Songs to make you feel like a #girlboss

Cherry Chan
2 March, 2021

International Woman’s Day is just around the corner; while we’re counting down the days till the 8th of March to celebrate all that women have done and achieved, we’ve created a list of songs by these female artists that are sure to make you feel empowered and powerful whenever you listen to them!

Lizzo – Juice

Lizzo’s popularity has been sky-rocketing and its not hard to see why! Her bright and fun energy is infectious and you can’t help but have a massive smile whenever you listen to any of Lizzo’s songs; with most of her songs being based around self-love and positivity, Juice is a funky upbeat song that embodies letting go of yourself and having a great time.

Doja Cat – Boss Bit*h

Coming from the ‘Birds of Prey’ movie soundtrack is Boss Bit*h by Doja Cat and much like the title of the song, Boss Bit*h is a song embraces being different from perfect but being a total badass and owning your confidence. With it’s powerful baseline and catchy chorus, Boss Bit*h is sure to make you feel powerful as you listen to it.

Chaka Khan – I’m Every Woman

Let’s take it back to the 70’s with Chaka Khan’s iconic song ‘I’m Every Woman’! The song is full of feminine energy and being able to be every kind of woman, giving you magical powers to do things that others can’t. With Chaka’s mesmerising and extraordinary vocals, you won’t be able to resist singing along to I’m Every Woman and feeling phenomenal.

Beyonce – Flawless

The idea of feminism was never that prominent in music but after Flawless by Beyonce came out, the song pushed feminism back into the mainstream media. Flawless also features a monologue from famous Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TEDX talk ‘We Should All Be Feminists’, delivering a passionate speech about double standards that young girls have to face. With the repetition of being flawless no matter the situation, Beyonce’s Flawless will definitely give you a extra boost of confidence!

Ariana Grande – God is a Woman

Channel your inner goddess with God is a Woman by Ariana Grande, the track is sultry and seductive but also is about female dominance and liberation. With the song’s lyrics being heavily based around divine energy and succumbing to the power of a woman, Ariana’s lyrics in God is a Woman will definitely make you feel like you feel strong yet sexy.

TLC – No Scrubs

What better way to end this list with another iconic throwback song? TLC’s No Scrubs is one of the most iconic girl power anthems that has not lost its popularity over time. Even though the term may be out of date, a ‘scrub’ or someone who hasn’t got their life together are definitely still out there and TLC explains why ‘scrubs’ don’t deserve their attention. If you’ve had enough of people wasting your time in relationships, then blast No Scrubs to remind people who’s boss.

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