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21 May, 2020

We’re all trying to eat well, move a little and sleep enough, all while planning grocery lists out two weeks in advance and managing working from home, sometimes with children underfoot. It’s no surprise that nutrition often gets bumped to the bottom of the priority list. It’s times like these that supplementation can really help balance out what you’re missing. So, instead of spending time scanning the crowded shelves, consider an online resource like iHerb, a trusted one-stop digital shop for everything health and wellness! 

Aren’t we all fans of superfood smoothies?

Smoothies have been around for a while now. Not only are they convenient, they are easily customisable and portable — perfect for on-the-go working ladies. Yes, everyone can make a simple strawberry banana smoothie but if you’re looking for a something that can be incorporated into a well-balanced diet, consider adding superfoods to your regular smoothie mix.

The choices are endless with Earth’s elixirs from matcha to turmeric to maca powder. If you’re looking for a more sustainable substitute to your daily dose of caffeine, add a spoonful of matcha powder. It will give you the energy burst that you need in the morning as well as added antioxidants.

Pairing ingredients is the key to a good smoothie. Maca powder is known for increasing athletic endurance with its high calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium properties — making it the perfect pre-workout snack. Its distinct caramel and malty flavour pairs nicely with rich chocolate. So why not blend yourself a chocolate maca smoothie to reach your fitness goals?

Are you missing out on some key nutrients?

Outer beauty is a sign of inner wellness. Despite our best intentions and efforts, consuming a well-balanced diet and reducing stress is not easily achieved. That’s where supplements step in!

Start with the things that may be affecting you now, from vitamin D if you’re inside all day to probiotics if your digestion is off. Because your skin health is so closely connected with your gut health, taking probiotics can be just as beneficial for your skin as your gut. By restoring balance to your gut, probiotics improve a number of skin disorders, including eczema and acne, and can even bolster your skin’s innate immune system.

Vitamin B is another essential supplement as it plays a vital role in maintaining overall good health and well-being. It may come to you as no surprise considering its vast health benefits, it comes in all different types. For example, B-12 are commonly found in meats and dairy, while B-7 (commonly referred to as Biotin) and B-9 are found in fruits and vegetables.

You’re probably aware of the benefits of Omega 3 for both your brain and heart, but it’s also a  total unsung hero in skincare. A daily dose supports the skin’s barrier function, which means it’s less likely to lose water. The result? Skin that is softer, more supple and intensely moisturised. You can only go so far with facials and hairs masks, so if you’re looking to improve your complexion, try starting with inner beauty — with the right supplements!

Wondering how to recover after a workout sesh?

Working out causes soft tissue breakdown, and in order for you to repair and build more tissue, you need to make sure your body has the fuel it needs to support those processes. That’s where essential amino acids (EAAs) come in. Essential amino acids can’t be made by your body like other amino acids, so they need to be consumed in a supplement or food.

These eight EAAs make up 50% of every protein in your body—if one or more is depleted, it will affect your performance, muscle building and repair. Taking EAAs before, during or after your workout is essential for recovery.

Interestingly, those who exercise routinely may be at-risk for having lower than normal nutrient levels due to excessive loss via perspiration making it all the more important to consume amino acids. BCAA powders can help fulfil this as they group the three essential amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine), into a supplement form, ridding you of tediously having to consume all three supplements separately.

The first thing we think of post-workout are protein shakes. Typically linked with male gym-goers, they are popular and in demand for women too! They contain an incredible range of essential amino acids that can be absorbed much more quickly than through capsule form.

Yes, healthy snacking, is a thing!

Learn how to gauge hunger and pay attention to physical body cues before raiding the snack cabinet. When looking for a healthy snack to eat, find out which whole foods and combinations of foods are better for weight management and a sense of satisfaction.

Just when you thought the chia seed bandwagon had been long gone, 2020 has proven that it is here to stay. From chia pudding to detox drinks, chia seeds serve as a great source of fibre to promote healthy bowel movement. Just 40g of chia seeds a day can fulfil your daily fibre intake.

If you’re craving something crunchy, try snacking on air popped chips. These light and airy snacks pack a strong burst of flavour all while consuming less oil and calories. If you’re tired of plain old potato chips, explore the variety of ingredients from lentil to coconuts. Over-indulgence won’t be an issue with these chips, so help yourself to one, maybe two or three servings!

Trail mix is a great way to elevate your healthy snacking game. Customise your own trail mix with different nuts, dried fruits and even chocolate to suit your needs and wants. Dried figs are a great post-work out snack in protecting against muscular degeneration while chocolate can provide just enough indulgence to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Look good & feel good with these beauty saviours

As you enter your 20s and 30s, skin-care convos with your besties run the gamut from dealing with annoyingly lingering breakouts to wondering if those microscopic lines around your eyes (that were so not there yesterday) are there to stay.

Amp up your skincare routine with serums that deliver a ton of botanicals, antioxidants and hydration when applied on just-cleaned skin will penetrate more deeply. Alternatively, try argan oil — a true skin super food incredibly rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and proteins. Believe it or not, argan oil can be used as a hair and face serum, body and décolleté massage oil, hand and cuticle oil and to soothe dry elbows and heels.

Let’s not forget the humble moisturiser, an eternal skin saviour that plays a key role in every regime. If you err on the side of oily, stick to a really light lotion or something gel-based. If your skin is dry, consider a generous slather of something thicker. We’ve trawled the beauty aisles, talked to the experts and tested tons of creams to bring you the ultimate gems your skin will love below!

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