Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Every Budget

Veronica Yoo
23 November, 2020

We all love Christmas and going Christmas gift shopping even more so, but with arranging Secret Santa with different social circles like your family and colleagues not to mention your neighbours, your workout family and your friends. It can be difficult to decline participating without sounding like Scrooge.

As joyful as it is, when you’re buying that many gifts for that many people, the bill can really pile up. To help relieve the aftershock of seeing your credit card bill after a full day of Christmas shopping, we list Secret Santa gift ideas for every budget that we guarantee anyone would love to receive (we know we sure would!).  

Gifts worth HK$100 and under

Ginger Bread House Cookie Cutter Set HK$80

Every child’s dream is to build a Gingerbread house from scratch… or was that just us? Regardless, this gift will bring families together to create a festive holiday treat. If you want to spice things up, arrange the gift as a hamper alongside some candies and cookies for decorations! (We promise the best auntie award will go to you!)

Hazel & Hershey Coffee Beans HK$98 and Up

We all know a coffee addict in our life. Since we can’t take them to travel across the world, instead take them on a gustatory journey with Hazel & Hershey’s coffee beans with a plethora of choices ranging from beans harvested in Africa to South America!

Gifts worth HK$200 and under

Lululemon Power Stride Tab Sock HK$120

You might be wondering, why socks? You might also be thinking HK$120 for a pair of socks sound ridiculous. But these can’t be more different than the $20 ones you get at street vendors. The Power Stride Tab sock feature a patented PerformaHeel design to provide stretch and integrated micro-cushioning making it the perfect gift for any gym goer.

Lomography Simple Use Film Camera HK$168

Whoever said film cameras and polaroid’s are outdated, we refuse to believe it! There’s something nostalgic about having to wait hours to get your photos developed and seeing the final picture. With ombre corners and grainy filter, it’s the perfect way to capture the Christmas memories while on the go. Pair the gift with reloadable films to make your Secret Santa gift even more memorable!

Gifts worth HK$300 and under

Francfranc Salli Heart Frame HK$250

If you’re looking for a gift with a bit more sentimental value. A beautiful photo frame may be the right number for you. Perfect for your significant other, best friend or your parents it’s a great way to treasure the precious memories and show them that you are thinking of them every day.

Flo Diffuser HK$280

It’s sad to say, Covid is here to stay during Christmas. So why not make your loved one’s mask experience a lot more pleasant using aromatherapy? With Flo Diffusers, you can simply drop your favourite essential oil onto the stone in the FLO Diffuser, clip on your mask and enjoy the freshness all day long.

Gifts worth HK$400 and under

Lush Merry Christmas Gift Box HK$375

Children, adults, elders, everyone loves a good bath. The first thing that comes to our mind when we think bath is no other than Lush. Lush rolls out perfectly wrapped Christmas gift collection for every budget every year. But if you’re looking for something under HK$400 we recommend ‘Merry Christmas’ gift box starring four Christmas favorites!

APM Collection Fun Crazy Love HK$400

Everyone loves a good piece of dainty jewellery, even better if its customised. We are obsessed with the APM collections personalised earrings that come with a letter of your choice alongside a fun asymmetric earring for a fashionable look.

Gifts worth $500 and above

Le Creuset Ion Handle Skillet HK$538

For every foodie, a good iron skillet is a must. An iron skillet makes the perfect gift as it isn’t a necessity in the kitchen so you wouldn’t particularly buy it for yourself. Splurge on a good iron skillet for your loved one and it’ll last for many years to come! With an excellent heat distribution it’s the perfect utensil to make a warm skillet cookie or a smores dip!

Acne Studio Fringed Wool Scarf HK$1500

The price range for this gift is a bit up there compared to our other recommendation, but if you’re looking for a timeless fashion piece that anyone can pull off, a quality scarf is the way to go. You can opt for a less pricey option but we believe Acnes studio’s quality justifies the price and the smile of your friend.

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