Check out these Alternative Online Grocery Delivery Sites

Veronica Yoo
13 February, 2021

Now that cooking at home has become the new dining out, you may be experiencing a creative block when it comes to your meals. If you find yourself reaching for the same recipe repeatedly, check out these alternative online grocery stores to give your pantry a new creative makeover that will surely make your tastebuds happy too!

From Korean barbecue meats to an Italian themed feast homemade in the comfort of your own home, these delivery sites will bring all of the world’s destination to your doorstep. Including the necessities and staples of course!


If you’re caught up in everything Korean – from food to makeup to even fashion, you have to checkout UGOMALL. A one-stop mall for all things Korean from a range of lifestyle categories such as beauty, fashion, homeware and of course food! UGOMALL can bring you the truest of Korean flavors in a jiffy with their rocket delivery service for which you can enjoy same day deliver for all orders placed before noon. 

UGOMALL has collaborated with some of Hong Kong’s favorite Korean restaurants such as Sorabol in creating convenient meal kits for you to enjoy at home. We hear the Premium Korean Beef Menu is a hit amongst locals and Koreans – a convenient means to host a Korean BBQ night with some Bulgogi and Short Ribs. Yum!

The Italian Club

Everyone loves Italian cuisine, but the ingredients may set apart the taste from home cooked meals to an elevated restaurant grade dish. The Italian Club was founded in 2018 to allow the people of Hong Kong to “Enjoy the Best of Italy” at a reasonable and affordable price. What started off as an Italian diner, it has since added The Italian Supermarket, which offers Italian groceries and cooked food delivered to your home, as well as Buy From Italy, which was launched this year allowing customers to purchase items directly from artisanal suppliers in Italy.

With seasonal updates to both their menu and grocery selection and a wide variety of artisanal suppliers, The Italian Club is here to deliver the best of Italian food and drink, as well as expertly crafted goods ranging from everyday essentials to high fashion right to your order with a minimum order of only HK$188.


If you are looking to become a more conscious shopper (which we all should), Slowood is giving us a choice to go green when looking for our daily basic needs. Inspired by zero-waste concepts in New Zealand, the founders bring the inspiration to Hong Kong to provide range of eco-alternatives at stores.

If you can’t bring your own container to Slowood’s three physical stores in person, their online grocery store is always an option. From organic grocery used to cook everyday meals to sustainable lifestyle products such as bamboo toothbrushes, Slowood will leave you feeling like you’re making a difference both inside and out.

Farmer’s Market

If meats, fish, poultry is a main course placed on the dining table every night, do check out Farmer’s Market. Bringing you premium, fresh and traceable meats Farmer’s Market is like your own personal butcher. All produce is imported from Australia bringing you all sorts of cuts and meats including duck, barramundi, prawns, salmon and much more!

Farmer’s market is confident your meat has been naturally farmed without hormones and/or antibiotics, bringing quality meat to your table. With all orders above HK$600 or more, you can enjoy free shipping in all of Hong Kong! Following Hong Kong’s success Farmer’s Market has opened in Singapore as well!

My Market

French cuisine is notorious for its sophisticated cooking techniques that many struggle to recreate the flavors at home. But with the right ingredients, you may be able to pull off the perfect Coq Au Vin that will impress any guests. My Market is an online shop offering 100% French products that you may have difficulties getting your hands on at local supermarkets.

In partnership with nearly 80 brands, My Market provides more than 400 products ranging from frozen meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, cold cuts, dairy products, snacks, desserts, beverages, baby food…and yet more to come! My Market carefully selects responsible and sustainable brands so you can ensure great quality, freshness and taste!

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