Where we’re getting our Mooncakes this year

Nana Team
22 August, 2021

It’s finally the season that marks the first of all the festivities to come this year and we’re talking no other than Mid-Autumn Festival. Whether you’re having a family dinner around the table or hosting a potluck dinner for your friends, mooncakes are a staple of Mid-Autumn Festival that cannot go unignored.

Traditional mooncakes are filled with red bean or white lotus paste and the most looked forward to salted egg yolk center. This year we’re witnessing new and creative flavours of mooncakes that will definitely be on our grocery list this Mid-autumn. To give you a sneak peak, we list five of our top picks including ones you probably haven’t see in our list last year!

The House Collective

The House Collective is introducing its first mooncakes that are not only pleasing to the eyes and taste buds but are also sustainable. Packaged beautifully in an eco-friendly wooden box, after consuming their delights, the box continues to serve a new purpose.  Upcycle the box for stationary, keepsakes, accessories and more! Let’s not steal the limelight of the mooncakes, The House Collective introduces four incredible flavours including egg custard, Maltitol White Lotus Seed Paste, Red Bean Paste with Mandarin Peel and an assorted Nuts Mooncake with Dried figs.

Dominique Ansel

Flying is out of the picture for a while here in Hong Kong, especially with the recent government announcement on extending quarantine. Sulk no more as Dominique Ansel is ready to take you on a trip to New York where Dominique Ansel Bakery was born. This artisan mooncake mimics a snow globe that light up the New York sky showing the magnificent silhouette of signature architectures and icons. Each gift box features 6 mooncakes including 3 Earl Grey Custard mooncakes and 3 Original Custard mooncakes.

Royal Caviar Club

After the success of Hong Kong’s first savoury caviar mooncake last year, Royal Caviar Club continues this lavish trend to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival this year. A first-of-its-kind luxury interpretation of the traditional Mid-Autumn pastry, the exclusive caviar mooncakes are created in limited batches in collaboration with Master Patissier, Gael Majchrzak. This year’s Royal Caviar Club mooncakes feature snow skin filled with premium Imperial Ossetra caviar paired with either cream cheese filling or fresh Madagascan vanilla filling.


Rosewood’s ‘Love Parcel from the Moon’ Mooncake gift set is an elevated version of the classic mooncake we know and love. Crafted from Chinese Execute Chef Li Chi-Wai from The Legacy House, Chef Li Chi-Wai offers five mooncake flavours from traditional tastes like the white Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg to creative variations like Jasmine Egg Custard. Not only do they taste rich and indulgent, the gift box is eco-friendly, made of 100% recycled paper but also, very modern chic.

The Cakery

This year, The Cakery presents four colourful and creative mooncakes that are not only vegan but also gluten-free and containing no artificial food coloring. A single mooncake can pack on the pounds, but The Cakery’s more conscious mooncake choice packs chock full of nutritional benefits while not compromising the taste. Their four decadent flavors presented in this year’s moon cake are Black Sesame Lava, Mango Bean Paste lave, Jasmine Raspberry and Taro Bean Paste.

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