Our Favourite Organic Skincare Around the World

Chloe Tong
7 April, 2020

With 2020 comes a new keyword: Clean Beauty. As we become conscious consumers, we are aware of how the production of beauty products can cause harm to the environment. If you want to protect Mother Earth while caring for your skin, try going organic! Organic skincare is really the key to clean beauty, as all products are made with sustainably sourced ingredients. Want to switch but don’t know which brands to go for? You’re in luck! Here’s a list of tried and trusted organic skincare brands that we love here at Nana Asia:

Eminence Organics (Hungary)

Eminence Organics needs no introduction. Founded in 1958, this brand is well known to fans of organic skincare. Their products are derived from actual seeds, pulp and peels of plants, meaning no nasty chemicals (Yay!). This brand is the best of both worlds of organic skincare.

Did you know you are actively saving the environment when you use their products? Allow me to explain: Eminence has created a project called ‘Forests of the Future’. In this project, they promise to plant a tree for every product purchased. They also teach farmers in developing countries about sustainable farming. Sounds awesome, right?

What to Try: We recommend the Balancing Masque Duo. It contains two masks: a charcoal T-zone purifier and a pomelo cheek treatment. PSA to ladies with combination skin: this is the product you need in your life! It is a two-in-one mask that cleans up your oily T-zone while hydrating the rest of your face. This is a good product to get if you want to dip your toes into Eminence Organics.

KORA Organics (Australia)

If you haven’t heard of this brand, you must have heard of its CEO – Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr. This beauty founded her company for one simple reason, ‘because what you put on your skin soaks in’. And we totally agree with her! She identified the Noni fruit as a key to her health and vitality. Noni is a superfood that contains over one hundred vitamins and minerals. It helps in repairing your skin, protecting it from further damage. Basically, it’s a magical ingredient for skincare!

What to Try: A lot of KORA’s products contain Noni and a bunch of other ingredients that are good for your skin, such as green tea and acai. Her products are packed with nutrients that will surely rejuvenate your skin! Try the Noni Glow Face Oil or Noni Radiant Eye Oil (which comes with a rose quartz roller!) if you want to feel the nourishing effects of KORA Organics yourself!

Absolution (France)

How can we leave out the country of style and fashion when talking about beauty? Absolution is one of the most creative brands we’ve ever come across, helmed by its stylish founder Isabelle Carron. It’s also the first organic unisex brand, so all the better!

The simple designs on the bottles are sure to attract the eye of anyone, even if they aren’t used to skincare. Besides, their packaging is super eco-friendly! Their boxes are made without glue, and they print everything with vegetable inks. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to throw their boxes or bottles away even after you’ve finished them!

What to Try: A unique feature of Absolution products is their ‘Mix & Match’ concept. The philosophy of it is this: You can mix a Booster into your usual moisturiser to fix your skin problems that day. They have something for every issue you might encounter, such as dryness, redness or breakouts. This means that you can tackle your skin problems without changing up your routine! If you are a hassle-free girl, Absolution is the option to consider.

THREE (Japan)

THREE is the Japanese organic brand taking Asia by storm. They pride themselves on their use of home-grown materials and essential oils in their formulas. It’s also really satisfying seeing their products lined up, with frosted bottles and white tops.

THREE definitely has the needs of Asian women in mind. Their collections cater to different skin types: ‘Balancing’ for restoring moisture, ‘THREE’ for sensitive skin, and ‘Aiming’ for skin problems caused by hormonal imbalance. We’re sure you’ll be able to find a product that suits you!

What to Try: We really want to tell you about the two-layered THREE Balancing Point Makeup Remover R. This product is a part of the newly relaunched ‘Balancing’ line. It removes makeup and refreshes your skin, rather than leaving it dry and irritated. No breakouts guaranteed! If you want to search for a new makeup remover with a nice citrusy scent, try this one out!

CHA LING, L’Esprit du Thé (China and France)

CHA LING is a luxury brand in organic beauty that has gained a lot of traction in Asia. Their products are all infused with ancient Chinese Pu’er tea leaves from Yunnan. These tea trees have grown for thousands of years with no fertilisers – the most natural of sources.

We are sure that CHA LING is onto something amazing as Pu’er is well-known for its detoxifying properties. The company’s mission to provide ‘sustainable beauty in a sustainable world’ is reflected in their offer of refillables to minimise waste. This Sino-French collaboration is just what we need to forward the message of clean beauty to the world!

What to Try: Their must try product is the Steam Tablet, which cleanses pores and brightens skin. Essentially a facial steam that you can do at home, you add the tea tablet into a bowl of hot water and steam your face for two minutes. It’s definitely an innovative product to seek out if you love tea and relaxation!

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