Spotlight on Torihachi: Izakaya Reimagined

Nana Team
7 December, 2021

Located on the main street of K11 Atelier King’s Road is ToriHachi, an izakaya like no other. As soon as we heard about the latest opening of a new Japanese Eatery in Quarry Bay, we were quick to jump to the opportunity to try Torihachi’s unique culinary expertise for ourselves. 

ToriHachi is the precocious little sister of T8 Japanese Cuisine, which opened to great acclaim last November. Torihachi offers a space unlike traditional izakaya, with interior that is designed to deliver the right balance of comfort and class. Torihachi, however doesn’t lose the essence of true izakaya fashion with an open kitchen format, L-shaped counters and high seats to set the mood for easy, face-to-face conversations and interactions with the chef.

We started our course with the highly anticipated Tuna Mille-Feuille (HK$108). This seven-layer salad is a must-order, with salmon roe and grapefruit soy sauce topping avocado, scallion mascarpone, spring onion, minced tuna and quinoa. A flavour bomb in your mouth and texturally pleasant too – it’s a dish unlike any other!

Other one-of-a-kind treats followed soon after. The Chicken Skin Lollipop (HK$35) is a charcoal-grilled chicken skin sandwiched together with Hokkaido’s famed Tokachi cheese. The smoky charcoal aroma of the meat was an inviting prelude to the sweet, gooey texture of the cheese.

No Izakaya is without their own rendition of corn tempura. The Sweet Corn Tempura (HK$50) had the perfect balance of tempura batter and juicy corn bits. Sweet and crispy it was an unbeatable choice on the menu. Next was the Tsukune Benedict (HK$48). An inventive rendition of the classic skewered chicken meatball — rich and tender meat served with a sweet and sour Hollandaise sauce that provided a mouth-watering contrast, bite after bite.

The highlight of our meal was Yakitori Don Chicken Skewers with Rice (HK$108) which is offered as a set lunch with a generous amounts of sides. The rice was topped with 3 types of yakitori and green peppers which is to be eaten by mixing the soft boiled egg on the side. When chargrilled flavours met the soft rice, we knew it was the perfect pairing. Sides included a spinach salad, potatoes and to wash it all down a rich clam soup.

To top off our satisfying meal, we tried the Monaka Ice Cream with Foie Gras (HK$108).A gorgeous contemporary monaka with French foie gras ice cream – made in the traditional style and enriched with hazelnuts and homemade cherry jam – at its sweet-with-a-touch-of-savoury heart. It is sandwiched between two thin wafers made from mochi (Japanese rice cake). A truly unique experience, this was a savoury dessert we just cannot forget!

Setting its own rhythm, ToriHachi is refreshingly casual yet full of artisanal touches. Its essence derives from all the senses, not just taste – from the scent of charcoal-grilled food, the view of the open kitchen, the sounds of lively companionship, and a shared love of food and community. Not to mention the amazing flavours and skilled craftsmanship that exudes out of each dish. If you’re looking for an Izakaya experience unlike any other, Torihachi is the place to bring your colleagues, business guest and friends.

Torihachi; Shop G03, K11 Atelier, 728 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong; +852 3563 8532

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