Instagrammable spots in Hong Kong you should check out!

Cherry Chan
21 January, 2021

There are many hidden Instagrammable locations in Hong Kong waiting for you to discover and for you to snap the perfect ‘gram, so we’ve compiled a list for you so you can take photos that are Insta-worthy and surely to rake in endless amount of likes!

Sai Wan Swimming Shed

Tucked away in the far corner of Kennedy Town is Sai Wan Swimming Shed. Dating back to the 1950s, Sai Wan Swimming Shed was one of the city’s swimming sheds that were places where locals could take a dip and swim in the open sea. Nowadays you can mainly see people bringing photography equipment and whipping out their phones to get the perfect photo at the shed, but if you’re lucky you might see a few swimmers here and there!

To get to Sai Wan Swimming Shed, take the MTR to Kennedy Town and you can either leave from Exit A and take the number 58 Green Minibus that will take you there in roughly 30 minutes, or you can choose to walk along Victoria Road which will take you to Sai Wan Swimming Shed in around 15 minutes.

Western District Public Cargo Working Area

Affectionately known to most as ‘Instagram Pier’, the PCWA is a cargo dock located in Sai Wan that is frequently visited by keen photo takers who want a snap of the clear view of Victoria Harbour that it provides. There are also shipping containers and raw materials like concrete and bamboo piled up in the unloading area, so whether you’re looking to capture an edgy street fashion photo or get a perfect sunset pic, the PCWA has got you covered!

To get to Western District Public Cargo Working Area, get to HKU station on the MTR and leave from Exit B2 and walk for 10-15 minutes to arrive at the main section of the pier. If you want to go to the unloading area, leave from Exit C2 and walk towards the Praya Kennedy Town and head towards Sai Cheung Street, where you’ll see the gate leading to the Western entrance of the pier.

Victoria Peak

Providing one of the city’s most iconic views, Victoria Peak is not only popular amongst tourists but also locals who want to catch a perfect view of Hong Kong’s concrete jungle from above. Whether you go during the morning, dusk or at night, the view that you can see from the Peak is stunning and definitely a location you have to take a picture of once you see it for yourself.

To get to Victoria Peak, get out from Exit J2 at Central MTR station and walk up the spiral staircase on the outside of Chater Garden. When you get to the top, keep walking towards the Murray Hotel and once you pass the hotel, take a left and go down a slightly sloped path. You’ll find yourself at the lower terminus of the Peak Tram. Purchase a single or return trip ticket and enjoy the scenic trip up towards Victoria Park, which should take you roughly 10 -15 minutes. Once you arrive at the Peak Terminus, you can either choose to take your photo from the Observation Deck at the Peak Galleria, or you can choose to take the comfortable and short hike from Lugard Road to find lookout points to see Hong Kong’s skyline from above.

Tai Kwun

With history of the complex reaching back to the mid nineteenth century, Tai Kwun used to be the location of the Former Central Police Station Compound and it was established in 1841. After it’s renovation in 2008 by the Hong Kong Jockey Club and the government, Tai Kwun is now a centre for arts and heritage as well as housing many cafes, restaurants and boutiques for you to check out!

To get to Tai Kwun, the closest exit is D2 from MTR Central Station. Once out, walk toward D’Aguilar Street and turn right once you reach the intersection with Wellington Street. Keep walking down Wellington Street and make a left once you reach the intersection with Pottinger Street, then make a right onto Hollywood Road and you should shortly see the gates leading into Tai Kwun.

Lai Tak Tsuen

With an interesting design, the public housing estates in Lai Tak Tsuen located in Tin Hau are a popular location for urban photographers to visit for its unique architectural design. The circular design of the buildings in Lai Tak Tsuen are hypnotic and look like a never-ending abyss. While getting the perfect ‘gram is important, remember to keep the volume down to not disturb those who live there and to not take too long, otherwise you might risk getting kicked out by security guards.

To get to Lai Tak Tsuen, leave from Exit B of Tin Hau MTR station, walk along King’s Road and cross the street to Causeway Road. Take a left and head down the intersection with Tung Lo Wan Road, then take a right once you see Lai Yin Road and keep walking down you see Lin Ka Fung Garden. Pass the garden and you should see a stop for bus Number 26. Hop on for 2 minutes and you’ll arrive at Lai Tak Tsuen.

Yick Fat Building

Being one of Hong Kong’s famous Instagram-worthy spots, Yick Fat Building is one of the buildings that make up the five tightly packed residential buildings. Nicknamed as ‘Monster Building’, these tightly packed buildings located in Quarry Bay have not only been featured as the backdrop in many local films, but even made its appearance in Hollywood blockbusters like Ghost in the Shell and Transformers : Age of Extinction!

To get to Yick Fat Building, take the MTR to Quarry Bay station and leave via Exit A. Walk along King’s Road towards the direction of Tai Koo and once you see the entrances to Montane Mansion and Oceanic Mansion, enter through either passage and you’ll reach the courtyard where you can see the buildings connected to one another.

Mido Cafe

If you’re looking to get a side of authentic cha chaan teng food whilst getting your Insta-worthy picture then head over to Mido Cafe. Established in 1950, Mido Cafe is a combination of cha chaan teng and bing sutt, serving anything from teas and coffees to hefty portions of baked pork chop rice. Mido Cafe’s interior with its coloured windows, mosaic tiles and ceiling fans are a blast from the past to Old Hong Kong, make sure to get a window seat on the top floor for a perfect picture!

To get to Mido Cafe, take the MTR to Yau Ma Tei station and leave from Exit C, take a left turn and go behind the station, then turn right and walk along Arthur Street until you see the intersection with Wing Sing Lane, then take a right and head down Temple Street, once you see a building with yellow and blue window panes, you’ve arrived.

Choi Hung Estate

Literally meaning ‘rainbow’, Choi Hung Estate is a public housing complex tucked away in Ngau Chi Wan. The vibrant pops of colour decorating the outside of these living spaces livens the whole atmosphere of the estate, making it a popular destination for people looking to snap an Instagram photo sure to stand out on their feed!

To get to Choi Hung Estate, leave from Exit C3 of Choi Hung Station, once you turn left you should see Tan Fung House, go around the building and you should see a multi-storey car park. Go up the stairs of the car park and you’ll be at the basketball court in front of the rainbow wall.

Lok Wah Estate Car Park

While a car park might not seem like the most exciting location for an Instagram, don’t be fooled. Above the carpark of Lok Wah Estate located in Ngau Tau Kok are a row of blue walls, each with a circle cut out to create a tunnel, giving it an edgy and unique look. Depending on the amount of sunlight when you take your photo, you could get a soft grungy look against the blue walls or a bold looks with the shadows of the bars shining down onto the walls.

To get to Lok Wah Estate’s carpark, get out from Exit B1 at Ngau Tau Kok MTR station, walk towards Lotus Garden and take the Number 35 bus and get off at Woodview Court, the journey will roughly take 10 minutes. Once you get off, head up Sau Yan Path until you reach Lok Wah South Estate’s car park which will be on your right.

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