Finding the most Flattering Bangs for your Face Shape

Veronica Yoo
31 March, 2021

So, you want to change your hair. Especially with Spring approaching, you might be feeling a need for a new look. Changing your style can be scary and a daring move especially when it’s one you’ve never experimented before. But oftentimes than not, they turn out better than we’ve feared. To embrace the lightness of the air and the gorgeous sun shining why not change up your bangs for the perfect spring look. Bangs are a great fun way to change up your hairstyle – not only are there a plethora of ways to switch it up by playing with the length and style, an added bonus is that they bring out a more youthful look to your appearance. Whether you’re looking for a drastic change or a low commitment hairstyle, we list the different types of bangs that would bring out your best facial features.

Round face shape: Side Bangs

If you have a round face shape, your first initial thought may be that bangs are a no-go. If done wrong, they can highlight the curves of your face making it appear rounder and bigger. It’s important to create angles to the face which can be achieved by side bangs. Side bangs, or also commonly known as curtain bangs is a short, layered cut that tapers in the center. The differences of layers between the bang will help create angles to your look to elongate the jawline and giving more definition to your cheekbones. Experiment with the length of your side bangs to achieve your desired look!

Rectangle face shape: See-through Bangs

If you have a long face shape with soft angles that emphasizes your jaw and forehead you have a square face. Getting bangs for this face shape is most flattering (in our opinion) as the bangs will help proportion your face by reducing the surface area of the amount of skin exposed. Having a full coverage bangs may make your face appear stuffy so opt for a see-through bang which will partially expose your forehead. This can also help soften the angular features of your face by creating a gentler aura to your overall look.

Heart-shaped face: Straight across Bangs

With heart-shaped faces – one that is characterized by narrower features as we go down the face from forehead to chin. when it comes to cutting bangs, it’s important to be mindful of the length. Having bags that are too long will make your face appear shorter while having it too long will make your face appear disproportionate. For the perfect straight across bangs, have your hair fall either at your brow line or slightly above it. It will help draw attention to the central features of your face such as your eyes and nose making for an overall balance to the face.

Diamond face shape: Side-swept Bangs

If you have a diamond face shape, you have narrow forehead and chin but wide cheekbones. The diamond face shape is very feminine and elegant and differentiates itself to the oval face with strong emphasis on the jaw line and cheekbones. While you aren’t limited to any particular style of bang, you might find the side-swept bangs most flattering. The side-swept bangs can add volume to your face while emphasizing the cheekbones to create a softer look – similar to an oval face shape. You can experiment with this style using volumizing hair products to give your look a bit more oomph!

Oval face shape: The world is your oyster!

If you have an oval face shape – you are blessed by the fashion God. Like we mentioned in our, sunglasses according to face shape article, the oval shape is picked as the most ideal face shape. The reason being, it offers so much versatility in style as your face is already in proportionate to your central features. When you have an oval face shape and looking to go bold, it’s a great time to take that chance! Go for a chirpy bang if you’re looking to look designer chic or even a straight-across bang to bring out your most youthful glow.

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