Organization Tips and Tricks for Spring cleaning

Veronica Yoo
23 March, 2021

As the season’s transition from cold winter to sunny spring, it means one thing. It’s time for Spring cleaning! While a majority of our in-house deep cleaning may have already been done during the Chinese New Year festivities, there is still much work needed to be done such as changing thick and heavy winter clothes to ready the closet with lighter summer clothes. On top of that, it’s always a good feeling to invite the new season on a more convenient note so we prepared some organizational tips and tricks that you wish you’d known few seasons before!

Keep a checklist of things to clean

Spring cleaning can be overwhelming especially if you don’t plan ahead. You start with cleaning the carpet in your bedroom only to realise how many carpets your house has; there’s the door mat, toilet mat, kitchen mat… the list goes on. Keeping a checklist of the chores you need to complete will help you look at cleaning more holistically which can help save time and effort. For example, If you’re planning to wash the carpets, just collect all of the carpets and put them in the washing machine, this way you don’t have to repeat the laundry at different settings for different items.  

Purge your closet

One of the main activities of Spring cleaning is organizing your closet. This mostly involves putting away winter clothes and stocking the closet with summer clothes. While you’re at it you may want to consider purging your closet. This not only makes way for new clothes that you may purchase this season’s but it also allows you to upcycle your clothes. Before stocking your closet, make three piles available – one for keeping, one for throwing away and one for recycling. If your clothes are in good condition but you don’t want them anymore you can also may a small buck for selling your second-hand fashion items on platforms such as Carousell or Vestiaire Collective.

Keep cleaning products to a minimum

With all the advertisement on cleaning products promising you a cleaner countertop, mould-free toilet and stainless pots and pans, it’ll be tempting to go ahead and purchase every cleaning product in the market – especially if you’re new to deep cleaning, it just makes sense to buy a countertop cleaner to clean the countertop. While that does make sense you can save a whole lot of money simply by sticking to the basic cleaning products. This includes all-purpose cleaner, micro cloths, some bleach and a brush. These items will cover the majority of surfaces in your home. Also, If you’re looking for some hacks search online! We’re not living in 2021 for no reason! From removing carpet stains to removing mould, the internet has all the know-how in keeping your house in tip-top shape using ingredients you already have in the pantry!

Establish new cleaning habits

What’s the point of spring cleaning if you know you’re going to make a mess again? We’re not saying the house has to stay in tip-top shape all the time but once you’ve established where things are going to be placed such as your keys inside the drawer on the left or keeping the clean mugs on the countertop, it’s important to recognize and build habits to put back things where they belong.  Try to place items in places that just makes sense, it’ll be easier that way to condition your brain into thinking this is the place where an item belongs

Create  space for clutters

Clutters can be found everywhere in the house. Sure, the clutter might not make sense but they’re a collection of things that we know we’re one day going to look for in the future. For example, super glue, a bunch of clothing pins, mints and keys are seen lying on the bookshelf. Even simply putting those items in an organized container will immediately make your home feel more organised. This also applies to items such as makeup brushes and tools – while you’re at it make sure you wash your brushes at least once a week to prevent build-up of any dirt that may transfer to your skin.

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