I tried Lash Extensions for the first time and this is what happened

Nana Team
17 April, 2021

I’m sure we all know a relative, a friend, a teacher or whoever it may be that has gotten eyelash extensions. From our personal experiences, vicariously learning through those who got their lashes done, it seems that once you get lash extensions there’s no going back. While I can only vaguely remember what my friends’ eyelashes looked like pre-extensions if they’re going back for more it must mean the hype is worth it.

I had the opportunity to visit Lyla Lash Bar in Central to get my eyelashes done for the first time and let’s just say I will be coming back for more!


Lyla Lash Bar is a stylish lash bar located in Central. When I arrived, I was checked in by the staff where I had signed some forms and it was time to view my options. The founder of Lyla Lash, Leona Lam was kind enough to personally walk me through all of the lash design options. I never knew there were so many variations to lash designs. I thought everyone got universal designs and lengths, but I was pleasantly surprised at the bespoke experience of it all. Upon consultation, I had the option to choose the length, thickness, curl shape and design of the lashes.

For a complete newbie like me, I had no idea what the different thickness would look like or what differentiates a C curl from a J curl but the staff recommended me choices based on my preferred lash look. They also showed me photos of examples as well as physical models of the lashes so I could see and feel what they would look like. After around 15 minutes of consultation, I was ready to close my eyes and be beautified.


One thing I must note before going on about the procedure is that the reclining chair that I sat in during the procedure was the most comfortable chair I’ve sat on. I write this now because the procedure was just under an hour long and there isn’t a chair that I would want to sit on for an hour while getting my lashes did other than this one.

The procedure was very straightforward. While my eyes were closed the lash stylist lifted my eyelids just a little using surgical tape so she could see the roots of my lashes clearly. Then she cleaned my lashes using a simple solution and some cotton buds and we were ready to go. The procedure involved tweezing out a single synthetic lash, dipping the lash into an adhesive and carefully applying it to the roots of the eyelash. This process is repeated until the desired look is completed.

During the whole procedure, I felt no pain or itchiness at all. I could feel the movement of the tweezers but the impact on the skin was so minimal that I ended up dozing off to sleep. And before I knew it, it was done!


When the last strip of surgical tape was lifted off my eyelids and I stared at my reflection in the hand-held mirror, not to sound egotistic but my eyes looked amazing. They made my eyes look twice as bigger than before I came in! (Just to note, those lashes on the photo are above are mine!) I thought my lashes would feel heavy, but I could barely notice they were there. But then comes the not-so-fun part. I was told to refrain from getting my lashes wet for 48 hours as it may reduce the effect of the adhesive of the lash glue. I was also reminded that I would have to brush my lashes using a spoolie on the daily to prevent tangling the eyelashes. But to my ears, this all sounded like nothing – especially when you have lashes like these.


I’m currently in my second week since getting eyelash extensions, and they’ve been holding up pretty well. I was expecting patches of gaps across my eyelid but while a lot of the extensions did fall, I was pleasantly surprised to see that even if they did fall, it all looked – in a way – put together. It also felt good that people were actually noticing my eyelashes! I remember this one time I was Facetiming my sister in the middle of the night and she’d asked me why I still had my makeup on at 2 a.m., granted by that time my face was already freshly clean and washed!

I think eyelash extensions are definitely worth the hype although I can also understand that they may not be the friendliest to your wallet and maintenance might be more than what you’ve bargained for. But honestly, now that I got my eyelashes done, I don’t think there’s a going back. I love the way they look, and I feel so comfortable and confident leaving the house without any makeup. What can I say? My hands are tied.

Lyla Lash Bar; 14/F, C Wisdom Centre, 37 Hollywood Road, Central; info@lylalash.com; +852 2564 7721