More than a mask: Upgrade your Mask to be an Accessory

Cherry Chan
12 December, 2020

Ever since COVID-19 struck us, we’ve had to wear masks in public premises to prevent any potential risks of infecting ourselves or each other. While protecting yourself with masks is necessary, who says you can’t do it whilst being fashionable at the same time? Layer on an eye catching print over your mask to spruce up your look!

It’s important to remember that unless worn together with filters that are tested for safety, masks made from fabrics should only be worn as facial covers and not as replacements for medical grade protective wear. While we prioritise you looking your best, nothing is more important than staying safe during these troubling times. 

These eight brands sell one of a kind masks that’ll ensure even in a crowd where everyone’s face is almost entirely covered, you’ll be the one to stand out!


Bringing an alternate edge to luxury fashion, Marni is a combination of both worlds, both being quirky and elegant all at the same time. 

Image credits: Marni

Their mask choices come in three bold colours with avant-garde prints layered over, each all worthy of being a statement piece ready to tie in your outfit together. All their masks are made from 100% cotton and they are all made in Italy, as well as coming with a drawstring bag in a matching print!

Lele Sadoughi

With a passion for adornment, Lele Sadoughi’s designs show the marriage between embellishments and colours to give off an air of femininity, all whilst being simple and sleek.

Their mask choices come in sets of three, each having sweet and subtle designs with accents to stand out. Each of the three masks have a concealed slip pocket to insert a filter as well as having adjustable drawstring sides to ensure comfort whilst wearing. They’ve also released a holiday mask collection with matching headbands, grab them while you can to stay fashionable during the holidays!

Brian Lichtenberg

Californian designer Brian Lichtenberg has worked with the biggest pop stars in the music industry such as Beyonce, Rihanna or Nicki Minaj. Focusing on being effortlessly chic, his designs are sure to make you feel runway-ready.

With a wide variety of designs to choose from such as coloured tweed, holographic print or even denim, all of the available options are striking and sure to stand out. All of the masks have a 100% cotton inner lining as well as double elasticated ear loops.

Tory Burch

With a keen eye for complimenting colours and her name that is bound to be heard everywhere in the fashion industry, Tory Burch has also designed her own face masks that are sure to add style and flair to your look. 

Each of the masks in her set of three are covered in a gorgeous floral print with accents of colours scattered throughout the design, as well as the masks coming in a printed pouch with the iconic Tory Burch ‘double T’ logo. Each purchase will be donated between the cost to produce the masks and a $5 donation to the International Medical Corps and the Tory Burch Foundation.

Marine Serre

Rising French designer Marrine Serre brings a harmonious combination between French couture and sportswear with an eco-futuristic vision to create an invention of a new culture.

Image credits: Farfetch

Aside from its famous crescent moon design in tan and black, Marrine Serre’s masks also come in reflective fabrics and monochromatic prints, giving off a trendy and sporty vibe.


Launched in 2008, Bamboa is a brand that uses bamboo as its material to be sustainable whilst being functional for use. With a large span of products ranging from bed sheets, towels and even homeware, the possibilities for bamboo made products are endless. 

Image credits: Bamboa

Bamboa’s masks are hand sewn in Hong Kong with a thread count of 800 and are made of 100% bamboo fibre, making them extremely breathable and yet keeping you safe and comfortable. Their masks come in seven different colours as well as being machine washable and completely reusable, you can find them at their flagship store at PMQ in Central.


Founded in late February, Masklab is a brand that combines endless possibilities of prints and colours with the highest standards of safety to make sure that you can stay safe and be fashionable at the same time with their medical grade surgical masks and Korean style respirators. 

Image credits: Masklab

From variations of coloured marble, cartoon animals or plaid, there are such a wide variety of prints to choose to wear and to co-ordinate with your outfit. Aside from their printed Christmas masks that they’ve released in time for the holidays, Masklab have also collaborated with local silk goods brand Maeili Studios to create a collection of face masks with extraordinary and colourful prints that represent both brands at their very best.

You can choose to buy from their online website or head to their flagship store at 190 Nathan Road to make your purchase today!


feat.FASHION prioritises being functional, stylish and comfortable whilst being sustainable in all of their products. All of their masks are washable and reversible, meaning that you can have another design from the same mask! Not only can you buy these masks for yourself, but they also come in four different sizes so you can match with your friends and family!

Image credits: feat.FASHION

For every purchase made from feat.FASHION, a tree is planted to fight climate change. Coming in various prints such as polka dots, houndstooth and animal prints, feat.FASHION’s masks are breathable and absorbs moisture, all whilst protecting your skin against UV rays with an SPF of 50+. Their masks also feature a signature stopper on the ear loops to ensure a comfortable and functional fit!

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