I got my Tarot Cards read and this is what happened

Veronica Yoo
14 August, 2020

I don’t believe in horoscopes or superstitions but I do believe everything happens for a reason. That there is a higher power – be that God, Buddha or science overlooking our decisions. I recently came across tarot cards while scrolling through social media and it seemed like tarot reading were becoming the next big thing since slime. But all these content were general and seemed very clickbait-y. So as to see for myself what it really is like, I decided to take matters to my own hands and get my cards read by spiritual counsellor Letao Wang from the Healing Kingdom.

Talking to Letao felt like talking to an old friend. His chirpy and humorous personality let me put my guard down easily. He told me about entering his 8th year in Tarot reading and how he was undergoing a master’s degree in counselling to incorporate it to his readings. It felt comforting to hear him talk about himself before it was my turn to get personal.

As he talked, he told me to write my name and birthday on a piece of paper. We then cut to the chase and he asked which area I wanted to focus on. I told him how I felt I know what I want in life and how to get there but when it comes to relationships it feels so vain.

In a parallel universe of Greek Gods and Goddesses

He then pulled out a customized deck of cards and swiftly laid the cards in front of me and we got down to business. I was to pick four cards: Persephone, Sun, Saturn and Ceres. “It seems you’re not really open towards a relationship. Persephone represents passivity, they’re not very proactive when it comes to pursuing love. They’re more like waiting for the right guy to show up to them.” Yes and no, my view of a relationship has always been come what may, go what may but I do admit I have been leaning towards the passive side lately.

With the Apollo card “You definitely have guys around you but it shows you might not be interested in them. Apollo is a bit too immature for you. They’re great guys who are fun and inspirational but lack the maturity for a deeper connection.” Well…I do hang out with guy friends and we do have fun and maybe at one point I did want something more but it was only temporary. Looking back, it could be because I felt the so-called deeper connection wouldn’t be reciprocated. “There is a sense of distance or detachment. They’re talking to you, they want to get to know you but somehow after spending time they still don’t know you.”

Then we have Ceres, mother of Persephone. “Ceres is interesting because this card is about self-love. In the coming six month there is self-loving, self-nurturing and self-honoring. In mythology, when these women get together – they don’t let men come close”. As Letao was decoding the cards, I found myself more drawn to what he had to say. The links between Greek mythology and reality intrigued me. “Actually, Apollo was one of the gods that wanted to marry Persephone but the mother came and said no one marries my daughter. So when you have this mother-daughter energy, even with cute guys, you wouldn’t be in to them.” Couldn’t be more true.

Knight in Shining Armour? I don’t think so

He then proceeded to pull out another deck and tells me to pick three cards. He turns over the first card and I felt my heart drop a little. It was such a sad looking card. A mouse with tears flowing down its eyes as it carried the weight of wands on its back. Even to an outsider, it was clear what the pictures meant. “You’re carrying a lot of weight on your back. This could be another sign that maybe you’re not ready for a relationship. That’s why to simplify things maybe being single is the best thing for now”. He turns over the second card. Knight of Pentacles. “Yeah exactly you got guys around” he then proceeds to turn over the last card, Knight of Cups. “Oh more than one actually… “

“So from this there are boys that want to talk to you who find you interesting, attractive, whatever but they are not men they are boys. There is one thing about knights energy. Knights, they are not Kings.”  I found much resemblance to the Sun card earlier and it all started making sense. All the cards seemed to be linking to one another. I was still skeptical at this point and was thinking how persuasive Letao was but maybe, just maybe this was what my ‘higher self’ wanted to tell me. “One of the guys, they could be quite steady in their life and slowly looking to move forward – but the timing is not quite right. Having a lot of knights in a reading is a good thing. It means there are lots of boys who like you. So enjoy the attention” Sure, I can do that.

It’s time to disconnect from the world

It’s all good fun and games at this point but what about the real deal? Letao took out the Wisdom Oracle deck and told me to choose one card. Chop wood. Chop wood is about daily operations, doing mundane tasks. “A lot of the joys will come to you in everyday tasks. Very down to earth activities – not flashy dinners, luxury holidays – lunch date at a picnic, that will fulfill you. You don’t need material stimulation to bring fulfillment to your relationship.” Honestly, what he said was right. If I were to choose between a night out,  I would choose staying in and just enjoying the moment much more.

To wrap up the reading, I chose a card from the Romance Angels Oracle Deck. This card was to determine the next step moving forward. Retreat. “This card is telling you that you don’t need to push. You don’t need to try.” At the end of the reading, I got a better understanding of how I’m feeling. Not in an irrational doubting sort of way but almost as if I’ve known the answer all along and I’m finally going to trust the process.

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In conclusion, relationships are not in the cards for me –or at least for the coming six months. I realize that Tarot cards are not used to tell you what the future holds but to remind you of what you already know. There was also something reassuring about someone telling me what I’m going through without me having to talk about it. On top of that, what Letao said were actually true. I am feeling jaded, I do keep a distance and while I don’t have a deep emotional connection with the people I’m seeing, I do enjoy spending time with them.

They say that sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else for you to realize and this experience gave me some much needed clarity that I wouldn’t have been able to realize alone. One thing that Letao said did resonated strongly than others. “I have a beautiful garden at home and I’m going to nurture that which I love.”

The Healing Kingdom; 64 Tung Lo Wan road, Tai Hang, Hong Kong: +852 9136 0453; Online and in-person consultations priced at HKD700 per session

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