Where to Spray your Perfume for the Occasion

Sherry Lee
7 July, 2020

We all seek for the right scents that describe who we are or for specific occasions. Other than ensuring we smell fresh throughout the day, perfumes help boost our confidence and enhance the mood, transforming us into a walking aromatherapy. What about where to apply the fragrance? Spraying perfume on certain spots on our bodies can be a way of non-verbal communication, much like hand gestures and facial expressions. Depending on where the scent is, we can exchange messages subtly with just a sniff with our noses. So what specific implications do each part of our bodies convey?

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

To Socialize

When we talk, we tend to make elaborate hand gestures without thinking, especially when excited. To take advantage of that, we can apply perfume on our the inside of our elbows and wrists to help spread the scent as we gesticulate. The pulse points behind our ears are also an area for communication because the scent would circulate around the head. So as we lean towards other people while we converse, they would subconsciously focus on the scent, and in turn, focus on our eye contact and the topic we are conversing on.

Photo by Gabriela Vinca on Unsplash

These spots are also known as the best pulse points for our perfumes to last longer because of the warmth from our blood pumping near the skin’s surface. So if we’re out meeting new people or even just friends, you can show off your personality with the scent of your choice.

To Attract

What if we want to take it one step further with the person we’re meeting? Then, we’ll have to move the scent just a little lower from our heads to the back of our neck, collarbone, and chest. Not only would the scent be focused on our sexiest spots, but it would make flirting so much easier. Who wouldn’t want to lean in closer and inhale deeply when you smell so sweet?

Photo by Lena Kudryavtseva on Unsplash

And if the day ends well with a hug or a kiss, it would definitely add points to the experience, and create a much more lasting memory of the day. It would also cause scent triggered hormones, also known as pheromones, to stimulate desire and arousal. The sense of smell is both highly emotive and closely linked with memory. With the right scent at the right place, you’ll definitely set up the best recollection of who you are with your potential partner or even current lover.

To Keep In Check

If you are going to be in an event where it is heavily populated, but also most likely packed with different scents, the area on your body mentioned above would definitely make you an involuntary participant of the fragrance war. To prevent that, spraying perfume at your abdominal area and the back of your knees will be able to keep your scent to yourself and not discourage others when on a more crowded occasion.

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It might sound a little odd, but the best area for longer lasting scent in your abdominal area is your belly button. As mentioned before, perfume lasts longer where body heat emanates the strongest, and there’s no other place warmer in your abdominal area than your belly button. If you were going to a ceremony, a party, the movies, or any place with a large gathering, one way for people to focus on only you amongst so many smells is to have your own scent pop out with your physical being instead of it being mixed by other odors in the air.

The Choice is Yours

Photo by Sophie Shui on Unsplash

In the end, your fragrance defines your individuality. The aroma does react with your body chemistry after all. Therefore, how and where you apply it is also a way of showing off who you are. There are no limitations to what you can do with your fragrance. I know of people who spray it on their feet, believing the scent would rise up their bodies as they go about their days. There are also people who just douse their closets with their perfume for the fabric to soak up the scent to make things easier. Just keep these tips in mind, because you never know when you need them.