Passion for Fashion: Style Tips from Professional Stylists

Veronica Yoo
24 October, 2020

Trends come and go but personality is forever. Often times its easier said than done. Staying true to your personal style is especially hard when you don’t know what your style is, or you’re bombarded with the latest fad fashion trends that changes on the weekly. It becomes all too easy to lose a sense of self. 

So what better way to stay informed and inspired than to take advice of fashion insider experts? We’ve asked three professional stylists; Jessie Li, Veronica Li and Priscilla I’Anson to give us their insightful tips and industry know-hows as well as their own personal style tips which you could take into account when updating your wardrobe with the countless discounts around town.

Nana Asia: How would you define your personal style?

Jessie: I would define my personal style as glamorous. I enjoy wearing statement pieces – be that couture or everyday wear. I like to mix and match bolder designer pieces with simpler apparel from mainstream brands like Topshop or Zara to create a bold statement look. 

Veronica: I would describe my personal style as timeless with a 50’s elegance and Parisian flair. I enjoy wearing items that are more basic and simple. Having said that, I like to style around overall refined neutral tones against pop of colors that highlight the look.

Priscilla: My personal style is all about modern classics – with an emphasis on comfort.  I used to not care as much about being comfortable but, as a new mom, comfort is now high on my priority list! I like to invest in classic wardrobe pieces with a modern twist, which is the ethos of my brand, PI’A.  Think classic shirting with a twist, modern tailoring and updated basics.

Nana Asia: What are some fashion essentials every woman should have in their wardrobe?

Jessie: Fashion essentials differ season to season, but I love to accessorize. They can help bring even the simplest look to the most elevated sophisticated one. For instance, you can wear a LBD but with the right amount accessories such as a statement bag, jewellery and a classy pair of shoes, it can elevate your look to the next level. 

Veronica: I believe every women should own a tailored blazer, fitted denim that flatters your body shape and proportions, a silk pleated skirt, a pair of statement sunglasses and a pair of sling backs.

Priscilla: The top on my list is a suit that fits perfectly. One that is sophisticated and is altered to fit you perfectly. Personally, I love a short suit with a double-breasted blazer, but I also love trouser suits as well. It’s best to look for styles with a modern twist, be it in the fit, the fabrication or the colour.

Nana Asia: How can you transition from a day to night look?

Jessie: If I’m out for a meeting the whole day and through the night, I would wear a more fun and stylish inner wear so that at night I can take off my jacket or blouse to showcase what’s underneath. If I feel like putting more effort into my outfit, I’ll carry a pair of heels in my bag and change from sneakers to heels as the day turns into night.

Veronica: It’s all about accessorizing, bold lips and a good mood. Add on a pair of glamorous earrings, tie your hair to a sleek style and put on a bold lipstick for an evening look. I also like to play songs that gets me in the mood for a fun night out when getting ready – 90’s R&B usually does the magic!

Priscilla: Layering and lipstick! Layering is the easiest way to transition from day to night. For example, if you’re wearing a classic suiting look for work (as I mentioned above), you can layer a sexier silk camisole underneath it, so that when it’s time to clock off, you simply remove the jacket, add a pop of red lipstick and you’re good to go!

Nana Asia: Minimalism or Maximalism?

Jessie: Judging from my closet I’m definitely not a minimalism girl. When I do media trips or go for holidays, I do pack suitcases full of clothes and accessories but when it comes to everyday – I can also be a minimalist. It’s the best of both worlds!

Veronica: Minimalism. Less is always more. I am not a huge fan of over-accessorizing, overwhelming prints or dressing like a Christmas tree. A good design will speak for itself, that is why I love to look for refined pieces that show quality and design to enhance your inner confidence.

Priscilla: Minimalism. There is so much you can do with a minimalist look. I think a clean minimalist look speaks much louder than a maximalist one. Minimalism looks work great for work, night, special events and any occasion in between.

Nana Asia: What is a fashion faux pas women should avoid?

Jessie: Women should avoid blindly following the latest fashion trends. While it can be tempting to conform to trends the most important thing is to know yourself and style yourself in a way that truly reflects your personality. Only then can you have fun by adding bits of seasonal and fashionable trends onto your daily looks. Be a trend setter instead of a trend spotter!

Veronica: A fashion faux pas women should avoid is dressing inappropriately for your age. Whether that be dressing too mature or too young, if it makes you feel uncomfortable others will notice too. It can also send a message that you’re trying a bit too hard.

Priscilla: A fashion faux pas I consider is wearing something that you don’t feel comfortable in. You can immediately see the discomfort on your face.

Nana Asia: What are some things to consider before splurging on a luxury fashion item?

Jessie: For women who want to invest in luxury fashion, I would recommend classic pieces as opposed to seasonal pieces. You’ll notice between S/S, Cruise and F/W, designs can change a lot depending on season, trend and practicality. Classic items on the other hand don’t change as much and always makes a comeback. You can even pass them down the generation, and the value always go up every year.

Veronica: I would consider the long-term value, craftsmanship and whether it is sustainable in my closet. I would rather save my money to invest on an item that can be worn several times in different ways. With the rise of reselling platforms, I would also keep in mind that items have a resell value too.

Priscilla:  I have no problems with spending on luxury, as long as it fits 4 criteria: 1. Will I wear it often? 2. Is it a classic piece that I can wear for years to come? 3. Is it not easily replicable? 4. Can I pay for it with cash I have currently in the bank?  As long as it can fulfill these criteria, go for it!

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