Ignite Sparks in your Relationship with these At-Home Date Ideas

Veronica Yoo
4 February, 2021

This Valentine’s Day we’re going to have to get our creative juices flowing with our date ideas. While it may be hard to ditch the traditional dinner out and walks at the beach, we’d like to think of the current situation we’re in (you know, the pandemic and all) as a blessing in disguise. It allows us to get more vulnerable, intimate and open up with our partners which we previously may have difficulties bringing up. We all know how awkward and self-conscious it is to talk about your feelings in a restaurant or coffee shop. 

So to help you gain some inspiration on how you can ignite sparks in your relationship at the comfort of your own home, we list some ideas that you can take into consideration to show your loved one how much you care about them this Valentine’s Day. 

Host an intimate game night for you and your partner

If you’ve been missing out on all things retro board and card games related, you’ll surely be surprised at how many modern renditions are made to suit all different types of players. Sure, you can play the classics like Monopoly, but why not step it up a notch with some couple themed games. One of our favourite is We Are Not Really Strangers, a purpose-driven card game all about empowering meaningful connections. Whether your love is budding or you and your partner have been together for a while, there are discoveries to be found about each other with this sentimental game pack.

If you’re looking for a more naughty game, check out Monogamy! A game meant for committed couples to get to know each other better (both physically and mentally). So get out a few bottles of wine and move a playing piece to unravel more secrets about you or your partner!

Enjoy takeout at your favourite dining spots

If you’re missing the romantic flair of dining out on Valentine’s Day, fear not as your favourite restaurants have got your back! With the dinner dining ban extended until after Chinese New Year here in Hong Kong, many restaurants have come prepared with dinner menus you can take away or to be delivered to enjoy at the comfort of your own home. 

Do some exploring and give your favourite restaurants a call to make sure they are offering dinner menu takeaway and/or delivery. From heart-shaped pizzas at The Pizza Project to special gastronomy boxes at two-Michelin starred restaurant Tate Dining Room, you don’t have to miss out on your favourite dishes and cuisines. 

Whip up each other’s favourite treat

Chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate truffles, macarons, heart-shaped brownies – these are just a few of the dessert that we’d love to receive on Valentine’s Day. Since Valentine’s Day falls on the weekend this year, why not make the most out of your day off and spend the afternoon basking treats at home with you and your S/O.

If you’re looking for classic baked goods recipes, go visit the bookstore with your partner and purchase a cookbook that speaks most closely to your preference of desserts. From vegan to a classic chocolate chip cookie to a slutty oreo brownie, the world is your oyster! After all, if all else fails, you can always have a tub of Haagen Dazs in your fridge (just in case!).

Create an at-home spa for your partner 

Nothing says a romantic gesture like a couple’s massage while enjoying a glass or two of prosecco. While walk-in spas are out of the question, that doesn’t mean you or your partner can’t enjoy the blissfulness at home! Recreate a spa at home with dim lighting, candles and soft music to create a romantic ambiance.

Treat your partner to a simple hand or back massage using body oils that have aromatherapy functions as well. While you’re at it enjoy each other’s presence with a mini meditation session and reflect on your relationship together and express gratitude to one another – at the end of the day, that’s what Valentine’s Day is really all about. 

End the night with some Netflix (and chill)

Let’s be real, as unglamorous spending the night in while watching Netflix in bed may be, it’s the happiest and most cozy feeling. So why not spend that joy with your partner. Our go-to on Valentine’s Day is to binge on chick flicks and for the readers that think like us, you’d be glad to know To All The Boys is releasing its third movie on 12th February!

If you’re looking to share a good laugh, one show that has caught our attention is Bling Empire. Featuring an all Asian cast, this reality show brings you along to uncover the lives of the richest Asian Americans living in Los Angeles. Although we can’t relate to it enough, it sure put a smile across our faces. 

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