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Veronica Yoo
29 December, 2020

Growing up in Asia, it’s not an uncommon sight to see people on the streets covered in shapes, lines, water coloured drawings that looks realistic enough to peel itself out of the skin. But beneath its facade are the unspoken stigmatisation surrounding tattoos. If you’ve lived with an Asian family, you’ve probably felt a cultural difference between Western and Asian attitudes towards tattoos. For a long time, tattoos has been considered controversial in Asia due to their association with socially deviant norms, crimes, gangs, and delinquents.

However, times are changing and people are becoming more and more open to the idea of tattoos. No longer are they viewed as rebellious but rather as an art piece and a form of self-expression. While we’re on the right path, it’s far fetch to say we’ve come to fully accept tattoos for what they really are. To help us along the right the track, here are some of Asia’s badass women redefining the negative notion behind tattoo art and transforming it to wearable artworks.

Olivia Lim @n.eatoburrito

Singapore based tattoo artist Olivia Lim is known for her minimalistic designs which are a popular choice for many. We had the liberty to ask Olivia what her recent favorite tattoo was. “I did a recent hamster portrait which had such a silly face but I noticed my client smiling a lot when looking at it which made me happy. Animals deserve longer lives!” And if you’re looking for a professionals advice on getting your first tattoo Olivia advises, “Don’t rush into it. Explore and research different artists to see who fits best based on what you like.”

Mini Lau, @mini_tattooer

If you’ve been doing your research or have been scrolling through Instagram on tattoo related post, you’ll probably know what the latest trends are in the tattoo realm. Of which, a popular choice is water coloured tattoos. With fine lines and light washes of pastel colour, it can transform your design to look elegant and delicate. Mimi’s work revolves a lot around water coloured tattoos from flowers to Iron Man, be sure to check out some of her designs!

Nathalie Tali, @find.nathalie.tali

When we first discovered Nathalie’s tattoo, there was something very distinctive about her designs. Her pieces are centered around geometric patterns and symbols with a pop of crimson red, making it all the more visually encapsulating. With different shading techniques, Natalie’s designs goes to should you how far a simple black inked tattoo with a pop of color will take you.

Zihwa, @dear.zihwa

Korean society still has negative perceptions of tattoos. To the point it may affect the credibility of your  job, position and even as a member of society. Zihwa is a Korean tattoo artist looking to break those definition and emphasize tattoos as a form of expression. Specializing in floral designs with very thin lines, her works are more than extraordinary

Katz Lorenzana, @katzlorenzana

Owner of Katz Tatz Shop in the Philippines, Katz Lorenzana is known for her pretty water colour ink. But that’s not all. She’s able to implement designs ranging from subtle to the obvious. Her artwork shows a great contrast between the two with minimalist designs but colors that speaks for itself or large designs will intricate detailing’s.

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