to make your daily routine a bit more effortless.

RARE BEAUTY Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation

Not so long ago, Selena Gomez dropped her own makeup line, Rare Beauty, and people were more than ready to finally jump into the bandwagon of yet another celebrity founded makeup brand. But what the world wasn’t ready for was the innovation behind the packaging design. Gomez has been battling lupus – a chronic autoimmune disease that makes the body’s immune system be hyperactive and attack normal healthy tissues as well.

Lupus also may involve the person having arthritis – which Gomez also has, and can affect joint movements making daily tasks such as opening a bottle more difficult. The signature packaging of Rare Beauty is the rounded shape of the lid (kind of like a handle ) which fans were quick to find out it was intended to help those with arthritis open bottles more easily.

LANCÔME Grandiôse Mascara

As the name implies, the Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara is truly one that delivers magnificent volume and a great wear, but what’s even more impressive than its formula is the shape of the wand. It’s trademarked swan-neck wand is designed in a curvature bend to work with the shape of your face.

From corner-to-corner access and root-to-tip coverage, applying mascara has never been easier. On an even grandiôse note, it’s also worth checking out the Lancôme Grandiôse Eyeliner Liner – the gorgeous packaging boast functionality as a bending eyeliner giving you full access from the inner corners of your to outer wing.

GUERLAIN Rouge G De Guerlain

Nothing shouts luxury than customised beauty and for that Guerlain is on the case! Guerlain’s Rouge G collection comes in two parts: A lipstick refill and a lip case. Guerlain boasts this ergonomic design to make applying lipstick easier. Who else has struggled applying a bright red lipstick without a mirror?

We’ve all been there, trying to use the black phone screen as a mirror, but we know it just doesn’t do it justice. So what better way than a built in mirror in the case. With Guerlain Rouge G, you can customise the lid case to your mood and style. From bedazzled jewels to classy leather, the choices are endless.

FENTY BEAUTY  Cheek-Hugging Highlighter and Bronzer Brush

Never before have we seen a brush that will have all the contour enthusiast shaking, and we’re talking about Rhianna owned brand Fenty Beauty’s Cheek-Hugging Bronzer and Highlighter brush. As if the brand hasn’t been appraised enough for its affordability and shade inclusivity, we also can’t forget to praise the brush that makes blending all the more easier.

With a large surface area, the super plush brush is expertly chiseled to ‘hug the high curves of your face – making application and blending easier. Because of how densely the hairs of the brushes are packed, it doesn’t take much swipes to really get on the poppin cheek bone game!

SHISEIDO ArchLiner Ink Eyeliner

Mastering the art of eyeliner is truly one that requires great precision and experience. While we often experience the hardship of drawing the perfect equal wings with just the right thickness on the eyelid, fret no more with Shiseido’s ArchLiner Ink Eyeliner.

This ink eyeliner is designed with a micro-fine, arched tip to give your eyeliner the precision it needs to create the perfect wing while the arched tip makes your hand placement a lot easier and comfortable. Also, don’t let the micro tip fool you as the formula is ultra-packed with black pigment and promises a wear of up to 24-hours while also being waterproof, smudge-proof and tear-proof!

RMK The Basic 4 Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

The Japanese cosmetic brand RMK and fashion designer Taro Horiuchi has collaborated in creating makeup that double’s its functionality. Named RMK’s FFFuture (Fast Forward Future) collection, the makeup is encased in a futuristic reflective container that can double up as a mirror.

To add on to its functionality, each palettes sits in a compact for both its blusher and eyeshadow, making it the perfect go to product to sit alone inside your bag. It’s sophisticated design doesn’t start there, the underside holds the makeup applicator that won’t budge no matter how hard you shake.

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