Online Dessert Shops you should Try in Hong Kong

Veronica Yoo
26 March, 2021

What better way to end your meal than with a satisfying sweet indulgence. Without a doubt, ever since Covid hit, Hong Kong (and the world!) has been keenly interested in baking and baked goods. To the point we’ve experienced shelves containing baking necessities like flour hollowed out and empty! We’ve seen food trends that come and go like the Dalgona coffee or baking your own sourdough from scratch, but there are some recipes that are here to stay. From the classic chocolate chip cookie to cakes to doughnuts, we can’t seem to get enough, especially on our Instagram feed. We list out some of Hong Kong’s online dessert shops that have caught our eye, one’s you should definitely try out to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Cookies stores took Hong Kong by a storm last year around and if anything, 2021 has proven that cookies are here to stay. With innovative flavors such as incorporating signature Asian ingredients to truly indulgent surprises, there’s no wonder Hong Kongers are obsessed with cookies. But if you’re looking for a more classic cookie, do check out Dougheyes chocolate chip cookies! What’s more, they’re 100% dairy-free – perfect for any lactose intolerant cookie lovers. 


If you’re on the hunt for a light but still satisfying dessert, the Pavlova is a great one to indulge without the guilt. If you’re unfamiliar to the pavlova, it is a meringue based dessert that’s crisp on the outside with soft and light inside. At Le Dessert, the Pavlova is topped with a beautiful assortment of seasonal fruits such as berries and figs or even enriched with chocolate for any chocolate lovers out there. Be on the lookout for their pop stores around Hong Kong such as the one in Pacific Place and Harbour City! We hear they’re also introducing their brand new signature cake The Charlotte which you must try out! Charlotte cake is a traditional French dessert favoured by international royalty since the 19th century! Le Dessert’s take brings this beauty of a cake to feature delectable crunchy base, layers of freshly whipped mousse, sponge cake and fresh fruits.

Christys Crumbs

Foodie turned entrepreneur, Christy Wong is probably the go-to person for the perfect cookie knowledge. Christys Crumbs is her latest business venture for the dessert that was matched perfectly in heaven. The Brookie (Brownie + Cookie) showcases the perfect chewy texture of a brownie while maintaining the oh-so-familiar cookie shape. Sold in an iconic white box of dozen or half a dozen cookies – regardless of which you choose, make sure to also try out their smore’s brookie – the ultimate dessert threesome.  

Baking Maniac

If you’re looking to surprise your friends or family with a centrepiece of a cake, check out Baking Maniac. Founded by a mother and son duo, Baking Maniac is passionate about creating art in the form of edible treats. With their extensive portfolio, you can order a cake suitable for all occasions or order a custom design of your own! While you’re at it, do check out their other goodies like cupcakes, brownies, cake pops and more!

Dough by Designs

Doughnuts were once a popular dessert in Hong Kong (Rip Krispy Kreme ~2008), but their popularity is slowly crawling back up. If you’re craving a fluffy treat consider ordering from Dough by Designs. What started as a passion project has now become one of Instagram’s popular dessert space, and we’re not talking just about its aesthetic minimal black and white design but also look at their gorgeous array of doughnuts. From Dark Chocolate Raspberry to the classic Glazed, you won’t be missing Krispy Kreme much once you have these goodies!

Monsoon Bagel

Nothing screams a perfect start to the weekend other than a classic bagel. We don’t know about you but we feel as though there aren’t many bagels specialty stores out here in Hong Kong. So if you’re looking for some fresh out of the oven bagels Monsoon Bagels heard you loud and clear. If you’re debating whether you’re more of a savoury bagel kind of gal or a dessert bagel kind of gal, don’t pick and just get an assortment of flavours! From chocolate to spicy bacon, there’s a pick for all taste buds!

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