Women’s Empowerment Series: Juliette Gimenez, CEO of Goxip & RewardSnap

Nana Team
14 September, 2020

Crushing on your frenemy’s chic shoes but refuse to ask where she got it from? Stepping up to the familiar challenge of knowing what you want but don’t know where to find it, Goxip lets you snap an image with your phone and then offers a selection of similar products from local and international retailers. 

The last few years have definitely changed the shopping sphere a lot. Cashing in on the trend of Insta-shopping which has no payment gateway and no shopping cart, Goxip also features RewardSnap — a platform empowering influencers to sell and recommend products to their social community, whilst giving consumers an avenue to buy exactly what they want from the influencers they follow and admire. 

We spoke to Juliette Gimenez, CEO & Founder of Goxip and RewardSnap, about her mission to empower individual style, the evolution of shopping habits in this digital age, and most interestingly, how Goxip is set to revolutionise the way you discover and shop fashion.

Nana Asia: How did the idea for Goxip come about?

Juliette Gimenez: It all began with a toilet moment! I was reading a magazine and saw really beautiful leather boots worn by a celebrity but I just couldn’t find where and how I could get that exact pair. I tried Googling but text search just couldn’t describe the boot accurately enough so the idea of a Fashion Google with built-in image recognition technology came about. I was also desperate to become more fashionable myself as I really didn’t know how to dress trendily, so Goxip came as something that I needed and, as it turns out, that many other people needed as well. 

Nana Asia: Your image recognition technology is a real delight for fashion addicts! How does this feature set Goxip apart from other shopping apps?

Juliette Gimenez: It honestly makes shopping SO much easier! Nowadays we are always on social media, constantly being fed visual information, so it’s helpful to be able to find exactly what we see or something really similar. While other shopping apps still require users to search for keywords or browse through product categories, Goxip cuts the search-and-click journey short with image recognition especially when shoppers already know what they want. Literally: Snap, Shop, Wear — super fast and convenient!

Nana Asia: How long did it take to perfect this groundbreaking mechanism?

Juliette Gimenez: A long, long time! And I would say we still haven’t perfected Goxip or our technology yet. If anything, it’s virtually impossible to “perfect” anything in the e-commerce world since things are evolving and changing all the time. We’re always striving to stay one step ahead of what people need and want.

I would say it took a full year for Goxip to really solidify its presence in Asia but it’ll always be a work in progress since we want to continue improving and bettering our customer experience, whether it’s through optimising our UX and UI [user experience design and user interface design], expanding our brand selection and offerings or coming up with new and exciting technology.

Nana Asia: What were some of the initial struggles or daily challenges with managing your very own “fashion Google”, Goxip?

Juliette Gimenez: It’s hard to name just a few, haha! The biggest struggle at first was probably to get online retailers and big brands to come on Goxip. There was a lot of cold-calling and rejection initially and I was calling or emailing more than 50 merchants a day myself. But when we finally landed our first few major partners, it became a lot easier and now we have 800+ international merchants onboard.

Another challenge was to constantly keep the Goxip app and website exciting and engaging with trendy editorial content and data-backed product recommendations. It took a long time and a lot of trial and error to make Goxip look like what it is today! 

Nana Asia: How do you think shopping in the digital age has changed?

Juliette Gimenez: It’s all about convenience and accessibility now. We all have such busy lifestyles in today’s day and age, we simply don’t have the time to go into retail stores to compare prices or look through aisles of clothing. And this is all the more relevant in the middle of a pandemic. E-commerce solves these issues instantly and all of a sudden the pieces that our favourite influencers and celebrities are wearing are super attainable with the best prices, plus they can be shipped internationally right to your doorstep.

Nana Asia: Is the shift in the way women shop the underlying concept behind the creation of RewardSnap?

Juliette Gimenez: Yes, it’s definitely one of the underlying concepts behind RewardSnap. Women often get inspired by social media influencers nowadays as they consume content online but it’s not exactly easy to find out what these Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are wearing. RewardSnap comes in handy as an analytics-driven platform that allows KOLs to tag trackable links to their content and post shoppable looks that aggregate all the items they are wearing in one place.

This way, influencers can communicate much more effectively with their audience and understand their behaviour through actionable data so that KOLs can optimise their retail influence and monetise their social following. Followers can now easily keep up with their favourite influencers’ style choices as well and build deeper connections with them.

Nana Asia: What’s your overall vision for Goxip and RewardSnap within the next few years?

Juliette Gimenez: Our overarching vision is definitely to expand internationally and become well-known not just in Asia, but also in the UK and US. For Goxip in particular, we’re looking to become the biggest fashion and beauty e-commerce platform in Asia with over 1 million monthly active users in the next year or so.

And for RewardSnap, we also hope to break through our initial focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle and have begun tackling other verticals like F&B, travel and healthcare. This means that we will be working with merchants and influencers across all of these key industries and solidifying our status as the #1 influencer marketing platform in Asia!

Nana Asia: What are some important lessons any future tech CEO needs to know before they get started?

Juliette Gimenez: I would say definitely have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and set yourself tangible goals to ensure that you stay on track. There will be setbacks for sure and you’ll encounter a lot of problems that you couldn’t have possibly preempted but this is where your team comes in and supports you.

Hence, it’s also very important to hire people that subscribe to your culture and vision since they will be with you through the extra tough times and they’ll also motivate each other to go beyond what’s needed, which is crucial in a tech startup. As a CEO, it’s also really easy to be caught up in a lot of short-term day-to-day tasks, but don’t forget to always think long-term and keep re-evaluating your business again and again.

Nana Asia: How empowering is fashion to women in today’s times?

Juliette Gimenez: Super empowering! I can’t tell you how unbeatable and confident I feel when I wear a good blazer or a trendy pair of jeans to a meeting! And honestly I never knew how empowering fashion could be until I started Goxip. That’s not to say that appearance dictates how good a woman should feel but dressing well definitely helps uplift your mood and gives you an extra boost of confidence.

Fashion is also a great way to express yourself and show off your personality, especially since looking “presentable” nowadays isn’t about wearing a nice dress everywhere. Boundaries are a lot more fluid and I’m very happy to say that my go-to staple now is an oversized men’s blazer!

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