5 Sunscreens for Asian Skin

Chloe Tong
28 April, 2020

Trying out and choosing the right sunscreen always ends up more frustrating than fun. Whether the sunscreen is too oily, or has a white cast that sets a weird sheen on your face, it’s really hard to find the one. And while it would be the dream if we can forgo sunscreen altogether, UV rays causes irreparable damage and premature ageing to our skin. So yeah, sunscreen is really important and should be an integral part to our morning skincare. 

On that note, we’re here to (hopefully) make the selection process a bit less painful. We’ve hunted down 5 sunscreens that actually work for Asian skin, so you can find your perfect fit!

ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen (SPF 50+ PA++++)

This popularity of ANESSA’s sunscreen is almost unmatched in Asia with its relaunched formula. It uses the technology ‘Aqua Booster Ex’, meaning that it’s super water and sweat resistant. Yay for all of us who sweat our faces off during hot and sunny weather. Aside from how well it works as a sunscreen (SPF 50+ is the highest you can go, fyi), we like how this sunscreen comes in three different finishes: milk, gel and spray (great for body application!). All versions leave no white cast and leaves your skin dewy but matte enough to put on underneath makeup. Overall, a good choice to invest in!

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen (SPF 40)

This Unseen Sunscreen definitely lives up to its name! Unlike most sunscreens, this product comes out as a clear gel instead of a white cream or emulsion! So again, no white cast guaranteed! This sunscreen has ingredients to protect us from blue light aka the light emitted from our gadget screens, so we think this is perfect for ladies who are on our phones and computers all day (think that’s most of us haha). This product also controls shine and acts as a great primer. If you put on makeup every day, this sunscreen is the product to go for. A blue light blocking sunscreen that’s also a great primer, what’s not to love?

Laneige Watery Sun Cream (SPF 50+ PA++++)

Laneige’s Watery Sun Cream is a pick for those who have dry skin! We think this is especially good for wintry days when our skin tends to be drier. If you have that weird Asian skin type where your skin (especially, the T-zone) is so dry it gets oily on its own, this product might be the perfect fit for you. This sunscreen has the texture of your normal cream moisturiser, so some actually use it as a day cream. It has no white cast and it’s also sweat and water resistant. While it is a more moisturising sunscreen, it’s still light and it won’t make your skin greasy, so you can still apply makeup on top of it without worry!

Papa Recipe Honey Moist Sun Essence (SPF 50+ PA+++)

If you don’t like milky or creamy sunscreens, then you have to try this out. Papa Recipe markets this as not a sunscreen, but a ‘Sun Essence’. The consistency of this sun essence is super light – it’s the lightest out of all of our picks! It’s more like a translucent gel, so yes, it does not leave a white cast. Another amazing thing about this essence is how quickly it absorbs into your skin, moisturising but not greasy at all. Those with acne-prone skin, look no further! This sun essence will not cause any breakouts, so use it with ease. The scent is great and with such a cute bottle and worry free application, this sun essence will definitely motivate those of us who are a bit lazy to put on sunscreen everyday!

Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Sunscreen (SPF 50+ PA+++)

This is probably the most affordable pick when we were on the search for these sunscreens! This Aqua Rich Sunscreen comes in both ‘Essence’ and ‘Gel’ forms, and it has recently added a ‘Micro Defense’ technology with its relaunch. This means that the sunscreen will fill into all of the crevices on our skin to ensure that it is well and truly veiled and protected from UV rays. Even if the product comes out milky coloured, don’t worry, it won’t leave a white cast. It’s especially great for ladies sensitive skin, as this is hypoallergenic and will not cause breakouts. This sunscreen does not feel greasy and doesn’t pile up, so it will lay comfortably underneath makeup. The bottle is also convenient to carry around, so it’s great for reapplication throughout the day!

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