Ways to Maintain Brows on Fleek at Home

Veronica Yoo
14 August, 2020

Brows has taken the internet by storm since the saying “Eyebrows on fleek” began trending in 2017. Since then the beauty industry has kept us on our toes through introducing and updating the newest and trendiest way to maintain our brows. While we all know the horrors of the early 2000’s when skinny eyeliners were trending, we look back now and embrace the full, voluminous brows we have now. Despite not being short on ways we can style our brows- one things for sure, don’t overdo it! 

Exemplified by the plethora of makeup and beauty choices for eyebrows, it goes without saying that brows are one of the hardest to master as they frame our face and creates the base of our expression. In addition to that, the market for brows is so big we often get caught up in if we need to do it all. To save you the fuss and your wallet, we give you tips on how you can shape, style and color your brows.

Shaping your Brows

We often try to dive in headfirst with how we are going to shape our brows but before you do so, you may want to take some time to map your brows. Brow mapping is a simple process in identifying the three key points of your brow. From the start of the brow to the highest arch to the end. Once you know what shape you want use a brow pencil to mark where you want these areas to hold before snipping away.

Start by brushing through your brows using a spoolie (Yes, that’s what those spiral things are called) in the direction of hair growth. Trim excessively long hair that are outside of the brow map using a brow scissor. This is when things may get a bit confusing. While the methods of shaping brows are many, the most common three are tweezing, threading and waxing. 

While different methods have its own merits, one method is not fit for all brows. Tweezing is one of the most used technique among the three as it is convenient and easy as you have the most control. The results will give you defined brows for a clean look. Waxing is often used at boutiques as they require the most skill and practice but you can purchase facial wax online to master a new skill! Threading on the other hand is an easy and affordable way to remove the finest of hair strand and is recommended for those who prefer a natural look.

Beauty is pain but it doesn’t have to be with a few tricks. To avoid pain from plucking, tweeze your eyebrows in the morning and massage the area with ice before doing so to numb the area. If you’re feeling the burn after threading or waxing, apply layers of aloe gel to cool the redness.


If you’ve never heard of brow lamination, don’t be alarmed. While they have been all over Instagram, they are a fairly new treatment for your brows and many spas have yet to step on the brow lamination band wagon. Brow lamination is essentially a perm for your eyebrows (like lash lifts for your brows!). They help set the shape of your brows to be brushed up and lifted and lasts a few weeks.

Because they are relatively new to the market, you may find that many of your boutiques do not offer this service. But fear not as there are ways you can sculpt your brows without hitting up your local boutique. While most kits come with everything you need some tips are to apply Vaseline around the area of your brows so you can easily wipe away any perm solution if it gets stuck on your skin. While they are not always necessary, they will help you achieve fierce and bold Cara Delavigne brows.


Brow coloring may be something foreign if you have natural colored hair or have never dyed your hair before. A big hair malfunction we see too often is when the color of your hair and brows do not match. Even if you don’t have colored hair you may opt to tint your hair to create an illusion of volume using shadow and light play. Not only that but it can also make your brows look thicker and darker, achieving your inner Lily Collins eyebrow.

While it may seem intimidating at first, DIY brow tinting at home has been on the rise for not creating a fuss but also not breaking banks at your beauty salon. Note that like brow lamination, the results are semi-permanent. So you want to make sure you have surely mapped your brows well and the surface you are working with is clean and without debris.

If tinting brows is too much of a commitment for you, makeup brands have got your back. We are no stranger to brow pencils and clear eyebrow gels as our go-to in our makeup routine, you can also purchase tinted brow gels to for a two-in-one effect. You can play around with colors while keeping your brows in place.

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