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Nana Team
19 September, 2020

Our adoration of pizza goes back to a sepia-tinged time when Pizza Hut, Shakey’s Pizza and Domino’s Pizza were the only pizza parlours that Hong Kongers wanted to eat at or take-away. Fast-forward a couple of decades and Hong Kong’s pizza scene remains strong and diverse. These days, we’re all for pizzas with slow-fermented crusts crisped in brick ovens and topped with top-notch ingredients.

So here comes a hit with Hong Kongers: The Pizza Project’s second venue in Star Street precinct is brought to life by the masterminds who spearheaded Pici, Chef Andrea Viglione and Davide Borin, the Italian duofamed for their simple recipes yet robust Italian comfort dishes. This contemporary yet cosy spot bags a picturesque backyard and neighbourhood vibes, which inevitably draws in families, the working crowd and gatherings amongst friends – after all, nothing beats a mouth-watering pizza, refreshing drinks list, fun conversations and endless laugher! 

Relive Magical Childhood Moments 

Your experience here is sure to conjure up nostalgic childhood pizza memories – and at wallet-friendly prices too. As you walk through the door, you’ll be greeted by the friendly staff and will be enveloped by the warmth of its lively atmosphere. You’ll immediately spot the team’s genuine effort in creating these impeccably light and crusty pies through their open kitchen concept. 

Treat your Taste buds Right

Our treat here does not, however, begin with a pizza but with their burrata (HKD95) – a fresh Italian cheese, combined with both mozzarella and cream that’s topped with juicy cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves and drizzled with olive oil. Pillowy within, we scooped up these refreshing bites with their house-made bread. 

Next up, came the tuna carpaccio (HKD85) with paper thin sheets of yellowfin tuna. This colourful plate paired the tangy flavours from the capers and orange dressing with the slight nuttiness from the mache salad, along with the sweetness of the tuna. Just like how gnocchi frittos are a much-loved affair in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, wefound equally as hard to resist these fried parcels of dough stuffed with ricotta, served warm with assorted porchetta tonnata, tuna mayo and caperberries (HKD85).

The Ultimate Highlight: The Pizzas

The main event here is, obviously, the pizza! We’ve got to admit that the simplicity of flavours is best enjoyed in their Margherita (HKD70), topped with little else but DOP mozzarella, their utterly scrumptious tomato sauce and fresh basil leaves. We were just as egg-cited for the carbonara pizza (HKD120), which takes inspiration from the Bismarckin Italy as it’s traditionally prepared with cooked ham and one whole egg. At The Pizza Project, the traditional chicken egg has been swapped with a quail egg for two main reasons: because the egg doesn’t run, it is totally Instagram-worthy and it’s irresistibly delicious. 

If you’re looking for that fiery kick, opt for the Nduja (HKD100) which merges the main ingredient, orecchiette, from Pici (its sister restaurant) with the Diavola, the classic Italian spicy salami pizza.If you’re in the mood for a cheesy affair, pick the Gorgonzola (HKD130); we loved the blue cheese and how it was interestingly balanced with sweet and sour red onions and roasted hazelnuts. 

When it comes to their pizza crusts, Chef Andrea Viglione enthusiastically shares, “It took thousands of pizzas before we decided which was our favourite combination and balance of different kinds of flour and percentage of water. Our dough proofs at least 48 hours and it’s 100% by us; caring and checking all the important parameters might vary every day due to temperature and humidity.” 

With the perfect drink & dessert in hand 

As with all Italian meals, your meal at The Pizza Project is incomplete without a drink and dessert. While their tiramisu may look simple, when eaten, it creates an explosion of flavours, something perfect to finish your meal, or perhaps the reason to go in the first place. 

Wash down the meal with their Aperol Spritz – the perfect balance of Aperol, Prosecco and soda, need we say more? Another favourite with pizzas is the three-ingredient masterpiece: the Negroni. Both are available in one-litre pitchers (HKD300), so cheers to that! Others may flirt with a glass (or even a bottle) of wine from their curated list. 

Offerings to Further Sweeten the Deal

While everything is available a la carte, the Tasting Menu option offers parties in multiples of two a good deal, with each couple receiving one starter, one Gnocco Fritto, two pizzas and a dessert for HKD180 per person. Their offerings also extend to gluten-free pizzas – which are spongier (dare we say, marshmallowy?) than their gluten-full cousins, but they’ll hit the spot if you haven’t had a great pizza in a while because you’ve been avoiding gluten. If you feel like loading your pie, there’s always the option of adding extra toppings, with prices starting from HKD20-50. 

Our Verdict

Supple and tender, with just the right amount of chew, and a well-charred cornicione (outer rim), the pizzas here strike a great balance between classic and creative. And of course, the combination of toppings is dazzling, too! 

The Pizza Project Wan Chai; 5 Star Street, G/F, Wan Chai; +852 2577 7227

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