Treat Your Skin with these Organic Skincare Stores

Veronica Yoo
25 November, 2020

It goes without saying when it comes to choosing our food, opting for the most natural and purest form is best for our health and consumption. Likewise, it can be believed that the best way to treat your skin is with natural ingredients. Even though we might not always choose to eat organic, our liver is capable in ridding of harmful toxins and chemicals. But when we put it on our skin, the story becomes a bit different.

Up to 60% of synthetic chemicals may enter the bloodstream when we apply something on our skin. Hence, using chemical-free natural organic skincare products makes perfect sense. While we’re no strangers to seeing the label ‘organic’ what does it truly mean? Organic skincare refers to organically grown ingredients that are pesticide free – ridding you the risk of building chemicals that may enter your body through the skin. So, if you’re in the market for a new skincare regime, why not checkout these organic beauty stores? 

Coconut Matter

Coconut Matter is a local skincare brand founded in 2015 that works in parallel with ethical beauty standards and promoting a more sustainable living through its zero-waste packaging. Every product is made with 100% natural ingredients involving handmade processes in every step. It follows the COSMOS®-standard, an international standard for organic and natural cosmetics, as the guiding principle for selection of each ingredient. So you know for sure how safe and clean the Coconut Matter products are on your skin.

Coconut Matter’s most spoke about product has got to be the HERO Natural Deodorant (HK$142). It’s made with up to 19 plant and mineral ingredients as well as essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary to freshen up your day.

Their Smooch Coloured Lip Balm (HK$119/HK$142) made with natural emollients with a sheer tinted finish is also a product worth mentioning for soft pouty lips!


If you’re looking for natural organic home remedy, einnoc is the way to go! einnoc’s brand ethos revolves around holistic well-being – that includes ourselves and the sustainability of the world. Without synthetic chemicals, einnoc proves abundant natural and unrefined ingredients that are certified organic, wild crafted or organically grown. The best part of einnoc is that you can pronounce all the ingredients (that’s how you know it’s not processed).

From shampoo bars to Coughs n’ Colds essential oil roller, you’ll find organic and natural products that you never even knew you needed! The most eye-catching product for us is the Basic Soap Bar (HK$85). An all-in-one soap bar containing just the core ingredient of organic olive oil, coconut oil, oatmeal, grapefruit & eucalyptus essential oils. That’s it!


Founded by former finance executive Emily Chang, she started Beautegrity with the aim of making natural and organic beauty products more accessible. And that she did. Beautegrity is a one-stop online e-commerce where you can find authentic affordable and natural skincare products from different brands for all different types of skin and age. 

You can rest assure that every ingredient is of the highest quality and minimal amount of chemicals. From bath & body to baby care, you can expect to find some pretty amazing products for all aspects of lifestyle to vitalize your skin. The sites best-selling items include Little Miracle Rosehip Serum by The Balm Balm (HK$170) made with 100% organic rosehip and Greenvines’ Reviralizing Shampoo (HK$150).

Pure Earth

Pure Earth is a luxurious artisanal skincare and wellness brands founded in 2012. Inspired by the philosophy of Ayurveda, Pure Earth draws attention to the codified system of plant and mineral based healing in creating ethical skincare. Most of the ingredients used are sourced responsibly at high altitude of the Himalayas. Each and every of their products are wild harvested, ecological, organic, vegan and cruelty-free.

As impressive as that sounds, we are also obsessed with their minimalistic black packaging with gold accent lettering. Their award-winning Mandarin Body Butter (HK$775) is infused with mandarin, Himalayan wild cedar wood, frankincense in cold pressed bitter apricot and precious oils. If that doesn’t change your body care regime, we don’t know what will anymore! 

Bathe to Basics

We can’t talk about Organic beauty products without mentioning Bathe to Basics. Bathe to Basics is a premium handmade organic skincare, bath and beauty brand based in Hong Kong. Retaining traditional values of organic and eco-friendly, many ride or die fans define it as beneficial and effective. It is made with nature’s best ingredients after all!

With the colder weather, the winter breeze can really dry out our skin, making our makeup flake or give you that uncomfortable stretching feeling. A fall must have from Bathe to Basics is the Basic Facial Oil – Oil Balancing (HK$328 ). A common misconception of oily and acne prone skin is that it is protected from dehydration, but if you’ve done your research you’d know that’s not always the case. Formulated with natural oils, the Basic Facial Oil offers balanced to both combination and oily skin. 

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