How reading your Birth Chart can make you more self aware

Cherry Chan
18 February, 2021

Whether you occasionally read up on your horoscope or if you secretly check if you and that special someone are compatible or not; we can’t deny that astrology is always fun to casually read up on. However, did you know that you can go even further and read into your own birth chart to understand more about yourself and certain things that you do or think but just can’t seem to explain?

What is a birth chart?

A birth chart is a representation of the positions of the Sun, Moon and the other planets during your exact time of birth. While this may not sound like it’s related to you, your birth chart can reveal your strengths and weaknesses, your personality and things that you need to look out for. To get your birth chart reading, all you need are three simple pieces of information; your location of birth, date of birth and the exact time of birth. If you don’t know the exact time of birth, try to make a close estimate to the hour of birth or put in 12:00 noon. However, keep in mind that some of your results may not be accurate.

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What’s in your birth chart?

As previously mentioned, your birth chart is made up of the positions of the planets and where they were in the solar system at the time that you were born. A birth chart is not only made up of the planets that represent how the forces act, but also the signs that represent how the planets act and your houses that represent which areas of your life that are affected.

You might think that your horoscope sign is the one that’s determined by your birthday, however that’s just only the tip of the iceberg. Your sign that you already know is your sun sign, which represents your ego, sense of self, basic personality and how you are as a person. Your sun sign makes up one third of your ‘big three’, the other two are your moon sign which represents your inner spirit, emotions, and what makes you feel secure; and your rising sign which represents how other people perceive you.

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You also have the inner planets which are Mercury representing logic and rationality, Venus representing your love life and Mars representing your actions and energy. The inner planets in addition to the sun and moon impact your personality and daily experiences. Finally, you have your outer planets Jupiter representing fortune and luck, Saturn representing self discipline, Uranus representing change and innovation, Neptune represents your dreams and Pluto represents power and transformation. The outer planets represent large experiences shared by generations, since these planets move at a much slower speed.

Each birth chart is split up into twelve equal sections, each section is referred to as a ‘house’ and they each represent a specific part of your life. The 1st to 6th houses represent things like everyday activities, material items like money, your home, possessions and routines; whereas your 7th to 12th houses represent things like your philosophy, legacy, psychic abilities, relationships.

What can your birth chart tell you about yourself?

It might sound like we’ve just thrown loads of information at you, but trust us, it’ll all make sense. In order to understand how this all works, all you have to do is remember this: a planet combined with a specific sign within a specific house in your chart will give you a result that’s specific to you. Each sign has their own qualities that are unique to them and each planet also symbolises a different emotion or trait about yourself. So, wherever the planets were aligned in relation to the constellation of the signs during your time of birth will determine which house they’re in and how you might behave or react to situations.

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To give an example, let’s say someone has their Venus in Aries and its in their sixth house. Venus determines how you love and an Aries Venus means that that person may be impulsive and enthusiastic when it comes to romance. With their Venus in Aries being in the sixth house which rules over schedules and organisation, it means that their idea of love could be expressed through routines.

Like mentioned before, the combination of a sign and a specific planet in a particular house can let you know so much about yourself. Some people may have planets in various signs in their birth charts, whereas some people might not have much variation in their planets and signs. Regardless if you’re just trying to understand your birth chart or become fully knowledgeable about your chart, take time to study and really pick at your birth chart. The more you read and understand what each of your placements mean, the more you’ll be able to see them reflected through yourself and how you apply your knowledge in your daily life.

Is reading a birth chart only beneficial for you?

Even though reading your birth chart can be great to understand more about yourself and give you a sense of direction whenever you feel unsure; reading your partner’s birth chart if you’re in a relationship or transitioning into marriage can help you understand things about your partner that may help explain more so that you can understand each other far better.

Where can you get a birth chart reading?

There are plenty of websites on the internet that provide you with free birth chart readings, just simply search up ‘birth chart reading’ and pick and choose from the multiple websites available. Aside from providing you with your birth chart, these websites will give you in depth explanations for each planet in your chart and what they mean in relation to you.

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Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to wrap your head around everything that we’ve just mentioned, there are loads of astrology based websites and apps out there that will give you detailed explanations of everything that you need to know to get a full understanding. So, if you ever need a recap on what a certain planet or house means, don’t hesitate to look for guidance!

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